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    posted a message on ★ SALE = $2.02 PER GB ★ CHEAPEST MC HOST ★ DON'T MISS OUT ★ Amazing Support ★ Multicraft
    Quote from CursedCrafter

    I bought stone the other day, and I don't regret it at all. I haven't seen a single other hosting service that provides these services for these prices.

    I'm Cursed's irl brother and partner in operating our server.
    I agree with this entirely. You'd have to be crazy to not take this deal, our server is running great.
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    posted a message on Project Anicraft Texturepack - Soon to be the first completely ready 1.5 animated texture pack
    Anicraft - (Soon to be) The First fully ready completely animated texture pack for 1.5!

    What's up guys, HuntHoot here, and I am here to present to you the future of minecraft texture packs! As you may know, as of snapshot 13w02a, minecraft now supports animated textures. This is revolutionary for texture pack makers, and I immediately decided that I am going to animate every single block in the game. This includes stairs, chests, slabs... everything!
    The texture pack will not have too much of a theme, but certain things are going to have to change. The goal is to have the texture pack keep the vanilla, unskinned minecraft feel, with a layer of animation on top of it. The first pre-release of the texture pack is going to be released tomorrow at 4:00. It will update every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, until 1.5 is released.
    I plan to keep this texture pack updated for all minecraft versions to come, unless interest is completely lost in the pack / default animates every block.

    What I still have to do:
    Create the first update of the pack... This will include blocks 1-15, possibly more.
    Download Link:
    Will be linked through Meidafire or Rapidshare. Does it matter to anyone?
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13W01b Server
    Minecraft Name: hunthoot
    Age: I am 14 years of age
    Why you want to join: I have learned many new things about the snapshot, and want to do some real-game testing, specifically with hoppers, comparators, trapped chests, and solar detecters (is that what they are called? Haven't messed with them yet...)
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    posted a message on myBiomes (Make your own biome + Disable the defaults!)
    Defintely think that being able to customize the color of water (swamp, jungle, normal, etc.), whether dungeons, strongholds, villages, pyramids, temples, and witch huts can spawn or not, and if special mobs unique to certain biomes (mooshrooms, wolves, ocelots, squids, witches, silverfish) can spawn would improve everything a lot.
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    posted a message on BUILDERS NEEDED
    If you respond today *Sunday 12/2/12* Your odds are greatly improved! We need builders!
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    posted a message on BUILDERS NEEDED
    Hey! I am looking for builders for my new server,HootCraft!

    Builders must be good, talented builders, with the ability to work often, possibly even daily.

    Builders will be given donator status as soon as the server is open to the public.

    Also, builders can name any towns / creations after themselves.
    The creations should be as follows:

    A giant spawn city (it will be world guarded, so no one can break your beautiful creations ;) )
    Several other cities around the map
    An arena about 100 meters away from the spawn city
    And that's it! I will be on periodically to be sure that you are all working, and WorldEdit will be available as of 48 hours from when this is posted.

    I am taking 4-6 builders as of now

    (More may be accepted in the near future)

    Builders will be given top donator status.

    If you are interested, please post:

    Experience building (if any):
    Favorite server (if any):
    What you specialize in building (if anything):
    Why I should choose you to help:


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    posted a message on Craftingold
    Looks awesome! Logging on now! Maybe add some more details / screen caps?
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    posted a message on Mario themed 1.4.5 texture pack request!
    Hey guys! HuntHoot here!

    The community here may not know this, as I tend not to publish, but I am a map maker alongside my server administrating. I was recently inspired by a video on youtube showing a lets-play of a fairly well built minecraft mario map, but I saw a ton of missed opprotunities (if you are interested, the link is . You should watch this guy, he's hilarious!)
    I am requesting a texture pack that is mario themed. The requirements for this texture pack is simple, with a great reward.
    I need at least the following to be implemented in this pack:

    Potions of strength must look like mario mushrooms
    Potions of night vision (night vision potions) must look like stars
    Iron blocks must be green (like the end of level poles)
    All colors of wool must be retextured to match whatever style you have
    Zombies must look like goombas (I am aware that this will look funny)
    Zombie Pigmen must look like Koopas (once again, this will look wierd, I know)
    (If you have other mob ideas for the above, knock yourself out! Zombies and Zombie Pigmen are the two i initially thought of!)
    Bricks must look like mario bricks
    Dispensers must look like ? (question mark) bricks
    Grass must be a much brighter green

    That may be a tall order for some, but you will find that it really is not that hard!

    Also, there is some extra credit available! Doing these will really help not only me out, but will help your texture pack stand out from what others are used to!

    I would REALLY​ love it if you could make emerald gold coins!
    Also, bonus points if you make snow blocks into the clouds!
    And I would also REALLY appreciate if you could make villagers look like toads!
    On top of that, if you made a pumpkin look like a mario hat, I will love you long time. (I would prefer pumpkin due to health purposes, but a leather helmet is manageable too.)
    And if you could think up of and retexture a mob to be bowser, that would be awesome. I was thinking a ghast or a blaze, but they fly :/

    Now, for the reason you are doing this. I am sorry, but a monetary reward would not be possible with the way my finances are today. But, I will give you credit in the beginning, name the final bosses room after you, and create a statue dedicated to you. And, you will be doing a great thing!

    If you are interested, simply make the texture pack, upload it to media fire, drop box, etc., and post the link here with your IGN!

    I will not be accepting any more after december 31st, but that does not necessarily mean that is when I am picking out the pack.

    I do not want to call this a contest exactly, but still do your best!
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    posted a message on SteamPunk minecraft Mod
    I got a great idea;
    make a block called a "converter"
    it has to be placed over a cauldron
    if the cauldron has full water, you can burn the block it is on and it will possibly create a steam particle effect
    the converter will gradually power up, and when fully powered, will output redstone power.
    Just an idea though. Do with it what you wish.
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    posted a message on [1.4.4] RadioactiveCraft (Working Title) 0.01 New mob and Irradiated Flesh!
    You could make a nuclear power plant structure spawn around, in which these mobs are found, and the air around it will poison you if you don't have a hazmat suit.
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    posted a message on TimeTraveler: Real Time Travel Inside of Minecraft! Go to Your Past!
    Been following this topic for months. Love it! But a suggestion: You should make it so that if your past self SEES yourself when going into the past, it would make it so that your past self would react accordingly.
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    posted a message on [3+ years open] BeastsMC Creative || Free WorldEdit || Freebuild || 115x115 Plots Optional || No Whitelist || Best Anti-Grief
    Am applying for citizenship :)
    My IGN is Darkstar1105
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    posted a message on [1.7.9][Family friendly] [Whitelist] [bukkit] [Creative] [Survival] [Antigrief] [No lag] [99% uptime] tons of plugins, eglboglec
    being on the whitelist would make me all happy and bubbly inside :3
    My IGN is Darkstar1105
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    posted a message on Minecraft Old Days 1.7.3 Server!
    Quote from SUiCiD3

    Mhm Can't access the server for some reason, with 1.7.3

    It looks like a hamachi server, that must be why.
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    posted a message on What Do You Want in 1.5 update?
    Okay, I have something that I have legitimately wanted for flipping ever.
    Most server admins/plugin makers will get what i'm talking about.
    The ability to create custom textures, like with spout and spout craft, for new items, and achievements, and all of that stuff. I mean, would it be SO hard for Mojang to reach out to the Spoutcraft guys so that EVERY launcher has spoutcraft and EVERY server has spout? If they're thinking about a modding API, this is like the closest thing they can do to a MP modding API,
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