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    posted a message on Small but growing SMP looking for long term players

    Name: HomemDoLixo1992 my IGN my real name Diogo


    Timezone: Portugal WET +0

    Discord: Diogo "HomemDoLixo" Teixeira#2674

    Tell me a bit about yourself: I've been playing minecraft for some years in some communities and some lately hardcore, i play in a modded comunitie but i like a bit more vanilla, love to do farms and build wierd builds mostly

    Why choose you to join: idk i guess im normal guy.. i like cheesecake so probably good to play haha jk i would love to join

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    posted a message on [CLOSED] 🌲 The Sanctuary SMP 🌲 Vanilla // Whitelist // Pure Survival // 18+ // Discord // Dynmap // Group Events
    In Game Name: HomemDoLixo1992
    Age: 29
    Country: Portugal
    Are you familiar with Discord? What is your Discord ID?: Diogo "HomemDoLixo" Teixeira#2674
    How did you hear about The Sanctuary SMP community?: MC forum

    What is your favorite/preferred base/building style?underground stuff, all farms, and some village builds
    What aspect of vanilla gameplay draws you towards SMP? I'm not the best english speaker but i normally like to walk/fly around seeing other people bases/builds and build farms and help others if needed
    Do you have any experience with Minecraft communities? yes some.. been playing somo solo hardcore and i play on a moded community too
    Outside of Minecraft, what kinds of activities/hobbies do you enjoy? well i play poker professionally, so lots of studying and such.. hobbies i love Counter strike and other games like GTA but i mostly play minecraft because is relaxing :)
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    posted a message on 💎 Luxumshire SMP ✨ (18+) Whitelisted Vanilla Survival ✨ New Long-Term No-Reset World 💎

    1. Minecraft IGN HomemDoLixo1992
    2. Discord Name Diogo "HomemDoLixo" Teixeira#2674
    3. Age (Must be 18+) 29
    4. Country and Time Zone Portugal WET GMT 0
    5. Tell us about yourself! I like Cajus and peanuts

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