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    Hello everyone i just want to say thank you so much for reading my post. I'm going to try to keep it short, so I'm working on developing a factions server for Minecraft java 1.8-1.8.9 and so I thought I begin on here before i try other methods to get potential players for my upcoming server. I'd like to say if you guys reading this want to join my discord and play on my server and help it grow to be the best of the best factions servers out there then please add me on discord at HitAltF4#7328 to get in contact with me or just reply to this post with your discord name and #.Anyways the server name will be AquaticMC if anyone wants to help out on the server just feel free again please contact me on discord to get in touch with me as I am active mainly on discord.
    The server will offer giveaways for items and crate keys and monthly crates.
    There will be voting setup really soon.
    I just need people to give my server and discord a chance please and thanks to everyone who read this post I appreciate you all and stay safe gamers.

    Again please add my discord and ill invite you to my discord server thanks so much have a great day

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    Welcome to AquaticMC we are a factions server with just a few custom plugins and free plugins used in the server. We as the staff team would like to take pride in our work for making a unique factions server for the public. we stand out from the rest and we don't lack being active at all whatsoever. The server is for 1.8-1.8.9 clients to join and have fun with friends and the community and we are always looking for more and more players to join old and new. We welcome you to AquaticMC Factions map 1. the maps last 1 month and are paid out buycraft weekly to factions top 1-5 we have a discord server with over 50 members and are trying to hit a peak of at least 150 members by the end of next month. If you wanna join and check our server out and see what its like in your view let me know. The server has zero lag and is paid for 24/7. We need players and youtubers and staff please direct message me for more info

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