About Me
Hey everyone!

My name is.. Hunimyx! I love video games, sports and so on. School is okay, and drama isn't okay, hehe.

Something I enjoy RPGs. From Earthbound, to WoW (Vanilla -> WotLK), even to Zelda. That's mostly the genre I play since I have lots of experience with them.

Music that I enjoy is orchestrated music. Normally I enjoy metal or rock (Dream Theater FTW!), but I've been finding myself listening to remixes of old classics and the like.

I used to be very shy and asocial, but because of friends and family, I love making new friends, so PM me if you wanna chat!

What else? Hmm, I love making friends so add me to 3DS or Wii if you want, but PM me your friend code or we won't be able to play! I'm a boy, even though I don't act like it (yes, I'm straight >.>), but I'm more than happy to skip out on work to chat, lol.

Lastly would be.. I love Minecraft! That's kind of a give-away though, huh? Hahah. Hope to hear from you!

Wii: 3550-5656-2461-6008

3DS: 2707-1758-0417

Pokemon Black: 0862-5824-2598
Interests Minecraft, Earthbound, Hockey, Soccer and making friends! WOO!

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