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Played paid Minecraft since alpha 1.2.0, though I played survival test before that. Survival test at the time didn't have too many features so I kinda lost interest. Later saw alpha 1.2.0 came out when I looked back into it and decided to get it, and I've pretty much played ever since. Just recently decided to get back into forums since the game has more content now, there's more things to make and show, and more stuff to talk about.


Hobbies: Anime, Gaming, BMX Freestyle, Minecraft, BLOCKLAND (my minecraft before minecraft, I still play occasionally), playing guitar and piano, djing, making music, skinmaking, artwork.

Things I dislike:

Post-90's Rap, Post-90's Country (don't really like country too much anyways, but older country has a rock feel to it so it isn't really bad), Big Room House (yes, it's that bad, it all sounds the same, it's nothing like electro-house in any way. Electro-House has more harmonics, Big Room house is nothing but melodies.), I'm gonna stop there because this is a long list that I don't have time to attend to right now

Location My House

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Minecraft Hitomi_Hisoka Xbox MasterFighterr PSN Katsu_Matsumodo Steam Hitomi_Hisoka

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Website URL mailto:[email protected]