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    Minecraft Username:
    zeldahuffington {I should note that I plan on changing this once the 1.8 update is introduced.}

    Preferred Name:
    Zelda is my common alias.

    Administrator is my top priority, but I'm also content with Moderator, if the decision ultimately comes to that.

    Staffing has been a long-time passion of mine. I enjoy putting my skills and talents to a good use; it's always given me the most fulfilling sense of purpose. I'd love to share whatever abilities I have with you to assist in helping your new server rise to it's fullest and most grand potential, in any way that I can. Whether it be through making a new player/staff member feel welcomed, participating in a project with fellow staff members, anything, I am prepared and very willing to apply my personal skills to help out in some way, small or large.

    Fourteen, currently.

    zeldahuffington (Zelda)
    I feel it would be good to mention that I do not have an available microphone to use in Voice Chats. The only way I can participate in Voice Chats would be through my phone or my laptop, and both are usually easily accessible. I'm attempting to save up to buy my own microphone, so this will hopefully change soon.

    Since I have obligations with classes {unfortunately} to attend to daily, I can put in about a couple of hours to a few hours a day during the week. I have certain weekends that I cannot play at all, or certain days, but on weekends that I'm free, you'll see me play for a lot longer than what I play on Monday-Friday.

    I have been staffing for a little over two years now, even though the jobs I've filled have been rather inconsistent with outside problems stepping into the way. Luckily, I've gained some steadier control over life, and have lowered the problem of time consumption by a great deal. I'm currently a staff member of two servers - one is a professional, highly customized, up-and-coming server called DeltaWarsMC, which I am an Administrator on. The other is called FierceCloud, a simpler multiplayer server with a variety of worlds to choose from, which I am also an Administrator on. They are both currently under construction {DeltaWarsMC was once an active server, but has been closed for the time being to introduce it's major upgrades and overall evolution as a server}, and neither are currently open to public view.
    I have staffed several other smaller servers in the past that didn't ever get into the public eye; most of them died off before they could open. Despite this, these past servers have provided me with sufficient experience in staffing, and all of it's obligations/abilities.

    I consider myself to be a bit of a soft-spoken type. I'm an introvert outside of the Internet; during Skype calls, you'll probably come to notice that I don't talk an excessive amount. Naturally, I'm quiet and reserved, but when placed in a position of leadership, I change significantly. It's almost as if I'm blossoming when I open up; I tend to reveal qualities that are surprising to some.
    I press discipline and use my authority as fairly as possible. Being a pacifist at heart, I'm a strong believer that compromise can be an effective solution, and I try to provide a fair trial to both parties in a dispute. You'll find me to be very strict when it comes to enforcing punishment to troublemakers - the law is the law, and when it has to be laid down, I won't resist it. Though I hate to brag, I consider myself mature compared to most in my age range, even though I'm perfectly capable of being laid-back just as much as I'm capable of being serious. I love to write and draw; artistic creativity comes naturally to me, and usually can flow in when called. I love to share my ideas with others and put them to use in some fashion. It's very fulfilling and endearing for me to contribute to anything, and have my contribution recognized. I can handle stress with a level head if need be, and manage to keep my cool underneath many different types of pressure.
    I love to game, obviously - Minecraft is my personal favorite in PC games. I never learned or taught myself how to successfully work complicated redstone machinery, nor do I have experience with VoxelSniper. But, I do have knowledge in a variety of other plugins, and can build unique structures fairly well, even though building isn't my first line of expertise.

    Previous Bans:
    My record is completely clean of bans, to what I can find and check.

    Other Information:
    Nothing to note.

    - - -

    Thank you for reviewing my application. I hope to hear from you in the near future.
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    posted a message on Terraleet.com Staff Recruitment! [Looking for Moderators & Designers]
    • Name: Alexandra {Lexie} A.
    • In-game Name: zeldahuffington {Funny story behind this IGN.}
    • Experience: I've staffed for a little over two years now, though it's been very inconsistent with outside problems stepping into the way of my Internet time {that has become more stable presently and shouldn't interfere too harshly with staffing}. I'm currently a staff member, an administrator, to be precise, of an up-and-coming server called DeltaWarsMC - it's a rather large project with custom-made mini-games and mods, multiple worlds to choose from, and so on and so forth. It was previously an open server, but was put under construction and has had major changes be installed to it, so searching the name and trying the IP will currently not be able to work. I anticipate it to launch back up in the near future. I'm also going to be staffing another developing server called FierceCloud, though I'm unsure of what position I'll be given for it. It is also currently still under construction. I've staffed several other smaller servers in the past that never really seemed to get off of the ground and into the air - they died off before they could really gain popularity {Moderator on a server called PandemoniumPvE [dead, once a pretty active and healthy server], Head Administrator on a server called MagmaCraft [long dead, much smaller, never opened to the public], and a few other servers whose names have been lost}. I have a general knowledge of plugins such as Essentials, WorldEdit, some WorldGuard, shop plugins, and various others. I have extensive knowledge in building sound, stable structures and a very developed number of social skills, all gained from my time staffing.
    • Why do you want to be a Moderator?: I love the professionalism that this server presents. It's difficult to find servers with as much detail and determination as I find this one to have, and I'm always reeled in by a mature, prepared atmosphere. I'd be absolutely thrilled to take part in such a promising project, and help develop it to it's fullest and most grand potential. I have a personal adoration for interacting with other players, whether it be through just chatting, or building alongside other players, or providing service to fellow players; there's a sense of fulfillment and worth that I take from it, and that provides me with further initiative to assist and socialize. I'd love to provide this natural liking of mine and possibly use it to present a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere to new players, old players, new staff, and old staff alike. I love to feel the camaraderie among inner staff networks and would be elated to work as a team-player among your other surely talented staff, as well as follow after whatever needs to be done and provide my own skills and talents to the best of their abilities.
    • What separates you from the other applicants?: My social skills and dedication to discipline could be two things that separate me. Laying down the law and following after the set rules is an impulse for me; I couldn't go against or give lenience on any rules if I tried. If it's against the law, the person needs to get their punishment. That's my philosophy. Luckily, though, I'm a pretty social, amiable person when it comes to just aimless chatter with players/staff. It's always a pleasure to get to know other players or staff members more intimately through simple talking. I also have a constant urge to prove my worth and assist in whatever I can, whether it be answering a concern or question about something, building a project, testing a plugin - anything that I can understand and portray, and anything that will help fulfill my need to work and assist. I have a diligent streak, and can be quite the perfectionist, so symmetry, aesthetics, and function in any projects that I might be working on are a must. But fair warning - I'm absolutely terrible when it comes to forging creations involving heavy amounts of redstone. Solid structures are usually quite natural for me to make, but it seems like I've been forsaken to have horrible skills in one of the most important elements of a moving structure. I hope that can be disregarded somewhat. I thought that might be good to add in here, since it probably does set me apart from the other applicants in it's own way.
    • How may we contact you?: Skype is really the only network that I use when it comes to staffing, or anything in a more professional range. I only can speak when I have my laptop, so it will be rare for me to appear on mic - or on webcam, for that matter. My Skype name is the same as my IGN - zeldahuffington, or nicknamed Zelda for short.
    • Have you read the Terraleet.com goal - What do you think?: I believe that your goal is definitely something worth going after. The Minecraft multiplayer realms seem to have a serious lack of professional, working, organized Minecraft servers nowadays, and seeing that there is a server project that is planning on taking initiative and shifting the ratio with their cause is quite an endearing sight to behold. Seeing your mission is one of the reasons I'm writing this application now, actually.
    • Please tell us a little bit about yourself - What about minecraft do you love?: Oh, where do I start? Well, as said above, my name is Alexandra, going by the odd alias Lexie. I've been playing Minecraft for, what . . . six years now? Quite a long time, I can't remember the exact amount. I've always enjoyed the creative freedom and variety that Minecraft provides with what looks like such little at first sight. I've seen so many remarkable builds and astonishing pieces of work from a simple video game, where everything is made of pixels and cubes, no less. It's always been a very intriguing way of thinking for me. When I first discovered mods, it made me love the game even more. People go out of their way to fix up ways to give this simple game an infinite spectrum of possibilities, in the forms of texture packs, modifications, plugins, and lots more. It may just be my easily-enthralled way of thinking, but Minecraft has always and will always be one of the best video games in my life. I first discovered multiplayer a little later on in my Minecraft lifetime, but was completely blown away by the idea that you could own an entire server, or be a leader of one. Leadership, in my life, is rare to have, since I'm a middle child among an older and younger sibling in my home. Having the ability to create something and share it with tons of others was just so exciting for me, and still is. I've never ceased enjoying staffing a server, not then, not now, not anytime in between. But let me tell you - finding out about the worse people of the game, the griefers and the hackers who destroy other peoples' hard-earned creations for fun, really ed me off. You'll find that I'll be incredibly strict about giving griefers their punishments. I hold no sympathy for them. In staff calls, if I ever join one with my laptop and mic, you'll come to notice that I'm actually very quiet, unless I'm asked questions or spoken directly to. Though I present myself confidently over the faceless networks, I'm an introverted person when I come face-to-face with people, or when I even just talk to people over the phone/chats. Luckily, this shyness in real life doesn't affect my social attitude over Minecraft. I love, love to explore my limits and build new things, let the creative juices flow. I might need a little creative world or just some plots so that I can get my inspiration bursts for builds down somewhere. I'll usually create very different or unique structures, and I always allow them to be used for whatever they can be used for. I have a passion for writing and doodling, and I can sing fairly well, and I have a liking for gaming not only on PC, but on Xbox as well. That's all that I can give for an 'about me' section.
    - - -

    I'm not entirely sure if this ad is still actively searching, but I've decided to post this application nonetheless. Hopefully, it still is. This looks very well-done.
    Thank you for reviewing my application. I hope to see a response in the near future.
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