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    posted a message on Good Ole Vanilla Minecraft [16+]

    IGN: Hodge_III

    Age: 18

    Location/Timezone: USA / Central
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    posted a message on Closed
    Server application
    IGN: Hodge_III
    Name (Optional): Hodge (for now)
    Age: 18
    Location/Time-Zone (Optional): Illinois/Central
    When Did You Start Playing Minecraft: Beta 1.7.3
    Why Do You Still Play Minecraft: Interested in how far the game has evolved and it's one of my favorite games
    What Could You Add To Our Server: Dedicated player. Can help out where it's needed.
    What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do In Minecraft: Work on large projects
    Ice Cream or Cookies: Cookies. Most Definitely.
    Links To Youtube/Twitch/Other Things (Optional):
    At the moment, nothing too impressive.
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    posted a message on BioCraft New Whitelist Vanilla Server is looking for skilled spawn builders
    IGN (in game name): Hodge_III
    Age: 18
    Experience with Minecraft: Beta 1.7.3
    Country/Location: United States
    Time Zone: Central USA
    Why you would like to join: You had me at, "paid for a year with a hosting company". All of my previous servers have, as you said, disappeared over night.
    How often would you be coming on the server: Most likely everyday
    Have you ever played on a server like this: Yes
    Will you steal, grief, or cheat?
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    posted a message on Small & Fun SURVIVAL server. Semi Vanilla.
    Name: Hodge
    In Game Name: Hodge_III
    Age: 18
    Location: Illinois
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    posted a message on *NEW* [MATURE 18+] 24/7 Vanilla Hard Mode Survival Server – [Sanitarium] – Join Now! [20 Slots][Whitelist][Mumble]
    IGN: Hodge_III
    AGE: 18
    Timezone: Central Standard Time, USA
    Strengths: Blueprinting, and building large creations
    Weaknesses: Some redstone, and deciding on what to build
    Why you should be whitelisted – what do you bring to the community: I keep to myself a lot and don't really ever get in anyone's way. Being on a server with kids makes this almost impossible. Mature 18+, and having the server guaranteed for a year brings me in.
    Have you ever been banned: Nope, not once.
    Favorite Biome: Forrest/ Tyga
    Favorite Mob: Pigman
    Do you understand netherhub mechanics: Yes, 100%
    Minimum distance from spawn you should build: Atleast 750 blocks
    What rule did I repeat twice: Cut down trees fully
    Anything else related to minecraft you’d like to share: will be online 1-8+ hours everyday.
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    posted a message on What are you listening to right now?
    Sorta unknown band, with a nice calm flow to it
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    posted a message on Black Ops 2 and Halo 4
    As a die hard Halo fan, I would love to say that Halo 4 tops Black Ops 2 but in reality Halo just doesn't have the numbers and addictive feel it use to have. I remember playing Halo 3 for hours and hours and never getting bored, yet with H4 I'll play a few games and end up getting bored quickly. Either way, I will never even touch a COD game.

    In my Heart: Halo > CoD
    In reality: CoD > Halo (opinion)
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    posted a message on BlockCrack [MindCrack based server][Vanilla 100%][PvE, Survival] [Whitelisted, apply now!]
    IGN: Hodge_III
    Country:United States
    Why do you want to be on this server?(detail please.): I want to be on a more mature server, been searching the ends of the earth for something simple like this.
    Will you come on often?: 1-8+ hours, Everyday
    Will you follow all rules?: Yes
    Do you have a youtube channel? if so what is it?:No, not at the moment. Easily can get one though.
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    posted a message on Dozacraft Vanilla Survival - [1.8.8] - Mature, 24/7, 18+(age), Whitelist, Pure Vanilla, MindCrack Style
    Ingame Name: Hodge_III
    Age: 17
    How long have you played Minecraft?: Update 1.7.3 Beta
    How did you find this thread?: Mc Forums
    Why do you feel I should choose you to be whitelisted?: In need of a mature, laid-back server. Really tired of little kids.
    Skype?: None at the moment. (Easily Get One)
    Youtube Channel?: xxHodgexx (No Videos)
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    posted a message on SilverCraft [1.4.5] [Vanilla SMP] [Whitelist] [Mindcrack-Inspired]

    Age- 17
    IGN- Hodge_III
    Why You Want to Join- Want a active Vanilla server
    How Often You Play- 1-10+ hours a day
    What Do You Like To Do In Minecraft- Build large projects that taking time and planning
    About Me- More of a serious player, Follows Rules
    Funny Joke- Most relationships are like a Fat man, they don't work out...
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    posted a message on closed do not reply
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    posted a message on Vanilla Server [White-listed] [100% vanilla]
    IGN(in game name): Hodge_III
    why do you want to join: Want A Fairly Active Community/ Vanilla Server
    Time zone: CST
    Do you agree with the rules?: Yes
    How long have you played minecraft: 1.7.3
    About Me: 16 years old, currently attending school/sports so will not be as active on the weekdays but should be fairly active on weekends
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    posted a message on BossCraft! [MindCrack Fan Server] [Whitelist] [AutoSave]
    1. Do you accept the rules? Yes
    2. Do you have a YouTube account? Yes but 0 videos
    2a. If so what is your YouTube channel name? TopPIayer
    3. Have you ever been banned from a server? No
    3a. If so why?
    4. Why do you want to join the server? Need A Vanilla Server.
    5. Do you know what MindCrack is? Yes
    6. Who do you watch on youtube that does MindCrack? VintageBeef, Bdouble

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    posted a message on valhalla-mc.net [Dynmap][Large Biomes][Semi-Vanilla][GriefPrevention][AutoRank][NVMe, 1G Up]
    Interested Because-
    -Server Looks Great In Videos
    -Well Balanced Rules
    -Need A Vanilla Server To Play On
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    posted a message on ElitePvP [Factions][McMMO][SilkSpawners][iConomy][ChestShop]
    Server Says I was Banned?
    -Was in a Boat and there was a huge chunk error coming up. Could this have caused it?
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