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    Hey, I’m HipFizz!

    1. IGN: HipFizz
    2. Age: I am 13 years old!
    3. My Skype Is HipFizz, and it is the one that lives in Belleville, MI
    4. Country/ Time zone: I live in America and in the Eastern Standard Time zone
    5. Greatest Achievement: MC= Going to the End and Beating the Ender Dragon Legit! IRL= Getting the relationships I have with everyone I know!
    6. I have been playing since the middle of 1.5! So a little more than 1 year.
    7. I have been looking for an SMP with really nice players and saw that you guys were accepting applications and I thought that it would be awesome!
    8. I will play frequently although I will not play enough to burn myself out, because if that happens then I won’t want to play anymore.
    9. I think I should be accepted because I love meeting new people and I enjoy experiencing what others have done!
    10. I can contribute some redstone skills, some building tactics and maybe some PvP tips.
    11. I plan to make a few shops for others to buy from and make some nice builds for others to enjoy!
    12. My favorite part of Minecraft is the Multiplayer factor so you can play with others. Without that, it would be pretty boring by yourself.
    13. Here is one of my builds à http://imgur.com/PQf1PZc
    14. I don’t think I have anything else :D
    15. YouTube: http://www.YouTube.com/HipFizz
    Thanks for your time! ~HipFizz~
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