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    posted a message on TALLCRAFT DROPPER - Minecraft 1.10 dropper map collection - Constantly upgraded with new maps!

    2 small bugs to report for the SP map
    and also, a command fix to give ya....

    BUG #1 - the 'IN USE" and "OPEN" signs do not change to reflect someone is or isn't in the reward area.
    in stays in the 'in use' position. I was looking to figure out what might be causing this but couldn't find and answer. It all should work?

    it just isn't.

    BUG#2 and fix: the <--- hard , easy---> subtitle isn't activating cause you haven't added the " " quations.
    I went ahead and fixed it on our community test server. here's the correct code to add for the subtitles.:

    /title @p subtitle {"text":"<-- HARD MAPS ","color":"dark_red","extra":[{"text":" EASY MAPS -->","color":"dark_green"}]}

    Hope that helps. Its a really fun map and I'm definantly enjoying playing some of the 1.9 changes with elytra wings.

    Also, I highly recommend adding that code I sent you previously for the map linkage. That way you have a nice and easy in-game
    way for players to find your server, forumpage, website or whererver other official place you want them to go to talk with you and join
    your server. I'm sure most server owners will be kind enough to not change that. Though, some will be jerks and think its 'server advertising'

    (ugh.. that's a whole nother topic.)

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    Hi sasko,

    I'm working on an article to feature your map. But, I see 2 different server ip's on your forum post.

    Which is the correct one?

    dropper.tallcraft.com:25565 or dropper.tallcraft.com ?

    Also, Is it okay to add this to my community server for a few weeks?
    I see in your terms of use that you allow. I made one small change to the map which I think you would like.

    when they enter the MAIN lobby with all the dropper tp's I added 2 prominent floor panel buttons that provide links
    to this page for further info. This way, anyone from my community who plays the map will be able to find this page easier
    and get information on the server you host it on as well.

    Its a simple change but, something you may want to consider working into your actual map.

    heres the coding if you want to use it :

    /tellraw @p ["",{"text":"Tallcraft Dropper By: Sasko. Click here for download link....","clickEvent":{"action":"open_url","value":"http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/2502663-tallcraft-dropper-1-8-dropper-map-collection"}}]

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    posted a message on Minecraft Brawl! KitPvP remake in Vanilla Minecraft! [Version 3.0 Released]

    Hey dude, just a quick update. the link that your using is now wrong. The community website is now...


    Were having a blast on this map. If ya'll want to come play. its officially hosted by Nick @ s26.hosthorde.com:25657

    Go thru the games portal, then go to 'Adventure Map 1' or do: /warp adventure1 If you have unlocked /warp permissions.

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    posted a message on Map Makers Paradise - Upload your map and play with freinds!
    Quote from QO2015»

    I Need To Upload The Map On Mine craft Forum

    Submit your request here:


    and it will be considered. We just recently finished up helping with Nick_Izzy's map. So, I have a little bit of time that I could help you work on
    your map. But, you need to submit your request at the link above for consideration.
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    posted a message on FNAF Hide and Seek Map - By: Hooptiecoupe & SamuelSD7

    ya. I was trieing to create a video for it. But I've been swamped with work.

    I'm planning on taking some pics Saturday.

    me and some friends are gonna play a few rounds. I want to take pics of us playing in it. :)

    I really can't wait to have the time to work on the mobs and armor stands that will work with the custom tp splash position for the seekers.

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    posted a message on FNAF Hide and Seek Map - By: Hooptiecoupe & SamuelSD7

    Fixed the issue with the system to auto turning the hiders into seekers like it was supposed to.

    Sorry about that. It's all fixed now as far as I can tell.

    just working next to add some more items to the shops. , then I need to setup the custom mobs that will roam the arena

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    posted a message on My First Map (2nd attempt)

    Could you add some pics? It helps if you add pics. Thanks :)

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    posted a message on FNAF Hide and Seek Map - By: Hooptiecoupe & SamuelSD7

    The Map as been updated.

    I now as a shop keeper for the hiders

    the Timer for the seekers as been fixed to work EVERYTIME now.

    and the hiders lose lobby as been adjusted to now be automated.

    Still testing for bugs.

    Big thanks to TylerSpr99 EllaElla05 & Lego_King22 For sticking out and helping run some tests to fix the bugs.

    If you discover any other bugs, while testing on your own server, please let me know and i'll look into it.

    This is designed to be fully Plug and play. Meaning, no need to create the scoreboards, or move scoreboard.dat files around if your running

    a multiverse server.

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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?

    Its an interesting point. But, your forgetting one thing. If we had to wait for MC to be finihshed... we'd never get to play the game :)

    Basically, what there doing with minecraft is the same as this...

    You buy a game called JustCause.. then.. a few years later.. you buy a game called Justcause2.. Now.. soon.. there releaseing JustCause3!

    Its the same game.. similar concept. but some things have changed. If you don't like the changes.. fine.. go back to The previous release.

    Same with MC. If you don't like the 1.9 upcoming version. Go back to a previous version and play on it.

    your not FORCED to play on 1.9

    Technically, each version of the game is kinda like a Minecraft 2 or 3 or whatever.

    They'll never make an official Minecraft 2, because.. its silly. Why stop working on one game. just to come out with the same game just a little different.

    and call it "minecraft 2" instead,...keeping working on the same game to improve it over its lifetime and.. call it: 1.6.4.. 1.8.. 1.9 1.10 .. 1.15


    Anytime a developer comes out with a PART 2 or PART 3 of a game, its pretty much the SAME game but with a few small changes.

    Minecraft is not like anyother game because it falls more in line with LEGOS. you'll never see a LEGOS 2 or LEGOS 3

    unless the storyline changes. ( like LEGO BATMAN.. LEGO AVENGERS) but.. creative build games, never had a PRT 2 or 3

    they just introduce more build parts to the same game. to improve it.

    Kind like if you go to the store and by a box of legos, then go back to the store and buy another box of legos.
    its not LEGOS 2. Its just legos.

    same with minecraft, or fortresscraft, or creativeverse, or any OTHER openworld sandbox builder.

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    posted a message on FNAF Hide and Seek Map - By: Hooptiecoupe & SamuelSD7

    Hide and Seek was a collberation between Me and SamuelSD7

    Download here

    SamuelSD7 orginally built the arena/map on our community server,
    I loved it soo much that i decided to spend some time coding and designing it into a full game.
    The Lobby / waiting area was all built by hooptiecoupe with help from Callie_ and LegoKing22

    This map is designed to be plug-n-play on ANY 1.8.0 or higher SERVER!
    You can find the latest version of this map by getting on the server above and going to
    minigames, or doing /warp hideseek


    If your the Hider. You hide. Simple as that. You can see the nametags of the other hiders, but NOT the seekers.
    After you've saved up 50 emeralds, you can purchase an invisibilty potion to help you our for a few seconds.
    The more hiders there are in the game, the more seconds you have to hide.

    (2 players = 1 1/2 minutes , 3 players= 2 minutes...ect.ect...)

    If your the Seeker, you need to find and kill the hiders before the timer runs out. (use TAB to see the timer)
    Once you've killed a Hider, they can choose to be a seeker as well, or end there game.

    Coming soon: TP shop items. that will teleport hiders to various random locaitons.
    Coming soon: Mines that will severely SLOW DOWN any player that steps on them!
    Coming soon: Item That when used will cause the seeker to go blind for 5 seconds!


    s26.hosthorde.com:25657 (go to the mini games warp. , Or do: /warp hideseek)

    ....if you add this to your server, let me know, and i'll add it here for people to come play it with friends!

    If your running a spigot server, you'll likely need to be running 1.8.6 or higher otherwise
    spigot may interfere with the command blocks.(The shopkeepers don't spawn in correctly in 1.8.5 versions. of spigot, the tp @e command doesn't work in 1.8.5 or lower version of spigot.)

    Redstone clocks and scoreboards are all reset and re-created everytime the game is started.

    Completley Vanilla. No plugins needed.

    If you DON'T see a notice in chat pop up when your in the waiting area that says:

    "game will begin once 2 players are in waiting area, simply click the reset button in the center of the Lobby

    It can be played with anywhere from 2-20 players.

    Anymore than that, and it might get a little hard for EVERYONE to hide in there.

    The game wont start unless 2 players are in the waiting area. So this wont work unless
    you use it on a server or in a LAN setting.

    If you make a youtube video or review on this map, let me know and i'll add your video (if i like it )
    to this project page and also to the offical location on our website.

    If you run this on your server, comment down below and i'll add your server IP to the list above
    for people to check it out!

    All i ask is that if you use this map on your server you give credit to the map makers, SamuelSD7 and Hooptiecoupe


    Sometimes the timer dosnt activate (working to find out why)

    ? if you discover any let me know, I'm still working to improve this game.

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    posted a message on Horizoncity - 1.9 Snapshot server!

    There server as now been updated to Version 15w34b

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    posted a message on Horizoncity - 1.9 Snapshot server!

    The server is now updated to the latest snapshot 15w34a

    To join, simply follow the rules for being whitelisted and you should be whitelisted ushally within an hour of posting to this thread.

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    posted a message on Horizoncity - 1.9 Snapshot server!

    There server is now a whitelisted server due to the amount of people that have been getting on during the weekend.

    If you want to play around with friends on the the server, you'll need to post your

    IGN, and reason you'd like to be whitelisted.

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    posted a message on Map Makers Paradise - Upload your map and play with freinds!

    lol. I need to make a new video for the sever. The Information is a bit out of date.

    I'll try to update the forum thread with the new games that have been created once I get a chance.

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    posted a message on Horizoncity - 1.9 Snapshot server!

    Just setup a system to put players into creative once there past the bedrock walls.

    once your inside the bedrock walls, you'll go back into survival. allowing you to test PvP'ing with the shields and such

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