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    Update: (1/12/14) Going to upload the new map soon with all the new stuff soon!
    Helping Build

    Want to help us build? Apply here!
    Click me to Apply!
    Check here constantly for livestreaming dates for live building sessions! Don't forget to subscribe to n_man's Twitch and YouTube channel for constant updates!

    Hooktail's Castle Building - May 16, 2014 - Time: Already Aired
    Riverside Station Building - May 24, 2014 - Time: Already Aired
    Poshley Heights Building - CURRENTLY POSTPONED
    Twilight Trail/Creepy Steeple Building - TBA - Time: TBA
    Fahr Outpost Building - TBA - Time: TBA

    Paper Mario:TTYD 10th Anniversary Special Livestream - July 22, 2014 - TIme: TBA
    7/6/2014: Updated the page with new images, links, schedules, design

    * Old Images Below *


    Video by - TheWildLancer

    Video by - Commands
    Best project of Paper Mario: TTYD in all of the Minecraft world!
    Alot of you have played the 2004 game for the gamecube Paper Mario: The thousand year door or atleast heard of it. Well this project will recreate the entire map of the game in Minecraft! It will have every city, minigame,and room in the game! It will also be an adventure map where you can play just like in the game with all the battles, puzzles and powerups. We are aiming to have it be vanilla only but some mods or bukkit may have to be used.

    Rogueport: 98%
    Rogueport Sewers: 90%
    Petalburg: 90%
    Hooktail Castle: 90%
    Boggly Woods: 90%
    The Great Tree: 50%
    Glitzville: 80%
    TwilightTown: 80%
    Creepy Steeple: 95%
    Keelhaul Key: 95%
    Pirate's Grotto: 0%
    Riverside Station: 95%
    Poshley Heights: 0%
    Fahr Outpost: 0%
    The Moon & X-Naut Fortress: 0%
    Palace of Shadow: 100%
    Pit of 100 trials: 0%
    Minigames and other places: 0%
    Redstone: 5%

    New updates coming soon! Check out the live map on the server below!

    hockeymikey (me)
    Pixelated Genius
    Sir Surge
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    posted a message on Could a prison let me record on there server
    Ehh no.
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    posted a message on 4-6gb server with webhosting and mysql

    I am looking for a new host for my server. I have decided to move back to a regular Minecraft host this time. My server needs around 4-6gb of ram, solid specs on the machines, dedicated IP, mysql and web hosting included. While this fits most hosts but the web hosting must be able to use my own dns of my choice. I currently use afraid.org for dns and want to continue using them rather then switch over to the nameservers of the host to handle the dns of my domain.

    If you didn't want to read all of that, there is a list below of what I need.

    • 4-6gbs of ram
    • Solid machine specs
    • Dedicated IP
    • MySql
    • Web hosting with the ability to use another dns server rather then your own. This is a must!

    If you think you can provide everything I listed for my server please reply with your plans and the prices. Any questions on anything please don't hesitate to ask.

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    posted a message on Corner stairs should be their own block type
    Quote from Pighead123

    I like that Idea. but I don't want the creative inventory full of all different kinds of stairs.
    Im half and half opinion

    There would only be 2 stairs added.....
    Quote from horaholic

    They dont need their own block, they just need to reimplement how it used to be, when they would keep their corner shape after the blocks next them were destroyed. That would be a lot more convenient than having yet more blocks to craft/store. Or even better, have a way to cycle through shapes as you place them, with a mouse wheel or something while you're holding them. Kind of like how they should make paintings work.

    More blocks to craft is bad.

    Actually what if I want a stair running perpenicular to another stair and I don't want them to auto-rotate to form a corner stair? With this you can do that.
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    Yes it does...... Check the folder .minecraft/screenshots
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    Add some pictures!
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    Quote from kingCrafted

    Hello, I am looking for a new host as I am not quite satisfied with the host i am currently using so what I am willing to spend as of right now is 20$ USD.

    I am not asking for anything crazy but it must hold at least...

    40+ users.
    Run multiverse.
    Bukkit 1.4.7 up.
    Dedicated ip.
    FTP access.
    Mysql database.

    I am not looking for anything under 2gb's. I need a host I can be with for a few months. I must like what I see and use. Must also have a great support team.

    I am with Plugpayplay and they are very reliable. I would go with them.
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    posted a message on Mixed mode (Offline and Online) Bukkit plugin
    So i originally posted this to bukkit.org but they got mad and locked the thread.

    -----From Bukkit----
    Ever have a online mode server (most do) and you have a cousin or friend that would like to play on it but for whatever reason can't buy the game but you don't want to put your server into offline mode and install a password plugin. Well this plugin will act like a "whitelist". If your username is on the list you do not have to be authenticated with Minecraft but you do have to login on the chat like the plugins Authme. Until you login you can not move.

    So if anyone can answer if its possible and if a plugin exists for it I would very much appreciate. Please leave the comments like "Tell them to buy the game, it's simple" to topics discussing cracked servers as I would like to keep the discussion as close as to the plugin concept as possible.

    Thank you.
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    Quote from OpticRedNight

    Is anyone experienced with Managing a Prison server? Im looking for current owners of them. I need someone to guide me along putting the Plugins together and getting a map.

    I have experience in servers and prison servers too. I can help you.
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    posted a message on || WiredUpHosting || From $5 || DDos Protection || 24/7 Support || Unlimited BandWith || Best Hosting Solutions For Custom Jars
    Quote from charliefisher

    Ok ill PM you the server info :P And add me on Skype charliele.legend

    Ok, I'll be waiting.
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