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    posted a message on Render Distance is Set to 32 Chunks, but Only 16 Chunks are Visible [FIXED]
    Quote from sunperp»

    If you are on a server, the maximum render distance is determined by a setting on the server, and your client render distance setting will be limited to an effective maximum of the server render distance setting. It sounds like your server is set to 16, so any client render setting larger than 16 will not have any effect.

    I looked in the server settings and found how to fix it. Thanks!

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    posted a message on What was your worst death?

    What has been your worst experience dying? What’s the time when you lost the best items?

    For me, one time I was mining gold in the nether, and I was headed back to my portal. There was a medium sized gap over lava, and I didn’t want to use my elytra because I thought I might slam into a wall. Instead I threw an ender pearl, which somehow hit the one block tall side of the platform I was pearling to. I fell into lava, and I escaped by spamming fireworks, but I then crashed into the bottom of the platform and died, and all of my stuff burned. I lost my full diamond armor, my only elytra, around 5 stacks of gold, 4 shucker boxes with other decent - good loot, and around 90 levels of xp. This happened on an smp I play on a few months ago.

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    posted a message on Best Enchantments on Armor, Swords, Bows, etc. ???

    This thread is too talk about the best protections for various items such as armor, swords, bows, and others. I will give my opinion, then others can either agree or disagree. (I have no idea if all of these will actually fit on these items, as they might show the infamous message, "Too expensive!")


    Helmet: Aqua Affinity, Protection IV, Mending, Thorns III

    Chestplate: Protection IV, Mending, Thorns III

    Leggings: Protection IV, Mending, Thorns III

    Boots: Feather Falling IV, Protection IV, Mending, Thorns III

    Swords: Sharpness V, Mending, Looting III, Sweeping Edge III, Knockback II

    Bows: Power V, Mending (yes, I opt for Mending over Infinity lol), Unbreaking III

    Pickaxes: Efficiency V, Fortune III, Silk Touch, Mending

    Axe: Efficency V, Mending, Unbreaking III (I prefer swords over axes even in 1.16 as that's just my style)

    Shovel: Efficiency V, Mending, Unbreaking III, Silk Touch

    That's all I felt like listing, tell me in the comments if you want me to add more items. (except hoes lol, I don't even use them that much)

    Pretty good list, but you missed a few enchantments, such as fire aspect, depth strider, soul speed for 1.16, etc. But other than that, well done!

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    posted a message on Worst Biome to spawn in
    Quote from Warstar303»
    I think I get so unlucky when it comes to spawning I keep spawning in a jungle biome and really I don't like spawing in that kind of biome. So what is the worst biome you have spawned in tell me also what the spawn had Cause really there are some really unlucky players and 1 of them is me...

    I’m currently playing on an smp and the spawn is an island with no trees and nothing but water within 300 blocks. We built a nether portals here though so new players can get to the mainland, but the spawn is terrible.

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    posted a message on Does protection enchantment reduce potion damage?
    Quote from Akatsuki21»

    There's a player I want to kill in our SMP server with protection 4 on his armor but swords or axes take long to kill him and I might die before he does so I thought of using potions. I plan to buff myself with potions and give him debuffs so I get a better chance of winning but I'm not sure if poison or harming potion will deal good damage to him.

    Honestly I’d just fill my hot bar with harming 2 pots and try to get them all on the guy. I’m pretty sure that would kill him, but you’d just have to be careful not to hit yourself. Also have strength and regen on hand in case the harming pots don’t work you can try to finish him off with an axe/sword.

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    posted a message on I can't find any diamonds at all.

    And chunks with no clay?

    It’s not that hard to find one that does. Especially if you find a swamp biome, as shown in the video. It’s not a perfect method, but better then strip mining for hours and hoping you get lucky.

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    posted a message on Totem or Shield?

    Good point, but if you die with a shield, then your dead for good. Plus, with a raid farm you can easily get hundreds of totems. And if something happens like an elytra breaking, then you’ll be able to survive with a totem in circumstances you wouldn’t with a shield. Although early game a shield is better.

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    posted a message on What do YOU always carry in your inventory bar/hotbar?
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    You're not bad at the game for using potions, it just depends on the purpose

    not many people would last long in a fight against the Wither without them, especially not without the golden apple also.

    In the Nether if you use fire resistance potions you're taking precautions to an obvious hazard.

    I just choose not to use them most of the time because they take up so much inventory space, and they get in the way of general mining, I like to fill my inventory to the brim with goods before coming out. And I feel in the Overworld potions are overkill most of the time.

    Yeah, they’re only really worth it in the nether or in a wither fight. Also slow falling is helpful in an ender dragon fight.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    I finally found an elytra and finished building my creeper farm.

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    posted a message on I fell into the End void (Elytra broken)

    Although in the future try installing a datapack that gives you a notification when an item is at low durability. This has saved me in the past. Here’s the download link, just select “durability ping” https://vanillatweaks.net/picker/datapacks/

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