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    (I think :/)
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    I was thinking about this mod the other day-and I fond it today and i said "OOOOHHHH I hope this mod is out!" But then i say the thred...
    If you would like me to do ANYTHING (exept for modding beacause i know SQUAT about that) Then i will try to help :)
    (This is a mod i will probably do a video on when it comes out :D)
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    posted a message on (STILL ACEPTING) lets playing group
    1 I'm 12
    2 east coast (FL)
    3when i'm skype(most of the day)
    4yes and howlingbennol
    6(No 6)
    (I like the name howlingbennol XD)
    My IGN is Howlingbennol1
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    posted a message on *~Forthwind~* Mods & Builders needed! Dedicated, WorldEdit & WorldGuard, Essentials, & other things! Check us out and fill out a
    Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph):I have been on manny corrupted RP servers with moderators who didn't care.I don't want that to happen to this server beacuse it has a great potental.I would also like to be a moderatior beacuse I stay online for quite a lot of time.Also i know all of the adinm commands (or most of them).
    Experience (details):Some,on my freind's server who almost shut down his server becse of greifing
    Contact info (Skype?):howlingbennol
    Dedicated time:Any time (if i'm on skype)
    What you can bring:A good leader,A command-knower,and a great person
    Proof of experience:Can't show ya any :/

    Eathier way Thanks,
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    posted a message on LETS PLAY JOIN NOW HURRY
    GENDER:I'm a guy
    WHY YOU WANNA JOIN:I have wanted to do a lets play for youtube to help new minecrafters
    (+ I love minecraft)
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    posted a message on ★ RoleplayЯevolution RP ★[1.2.5] [Chapter 4] [Serious Roleplaying Community] [Factions] [24/7] [60 Slot] [Lag Free] [Bukkit] [Pe
    Minecraft Username:Howlingbennol1
    Roleplay Name:Sir Bennol
    Homecountry:A faraway land that is on a small contenanit.It had lots of green hills with mountains scattered around.But at night there where so manny monsters.THere where loads of enderman an creepers along with a few skeletons.Betiful at daytime horriable at night
    Physical Appearance:a knight that has wings on his helmet;Ready for battle
    Personality:Nice person.Likes to help out other people.But when it comes to fighting he's fiece,agile,and dangeruos.Has a great pesonality overall.But when some reminds him of his past he wants to go out and kill something
    Backstory:In the land where he was born,Sir Bennol was consantly hidding his his room from the monsters.When he looked outside when he was six hes looked at an enderman.But before he could look back his mother pulled him away.When he grew to about ten his uncale died defnding him, He blames himself even now.Then he ran up to a creeper that was attacking his home with his father's iron sword,He faild and had a brocken leg for weeks.
    The next year the loacal gaurds told his parants to lock him home a night after mulitpul injuries and almost death.When he was fifteen he kept telling his dad he wanted to be a gruad but his father wanted him to be a farmer.He came home one day and saw a hole in his house and ran.He saw his father crying next to his mother-Dead, "A creeper came and blew up... She never had a chanse."His dad said, And was shiped away to this land and raised bye Knights to avenge his mother.
    Reason to Join:I was looking for a god RolePlay server and this was the FAR best.I love the lore. And the map (i have looked at it) Is AMAZING!And the RolePlayers look quite good.So i wold LOVE to be apart of this server
    Do you agree with the Server Rules?:Yes
    Do you believe that you are trustworthy?:Yes
    What will you Contribute to the server?:Time,teching roleplay and help keeping people safe
    Special Code:[/*$]
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    posted a message on Small Serious Roleplaying Community
    Country of Residence/Timezone:USA East coast
    Maturity Level:Mid/High
    RP Experience:I have been called Awesome at RP so LOTS
    Reason for joining:I need my first Minecraft RP

    Appearance:Black hair,unkeep,wears armour most of the time with his Sword and bow,
    Personality:Nice helps most people and looks on the bright sides of things
    Skills:Very skilled with the sword somewhat good with the bow and knows Hand-to-hand combat
    Mental/Physical Defects:Sometimes sees random people that are not there
    RP Examples (Dialogue or scenario for your character):A bandit pulls me into a ally and takes my sword out of my sheath "Give me your money!"I punch him twich in the gut and take my sword and aims it at him "Surrender beacuse I dont want to kill you" "I surrender!" the banit shouts
    Backstory (Needs to be long):His family was killed in front of him by a man seeking vengence of my father for winning a bet and cheating and getting the man's fourtune.Later killed him when trying to get back at another man and stabbing him in the gut when he was 16.Now he trys to lift peoples spirts so No one has to live through what he has lived through.The day after his famliy died when he was nine he started to see poeple who weren't there.He also raised himself with his freinds help.
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