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    Quote from MrRandomnez

    BTW I dont think you have to have permission to make a merge, but it helps!

    I don't think so either, but I've already gotten the OK from sp614x and Necrowizzard, so it's a moot point. Also, I don't distribute their mods (or at least the entire mods); I just distribute the 3 modified files that make them work together.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] OptiFine + Water Shader Mod PATCH
    Quote from ULT1MATEGAMER

    Sorry but this only works on Optifine HD_A :sad.gif:

    I don't mind if you distribute my patch on MCForum, but you might want to also link to my post on Reddit on your page, since that's where I keep it updated and can provide help. Also, I've already patched for OptiFine 1.8.1_HD_MT_A and HD_B1, so you page is slightly out of date. By the way, for anyone that cares, the patch for classic also works on smooth. You might want to add a mention of that near the link. It says in the instructions that it was made with HD_A and tested with HD_S_A, but most people skim over them.

    Also, the part about it working with Better Than Wolves is outdated. It worked for it back in 1.7.3 before BTW was using forge. I might do another patch for OptiFine and MinecraftForge in the future, but for right now that was just an oversight that I forgot to erase.
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