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    [#] Name: Jason Reed
    [#] In Game Name: HoboClownz
    [#] Age: 14
    [#] TeamSpeak or Skype: I have Both My Skype i can provide
    [#] What rank are you?: Alpha moving up
    [#] How long have you played on the server?: 3 hours
    [#] Where did you find the server?: I found it on Planet Minecraft
    [#] Who is your favorite staff member on the server?: The Owner because i like his/her style of prisons its a good server
    [#]Why are you the most qualified for the job?: Im good with being respectful i can help new people i can watch the server everyday. I can be on all day on weekends about 6 hours on weekdays that for when school starts as of now i can be on all day every day. I will never disobey the rules i will listen to highers ranks then me. I will do anything i am told i will read the rules each time i log on and make sure i don't forget them so i don't get my rank taken away.PS: i have experience with this so i won't be new thanks for reading!
    [#] Describe yourself with 3 words?: Honest Loyal Respectful

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    Writing a Guard app now :)

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    First Name: Jason

    Age: 14

    MineCraft UserName: HoboClownz

    Skype Name: jason.godard4

    Activity {i.e. 12 hours a day, once a week} Everday and at least 5-6 hours each day

    What are you applying for? Dev/Plugin Manager or Admin

    Previous Experience Owned my own server did all the plugins my self

    Current Positions On Other Servers: Admin Dev Co-Owner

    Have you ever been banned, kicked, or temp banned from a server? If

    so, why? Never banned kicked yes bc i forgot a rule of no using a command and i did use it

    If you have the following commands, what would you do {ban,

    tempban, kick, mute} I would look at Staff rules and see what i would use for what ever the player did

    Advertising: Kick

    Spamming: TempMute

    Swearing/Racist Remarks: Kick then if they keep doing it TempBan

    Modded or Items that are Not Allowed: TempBan and take them away

    Greifing: TempBan then lead it to a Ban

    I will Skype you if you were accepted. OK I'm on now for another 3 hours :)

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    Name: Jason
    IGN: HoboClownz
    Timezone: Eastern

    How will we contact you? Skype or Phone My Skype is jason.godard4

    Past Experience: Owned a Server been Plugin Manager/Dev on a lot of servers (Around 10)

    How can you help the server: I can watch the Server i can help with plugins

    Why do you want staff: I love helping people i always have so i just like helping servers

    Can you code? (Devs Only) I can't Code i never really wanted to try but if i have to ill learn easy

    What Minigames plugins are you good at: (Devs Only)Any plugin i can do they always show u in the help menu and i find out everything i learn fast and i never forget

    Hope fully u like mine

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