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    posted a message on Hoard of the Rings RPG Modded 1.7.10 Lord of the rings modpack with a total of 132 mods(Check for more Details)

    Thanks i hope you like the server/modpack Invite your friends to help get the server up and running with players!

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    posted a message on Hoard of the Rings RPG Modded 1.7.10 Lord of the rings modpack with a total of 132 mods(Check for more Details)

    The pack is pretty big and very recent, and so won't run well on old PCs with integrated graphics and old Java and what not. Apologies!

    Hoard of the Rings RPG is a brand new Modpack that has been in development for a few Months, Its brand new with loads of Ideas for future development of the server.Where hoping to welcome any new people who are more then willing to come with us on these tremendous modpack, it has Thaumcraft,ArsMagica 2, Botania, and lots of add ons for most of the main mods. Coming out will be loads of custom dungeons, A God,DemigodSystem with Epic quest and even can fight along the gods you decide to align with Neutral,Good Or Evil(More Coming soon).Lots to do and lots of things to do to go please your gods.

    Come Join us see the server Progress!

    Staff as of the moment are:

    Razkharn: ServerOwner

    Goggles: Modpack Owner

    GMNives: Moderator

    ModPack link:


    In a land of shadow, in the clutch of the Dark Lord...
    Ever wanted to scrap with Orcs in the crested hills of Angmar?

    Forge mystical blades and impervious armour from the hides of your foes?

    Haggle with the tricksy hobbitses in the rolling green of Hobbiton?

    Trawl through keeps and dungeons, teeming with bad guys, with your band of adventurers?

    Become Saurons right hand man in his vision to destroy all life?

    Or fight against him, becoming a Lord of your land in the war to overrun the darkness threatening you?

    Maybe you want to bake the best damn cakes in the whole of Middle Earth?

    Whatever you fancy, Middle Earth is open to it. Ally with whichever faction you choose, and attempt to master magic or metal in an ever-changing storyline orchestrated by your admins. Take part in huge boss fights, win epic loot or the favour of the valar above you as they fight for power, and ascend as a champion!

    Whether you want to barter with CustomNPCs, become a grand archwizard of Thaumcraft or Ars Magica, garner forces of your allies and build Middle Earth's grandest structures, take on entire armies with your valar by your side or just spend your days riding battle wargs throughout the hills; you can do it.

    This server is part adventure, part roleplay. You'll be thrown into a world with it's own stories, lore, characters and places, it's own infamy system and it's own unique bosses. It's dangerous as hell- you up for it?

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