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    I've been working on making my own Minecraft launcher, and I've figured out how to download and run normal, vanilla Minecraft, but how do I download Minecraft Forge? I know it's possible, since MultiMC does it, but I can't figure out how since their source code is very confusing. Any responses are appreciated.

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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»


    I stand corrected.
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    You're right here. That said, Mojang causing problems for the modded Community is nothing new.

    Mojang obfuscates their game code. Basically, they replace all of the human readable function names with numbers so humans can't easily figure out what the code is doing. Functions like onBlockBreak() become 18644868(). That means the modded Community needs to reverse-engineer the code before Forge can even think about updating. Forge currently has a fairly sizable team that goes over the game code every new update to release to modders. If Mojang simply released their unobfuscated code, it would make the lives of the Forge team a lot easier.

    Mojang also has a history of adding things that make is more difficult for modders to mod the game. Every major release before 1.10 has had something that took hundreds of hours for big mods to get over.

    1.3 split the server-side code and the client-side code. This means every mod had to overhaul their mod and split it into two pieces.

    1.4 changed something major, I forget what.

    1.5 switched from texture sheets to individual textures. This meant re-writing the rendering engine of most mods.

    1.6 added the resource pack system, which required yet another overhaul of how mods handles textures, as well as sounds and language files.

    1.7 overhauled the networking code and changed how entities were processed

    1.8 required all blocks to use a long JSON file that defined it's model, hardness and other properties. The old way Forge did it was quite a bit simpler.

    1.9 overhauled a good chunk of game code, including a lot of the rendering engine.

    In other words, Mojang not being nice to the modded community is nothing new. Microsoft didn't really start the trend.

    That's not what I'm saying though. Yes, I know it's not new, but what is new is that Minecraft gets updated from 1.8 to 1.9 to 1.10 so quickly.
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    Windows 10 is being developed by a separate team. I don't think it's demanding any time that could be spent on the Java edition.

    Also, I actually think this is a good move. Notch did a pretty bang up job coding the original version of Minecraft. Since Jeb took over the team has spent a pretty significant amount of time just fixing his code. Huge chunks of the game have been rewritten.

    Windows 10 edition is a complete re-write of the game, which to be honest, it needs desperately. It's also done in C, which is a coding language that's quite a bit more efficient than Java. Expect massive performance improvements.

    Aside from a product existing that you don't want to use, why does having another edition cause problems?

    We don't know a whole lot about this yet, so we probably shouldn't be speculating. Let's wait for the facts to come in.

    One thing we do know is that you will need to have a registered business to sell your maps on the store. That probably means that it will be very difficult to sell someone else's maps, since there will be a lot of red tape involved in proving your identity.

    The amount of content per year has stayed relatively the same. It took two years to go from 1.7 to 1.11. In that time we've had what, three updates?

    Well okay, so you don't mind the Windows 10 Edition, and you say to wait on the Minecraft store. Fair enough. But the frequent updates are indeed a problem - The modding community has become fractured between 1.7.10 and 1.11, with most large mods staying on 1.7.10. At this point, someone will come up and say "What does it matter to you then? Just stay on Minecraft 1.7.10!". It's not as easy as that. Some mods stay and keep updating 1.7.10 but others continue updating - this means that if I want MC Helicopters and Securitycraft, I would have to use an old version of Securitycraft. If there was just one universal version of Minecraft for mods, that would solve everything, but of course that doesn't exist.
    Also, you mention that the Windows 10 Edition is made by another team - what's even the point of it? Performance you say?...I doubt that C would bring that much more performance, but even if it did you would be losing so much of what the PC edition has that it wouldn't be worth it. I see it as a waste of time developing the Windows 10 Edition when the PC Edition is lacking innovation. It also seems that Microsoft is trying to get some more corporate profit from Minecraft in this way, releasing a Windows 10 Edition. Why Windows 10 over all other versions of Windows?

    What new mobs? You mean the zombie and skeleton? Yeah...no. Mods have provided more mobs and creativity made by developers for free, in their spare time, and here goes Mojang adding insignificant mobs.
    New biomes? I haven't heard of any new biomes since 1.7.10.
    New mechanics? Is that when they ruined combat? Well then.
    "I think it's stupid to be complaining about the updates because they don't listen" Well, they may have control of the development, but they can't control if we play the game or not. Besides, it's not stupid to complain about a company not listening to its customers. A good company listens to its customers, but when a company like Mojang doesn't do that then that's when it starts losing players.
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    Has Microsoft done anything bad with the game? 1.11 was small, but shulker boxes and elytra boosting are two of the most amazing things to be added to the game IMO. As an aspiring map maker, loot tables and the new Advancements system are amazingly powerful and give me a lot of fun.

    "Has Microsoft done anything bad with the game?"
    Yes, yes they have. While I can only speculate about what Microsoft directly impacted for some things, for others I can concretely say it was Microsoft.
    1. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition - What's the point of yet another Minecraft edition? Basically Minecraft P.E. except for exclusively Windows 10. Windows Mobile isn't even relevant enough to be worthy, and I don't see any other reasons.
    2. Minecraft Store for PE and Windows 10 - announced a couple days ago, more options for purchases in Minecraft. What ever happened to the old Minecraft, where when you bought the game you bought THE GAME? While I'm not against downloadable resource packs for PE and Windows 10 E, and not against map makers and resource pack makers getting money, I am against an actual store to buy things that were traditionally available for free. Yes, these changes do not affect PC Edition or Console Editions, but those are not far off anymore.
    3. Frequent updates - I can't tell if this is the Mojang development team, or Microsoft, but either way once Notch left updates have been spilling out of Mojang. I'm not against updates, but if it comes to the point where I can't remember what was added in 1.10 from 1.9, then the update has so little meaning it defeats the purpose.
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    I don't believe there are any other options currently.

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    I can relate, whenever I went to my friend's house and used his computer to play Minecraft, I had to change the password once I got home before he could do any damage to my server.

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    posted a message on Is it time for an McHelicopter modded server?

    Well, it's a great concept and I'd like to see it in action, but there are a few problems.

    First of all, you may want to consider the expansion packs for MC Heli, since the expansion system for MC Heli is unique in the way of actually modifying mod folders.

    Second, I have found that if a client has a different config setting for the amount of damage a vehicle deals than a server, MC Heli uses the client's config. This means that if a Hind configuration file on a server had a default damage output of 500 (not accurate) and the client configuration had a setting of 189000, the Hind from that client would deal that much damage. The mod creator has not addressed this though, and hasn't been active since last year.

    Otherwise, I'm all for it! To fix the issues above, the best solution would probably be a modpack launcher that downloads the expansion packs and configuration files every time the client launches.

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    That, or use commands.yml to disable the command altogether: http://bukkit.gamepedia.com/Commands.yml

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    Well, one thing to keep in mind is, (as some teachers say) the worst answer you can get is "no". As a sidenote, you can download a launcher and play offline and set your own username (I believe MultiMC does this, but I can't remember exactly). I know that this is not entirely the best solution, but it is possible. Also, on Bukkit, there might be a way with the Bukkit API to change your player name on the server.

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    Well, while this particular event might not be a symptom of being hacked, it's never a bad idea to reset your password.

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    Well I haven't tried this personally, but it might be possible with the /setworldspawn command. I highly doubt it though, you would probably be better off just making the Nether the overworld.

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    Well, Minecraft 1.6.4 is probably the best version of Minecraft for all the unneeded extras. Has command blocks and commands and creative, but is missing the newer biomes and combat changes. If you don't mind the old days of ID conflicts when installing too many mods, then 1.6.4 is the best version for everything. Many mods still support or have an older release for Minecraft 1.6.4, and 1.6.4's stability was mentioned even by Mojang when they released 1.7 - https://mcupdate.tumblr.com/page/4

    However, if you're looking at installing a lot of mods, and they don't support 1.6.4 (or you don't want to deal with ID conflicts...) then 1.7.10 is the way to go. The version of Minecraft before Mojang was sold to Microsoft...anyways, yes. 1.7.10 is the best version for the "up to date" mods, and most of the essentials are there and minimal extras.

    Honorable mentions:

    -Minecraft 1.5.2:

    Redesigned the creative menu to be more user friendly

    Added modern redstone components

    -Minecraft 1.8:

    Last version of Minecraft released by "Mojang" as an individual company

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    Well, this isn't really something that can be fixed. I don't believe that those who are not opped will see the message, but considering that you don't want the message shown at all, you probably want a different kit plugin if the one you are using does not offer a different solution. Otherwise, you can dig around in the files for your server software. I will take a guess that you use Spigot, although Bukkit and KCauldron/Cauldron should have similar files. They may have some setting that you can toggle. If not, then either a new plugin or modifying the...


    ...is your best bet.

    Oh yes, and one more thing I just remembered. In the...


    ...file, there is an option for broadcasting the console to server operators. You can set that to false, which should fix the problem.

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    I know that the OP already found his answer, but for the record, Dxtory also works fine: http://exkode.com/home-en.html

    I can usually get ~30 FPS while recording on an AMD Radeon 7570 at 720p.

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