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    Hello, I been trying to get this question answered for years but I never saw this form

    Perhaps you the creator can solve this.

    So basicly I used custom npc mod to make A map for my freind but when he loads

    The map all the npcs are gone.

    Is there A way to fix this?

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    Hi, I have A question about the minecraft custom npcs mod.

    So for A while I been trying to make A map for my boyfreind using this mod but everytime except once every time he loads the map all the hard work I did makeing the npcs goes away on his screen.

    Witch is werid considering one time they did appear and were talkative on his screen and I don't know how to replicate it working.

    I even tryied to get him to download the mod and it still doesn't show up.

    I heard that he shouldn't need the mod but I'm so confused how do I fix this?

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