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    posted a message on Official MCX360 Twitter Update Thread | September 30th
    Quote from sonshice

    The game is around 100 MB, it should be no prob, even if you have the old 20 GB one.
    But your reason wasn't the space on your hard drive, it was a childish one.
    'If I don't get the update soon I will delete the game'
    Reminds me of my childhood. Sorry.

    well, I do admire the respectible attitude you give me with this post, You see I install all my games to my hardrive (upwords of $2000 worth, You know special orders and such included) so if someone does the same I can see where harddrive space can be limited sometimes.

    Again thanks for the respticable response. and I will admit in the contex of that statement i made it did sound childish so I applogize for that :)
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