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    posted a message on Barbarian Factions - A Unique Factions Experience - Looking for Experienced Individuals

    --Basic Information--
    -IGN: MikeFromIT

    -Age: 21

    -Timezone: Central Standard

    -Discord: MikeFromIT#4110

    -What are your likes, dislikes etc (pertaining to Minecraft or how a staff team should work)? I like teams that work together and everyone gets along and enjoys working together. I greatly dislike when there are staff members that are constantly fighting.

    -How many hours could you dedicate to the server per week? Easily 25-30 depending on my life schedule.

    -Please link all Minecraft related forums profiles that you have here (Spigot, MinecraftForum, Bukkit, etc): This is my only minecraft related forum account I believe. If I do have any others, they have so little use that I can't think of them.

    --Advanced Information--
    -Why should we choose you over another applicant?

    I believe that I would be a very good choice for your server for a few reasons. First being I am a very respectful staff member no matter the position. I am also very easy to get along with and am very good at mediating any issues that could arise between players or staff members.

    -What experience do you have with managing servers? What forum software are you experienced with? Have you ever managed a server on a VPS or Dedicated server?

    I have managed plugins for a few different servers and have even helped out a few friends with their servers when they were running into issues. I have managed many minecraft servers on VPSs and also personal VPSs that have been used for personal projects and servers.

    -What motivated you to apply to this server?

    I came across this post and realized this is exactly what I was looking for. Something that I can help the server work and provide and fun environment for the players.

    -What Skills do you have to offer?

    The skills that I can bring to the server include a fast response time, completion of assigned tasks and projects, and I can also make sure that things are running exactly as expected.

    -If you had a choice of what company a server would be hosted on, what would you choose? Why?

    I do not have any major biases towards hosting companies. The only thing that I would prefer is that the company offers full control over the server and does not limit us in any way.

    -Do you have any other obligations to other servers (such as being a staff member, YT role, etc.)


    -Anything else we should know?

    I would be able to be online a lot while I am at my job due to the fact that I work on a computer all day and will be able to monitor/work on the server at the same time.

    If there is anything else that I may have accidentally missed, just let me know and I'll be glad to answer any further questions.

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    posted a message on ✔ Omnia Network Recruitment ✔ | In Development | ⚠ Now Looking for Builders and Developers! ⚠

    Name: Michael
    Age: 20
    IGN: MikeFromIT
    Discord with four digit tag: MikeFromIT#4110
    Why you think you'd be fit for the team (must be at least 50 words): I personally believe that I would be a very good fit due to my personality, knowledge and experience with minecraft servers and people. I am very easy to get along with fellow staff members and players on the server due to my laid back personality, I can be very fun at times yet also very serious when the situation calls for it. I have a good background with things such as setting up servers, creating and modifying configuration files, and even digging through and fixing the dreaded permissions files.
    Are you willing to work hard? I am very motivated when it comes to working my hardest when finishing any projects tasked to me.
    How often can you be online? I can be online almost every single day for at least 3 hours a day on average.
    What is your time zone? Central Standard

    Do you have experience working for servers? If yes, explain: Yes, I have worked in all sorts of positions ranging from moderator to head-admin. In these positions I have done numerous things to increase the enjoyment of the server for all the players.

    Describe yourself in ten words for us.: Knowledgeable, professional, experienced, technical, friendly, helpful, creative, flexible. innovative, motivated.

    How can you help our team?: I can help the team by bringing my experience and knowledge to aid in the set up and future expansion of the server.

    Name five hacks found on Clients: Tracer, radar, fly, kill aura, nuke

    What is the job of a Admin? (Whichever you're applying for): The job of an admin is to keep the server in running order and make sure that any serious issues with the server are fixed in a prompt manner. An admin is also there to be an adviser for moderators who are either unsure of how to handle a situation or are having difficulties with a certain player.Helper/Moderator

    Why should we pick you over others?: You should pick me due to the topics I have listed above

    Do you understand if you are found lying you will be denied, no reapplications allowed?: Yes

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    posted a message on Carbon Gaming Network| |Moderators| Builders |


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    posted a message on AlteranNetwork <> Looking for staff <>

    IGN: MikeFromIT
    Age: 20
    Skype: Sir_BullSnizzle
    Maturity Level (0/10): 10
    Past Experience: Most recently I was the Head-Admin of a server called CarrotCraft that has mostly been abandoned by the owner. I have also been an admin on many other servers. On the most recent server I spent a lot of time configure plugins, managing permissions for player groups, training staff on how to behave while in game, and configuring much the of the back end server stuff.
    Why Should you be Head-Admin? I have a good amount of experience and I can help the server grow by keeping players interested in the server by interacting with them all and implementing things that a large majority would like to see in the server. I can also dedicate a good amount of time to the server.
    Why do you want to be Head-Admin? I would like to be the Head-Admin because I like being able to make positive changes for a server and keep all the players happy and keep the staff members behaving correctly.
    What do you think the role of Head-Admin is? I believe the role of a Head-Admin is to keep the peace in the server between the staff members and the players while also listening to the input of the players to fix the things that are broken with the server.
    What would you do if you saw a player flying but you didn't know if he was hacking or lagging? I would vanish and follow the player for a bit. I would also check his permissions to see if he should have the ability to fly. If he doesn’t have the correct permissions and still appears to be flying I would check his connection to see if it is a lag issue or not. If his connection looks fine I would continue to watch him for a bit to see what happens and then if he is still flying after a while I would follow whatever protocols there are for banning players who are hacking.
    What Would you do if a player offered you in real life money not to ban him? I would direct him to the server’s donation page if he would like to give money to the server and inform him that staff members are not allowed to accept money.
    What would you do if a Mod or helper was breaking rules? It depends on what rule they’re breaking and how they’re doing it. If they’re spamming I would either send them a message and remind them that they are supposed to follow all the rules and set the example for the players. If they’re abusing one of their powers I would make let them know that if they continue they will lose their position.
    How would you solve a dispute between 2 other staff members? I would initially stop it in the main chat so the players do not see the staff members arguing. Then I would speak with them both in private to figure out what was going on and then I would have them both speak with each other and solve their issue without me having to really step in and discipline either of them.
    What would you do if an Admin was breaking rules? I would deal with them the same way as a mod for simple rules such as spamming, if they were severely abusing their powers I would remove the powers they had and speak with the Owner or whoever else is above me to see what we should do.

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    posted a message on Recruiting Mods, Admins, Devs, Builders, Youtubers, streamers, and managers for the server; LuckyCraft!

    Name: (First) Michael

    Age: 20

    Skype: Sir_BullSnizzle

    Maturity: 10/10

    Other Forms of Communication: Phone, Snapchat, Facebook, I even have a mailbox.

    Admin or Sr. Admin: Sr. Admin or Staff Manager


    Experience: Have been head-admin and co-owner on numerous servers while also running my own on occasion. I have also been playing Minecraft since early alpha and know the ins and outs of pretty much every popular plugin.

    Why you should be accepted: I know my way around plugins, I can handle the responsibility of making difficult decisions, I have a great amount of experience and am easy to get along with.

    What makes you better than other applicants: I’m very mature and know a vast amount about running servers and managing staff and players.

    What would you do if two players were having an argument in chat: First I would attempt to resolve anything extreme like yelling in all caps at each other. Then I would see who is causing the issue and what could be done to solve it quickly. After the original dispute has been solved, if any player is still attempting to cause issues over the situation I would warn them and if they continued give them a mute for a reasonable amount of time.

    ~~For the following questions, please answer with what YOU would do without instruction from server. Do not put whatever the server says. If you are accepted we will tell you what to do. But first we want to see what you would do.~~

    Hacking punishment: X-Ray: Temp-ban for 6-24 hours depending on severity, also potentially removing items if extreme enough.

    PVP related hacks: Temp-ban 1 day

    Griefing punishment: temp-ban/jail for 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on amount griefed

    Spamming punishment: First warning, then a kick, then 10-20 minutes mute, 1 hour temp-ban if multiple offences in a short time

    Sexism/ Racism punishment: Kick, then if continued1 hour mute

    Role of an Admin: Make sure mods are behaving the way they should and correcting them if they are abusing their powers. Assists mods when they are unsure of what to do and backing them up if players are not listening to the mods. Fixing things that have to deal with plugins and anything that is server related. A senior admin should make sure the players are happy with the way the staff is acting and also make sure there is no drama between the staff members.

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    posted a message on Ignis RPG | Looking for Staff: [Builders/Terraformers] [Mods] [Admins] [Developers] |
    *- Name:
    *- Age:
    Almost 18
    *- IGN:
    *- Skype:
    Same as above ^^^
    *- Position:
    *- Timezone:
    Central Standard (GMT -5 I believe)
    *- When can you be active?
    Pretty much every day, some days for most of the day others not as much but still quite a few hours.
    *- Why do you deserve this position:
    I know the ins and outs of servers and minecraft. I can help solve pretty much any probhlem and if not personally I can point whoever needs it in the right direction.
    *- Why did you choose us?
    Very professional looking design that caught my interest while searching through the forums.
    - Past Server Experience:
    I've been in every position on multiple servers. Most my expieriance has been in adaministartion, but I find that to be just a small step above a moderator.
    - Past Experience with RPG:
    I've been playing RPG styled games for atleast a decade, everything from Final Fantasy to World of Warcraft.
    - Plugin knowledge (1-10):
    9.5 I have learned pretty much everything to know about the common plugins, I know which commands to use for which scenarios and if there is a command I don't have remembered I know where to find it quickly if someone is asking for help about using certain commands.
    - Can you build:
    I can build things that are more practical to playing the game such as automated farms and large scale farms. Don't have any pictures since I'm currently on my linux machine.
    - Are you a technical or social person:
    I would say I am a mix of both. I'm usually pretty social with the player base helping people out and interacting so the players know I'm always there to help them out, however some days I like to just sit there in a base near my farm watching a movie or somthing and just fixing the important problems that need to be solved so the server doesn't explode.
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    posted a message on DeltaWars Network - Hiring Staff Members (Developers)
    Your in-game name:
    How old are you:

    Have you been banned on any other servers?:

    I've only ever been banned once and it was for telling the owner that his flashing advertisement would probably annoy players.
    Why do you think you should be a admin?:

    I can dedicate a lot of time. I have an extensive knowledge on general plugins used for running a server.
    How long can you be active on the server everyday?:

    At least 2-3 hours everyday. On previous servers that I've been a staff member on I have been on for about 18 hours in a day.
    How long can you be active on the mumble everyday?:

    Anytime I'm on the server and occasionally when I'm doing something else.
    How long have you been playing on the server?:

    Not very long. Just enough to look around the spawn, which I must say is very impressive.
    What is your experience?:

    I have been in every staff position available on the front end plus in ranks with access to the back end stuff. I've never had a complaint that wasn't due to a player being angry that I enforced the rules. I'm very experienced with management plugins.
    Are you logical?

    Side note:
    As I've been looking through other posts I've seen that you're asking for skype. My skype is the same as my in game name, so you can go ahead and add me if you want to speak with me but I won't be on for about 6 hours as I'm leaving for work in 20 minutes of posting this.
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    posted a message on [Still In Beta]WoolStoneCraft [6gb][100-300 Slots][Lag FREE!] Is Looking For Players And Staff (The Next Big Thing!) With Paid P
    Quote from jrod8055

    unfortunately all my head admin positions are full... Although i have admin slots open add me on skype jrod8051 and we will talk more

    DENIED! I dont see your skype name on there

    Since you are going for a low rank i will accept you without having a skype i will message you the ip tomorow

    Got it thanks

    Nope the server will be hopefully public tomorrow if all goes well btw i added you on skype and you have not confirmed it

    I said PM me for my skype as I don't like to post it to the public as I constantly get spammed on it.
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    posted a message on [Still In Beta]WoolStoneCraft [6gb][100-300 Slots][Lag FREE!] Is Looking For Players And Staff (The Next Big Thing!) With Paid P
    Position You are Going For:
    Head Admin
    I've had experience with almost every position available. I have been admin on many servers, and have never had a complaint that didn't involve people being mad because I enforced the rules. I have a lot of experience setting up spawns and effectively using plugins to make everything run smoothly.
    Age(Will Make You Prove It):


    Yes,(PM me for it when needed)
    What Plugin's Are You Most Familiar With:
    All commonly used bukkit plugins. I.E. world guard
    How Will You Help Out the Server?:
    I can help out by dedicating a lot of time and effort.
    Can You Donate At least 1 Dollar USD?
    What servers is the SERVER going to have?:

    Hunger Games World / Sever , Minigames World / Server , Creative PlotMe World/ Server , KitPVP World / Server , NoPVPSurvival World / Server , And Finally The Main One PVP Survival World / Server
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    posted a message on -=Looking For Staff |24/7|Minigames|EcoNomy|HUUUGE Project!|
    Application: Head Recruitment Officer/Head Administrator In-Game Name:
    Yes, PM for it.(Tired of random people messaging me for no reason on it.)
    Have you ever been staff on another server?:
    Yes, multiple times. All positions from mod to owner.
    Are you staff on a server at the moment?:Nope.
    A staff member is accusing another of abusing their powers, how do you handle this?:
    I would evaluate who is accusing who and think about any past conflicts they have had to see if it's just someone trying to cause trouble. Then I would think about how the accused has acted overall. After that I would either monitor that staff member/check logs, or I would dismiss it if I feel as if the person hasn't abused any of their powers.
    You have the commands /kick, /ban, /tempban and /mute what sort of rules do you think should apply to each of these commands being used?:
    Mute: I start off with mute for players that are causing small time drama, usually 5 minutes at first then 10 and possibly 15.
    Kick: I then kick players if they keep causing problems after 2-3 mutes. I kick players instantly that are breaking a rule such as "no spawn killing" and will not listen when I tell them to stop so I kick them with a warning message.
    Temp-Ban: This comes when a player keeps breaking rules and will not listen to any staff. Usually I will just jail them before this, but that wasn't on the list.
    Ban: This is a command which I rarely use, but when I do use it I do it and don't question myself of using it. Players that have been temp banned multiple times or are just trying to cause extreme problems will be banned. Depending on the actions that the player was doing I will tell them that they can file a ban appeal.
    Do you have any experience with any plugins? And if so, what plugins?:
    I have experience with all of the common plugins plus some of the less common ones. I have most of the useful commands remembered.
    What time zone are you in?:
    Central Standard Time (UTC-06:00)
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    posted a message on More Than Minecraft Staff Application Thread ~Now Accepting Applications~
    Haha apparently I'm still subscribed to this post.
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    posted a message on ♔♔♔ URBAN-CRAFT ♔♔♔ ~RE-BORN~ Offers the true urban experience! With Drugs!
    Quote from tomthemage

    Did you see my Helper app and get my Skype?

    Minecraft Username:tomthemage


    Time in which you can dedicate being online: I an online for a few hours each day depending on after school commitments and homework. On weekends I am usually able to come online for a longtime but you may not see me too often as I am in a completely different continent compared to most of you from Canada USA and Britain.

    Current Rank:Officer in the NBPD

    Other notable staff positions:I have been a mod and an admin on various servers including Ironcross Factions a popular US Server.

    Why you should be a Helper: I should be a helper because I have been a very active member of Urban Craft and I want to become a helper desperately. I love Urban Craft and I would love to contribute to the server as a Helper and assist in the development of the server and help out the new players once the server is released.

    Skype: I have finally got Skype and will PM it to you.

    Anything else we should know? Thanks for reading my app (:

    There is no need to post your application more than once.
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    posted a message on ♔♔♔ URBAN-CRAFT ♔♔♔ ~RE-BORN~ Offers the true urban experience! With Drugs!
    Quote from oogleboogle


    I would like to say sorry for my past behaviour. Please forgive me. :)

    If you're getting at what I think you're getting at and you are who I think you are, then no, it's not going to happen.
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    posted a message on ♔♔♔ URBAN-CRAFT ♔♔♔ ~RE-BORN~ Offers the true urban experience! With Drugs!
    What this? Another teaser?

    I wonder what these sewers could lead to, the endless adventures await!

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