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    posted a message on [closed server]
    IGN: xvirtuex
    Age: 17
    Experience: Been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.2, been playing Tekkit since the Yogscast started. I am very well educated in most of the mods, and I absolutely love everything about the pack.
    What you're looking for in a server: I am looking for a small, friendly community where I don't have to worry about grief or any complete idiots. I also see a few people that have been accepted that were in a server full of friendly people. (We were in another whitelist server, but it stopped running). So, I would greatly appreciate if I could be accepted.
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    posted a message on [DISCONTINUED] [1.6.4/1.6.2] [forge] [v3.2.5] TukMC - Slick as ever, now with healthbars! [45k+ DL]
    I'm using this modpack called "TechBeast" and it keeps trying to install tukmc.dat forever, and it won't download?
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    posted a message on Whitelist Minecraft FTB Ultimate Server! (32 Slots, Name to be determined!)
    IGN: xvirtuex
    Age: 17
    Skype (you can message this to me if you don't want it just sitting out there on the internet, but be sure to include your ign in the message so I know who you are): archi1235533234 (lol, sorry, just made it quickly awhile ago.)
    YouTube Channel (if you have one): I have one, but I dislike making videos.
    How long have you been playing minecraft? (Both vanilla and ftb/tekkit): I have been playing vanilla since beta 1.2, and ftb since the launcher came out.
    Describe briefly why you want to join our server, and why we should choose you: I want to join your server because I absolutely HATE SSP, because there really is no point when no one else can see what you have accomplished. I am very friendly, I have a temper limit, but you have to do something beyond stupid to really set me off.
    Fun fact about you: I like to joke around and pick at derpy comments.
    Idea for server name: Optical Beast

    Being completely honest here, but I have been banned from servers. But for absolutely no fault of my own. I have been banned from a whitelist server for being accused of stealing, when in reality, I was working on my base 10,000 some blocks away from anyone else. Check me with the ban history, and the public server, I was new to servers, saw a new block, and mined it. That was 2 years ago.
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    posted a message on FTB Ultimate... fresh world whitelisted... Crimsoncraft
    ign: xvirtuex

    age: 17

    reason for joining: Every server I get whitelisted to always gets shut down after a month, as you stated, because of some idiot kid's birthday money.

    how long have you played ftb: I started playing when DW made the launcher video, then I got uninterested for a long time. But when Mindcrackers started to play, I've been playing nonstop for the past few months.

    average time playing: 2 Hours/day weekdays, 10 Hours/day weekends
    reason i should whitelist you: I have a fun attitude and acknowledge lag. I try not to make mass automation and pipes EVERYWHERE, but if I have to use pipes, I will.

    something i should know about your playstyle: I like to take things slow and explore side mods like Xeno's Reliquary whilst progressing with main mods like IC2/gregtech.
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    posted a message on FTB Ultimate Small server
    In Game Name xvirtuex
    Skype archi1235533234
    Maturity Level ( Be honest. Helps you in the long run) out of 10, probably 8.3-8.7ish
    Why you want to join. I want to join because I have made my own ftb ultimate server, but my friends stopped playing on it. I would like to meet new friends to play ftb with.
    What mods your good/Bad at. I am good at pretty much every mod, but I get sidetracked easily, and I have an effort issue. That is probably why I'm not considered a 'power gamer'
    What can you bring special to the table? ( mining, Automating Building ect ): I can help with anything you need.
    Could you help With paying for the server if needed? ( $2-$5 ) Sorry, but I do not have access to paypal or any other payment method.
    Any past severs you have been on and why u left. I have been with my own server, and as stated above, because my friends stopped playing.
    Have u been Kicked or banned from a server? ( be honest again guys, its ok ). I have been banned from a vanilla whitelisted server for killing the ender dragon.
    Anything else you would like to add or know more about Yeah, I was wondering if I could still have my own base and do my own things, whilst helping the community at the same time. Also, I was wondering if this was a dedicated, 24/7 server, if so, where did you buy it, and how many gigs of RAM?
    ANY suggestions you would like to offer? Nope, seems like a pretty clean server.
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    posted a message on [Feed the Beast Ultimate][WHITELIST] Server
    Question: is this server dedicated, and if so, where did you buy it, and how many gigs of RAM are there?
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    posted a message on [FTB] [Ultimate Modpack] [Whitelist] [24/7] No Gregtech (Hard Crafting)
    Minecraft IGN: xvirtuex
    Age: 14
    How long have you played Minecraft (just so we know): Beta 1.2, so roughly a year and a half?
    Skype Name (Needed to inform acceptance): archi1235533234 (made it awhile ago so i could contact someone, thats why it's a random name.)
    Anything else we should know about you?: Other than I love minecraft, and especially the ultimate pack, not really.
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    posted a message on [Whitelist] [Mindcrack] ToastCraft
    Hey guys, this is a 24/7 whitelist Mindcrack pack server. In order to play on this server, you must apply, and have the mindcrack pack installed.

    This server is hosted by HostLegend, with 2 gigs of RAM.

    The rules are:
    No griefing'
    No stealing(unless you are like best friends;enter 'towst' under other to prove you read this)
    No acting immature

    To get the Mindcrack pack, you must
    1. Download the Feed The Beast launcher
    2. Install the Mindcrack pack when you open the launcher

    To join the server:
    Favorite Mod
    Prior Servers(whitelist/no?)
    Reason to join

    You may record this server at any time if you wish. you are not required to do so, but it would be a fun thing to do.

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    posted a message on [DW20] RHJ91 Server
    This is a pure survival direwolf20 modpack server. There is barely any block lag, or any lag at all. Come on and play!
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    posted a message on yomnomCraft [100% Vanilla]
    Just a small note, you will be notified once there are at least 5 whitelisted people. 7 More after the 5 will still be able to get in.
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    posted a message on yomnomCraft [100% Vanilla]
    Hey there people of the internet! I am now hosting a 100% vanilla minecraft server. Yes, this server is inspired by Mindcrack, but it is not copied. Only the concept of pranking and a nether hub is similar. yomnomCraft hopes to achieve a small, friendly community, with people who can take jokes.

    Server Info:
    1 GB RAM
    32 Slots
    Ran in Arizona(Cubedhost)

    [Only 14-16 people will be whitelisted for minimal lag.]
    [Although it is vanilla, you WILL be banned if you are caught/reported with evidence of severely breaking rules. Breaking rules is fine as long as it is not severe. i.e Stealing things is not a high-threat thing, but you should repay the owner of said item(s).]


    About the owner:
    Name: Andrew
    Personality: Humorous, can take a joke, likes to have fun.
    Skype: archi1235533234
    Steam: http://steamcommunit.../liquidunicorn/


    Reason for application-

    I will add you on steam/skype if you are accepted.
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    posted a message on I'm tired of snow biomes.
    Please, mojang, fix us having to spawn in taiga bimoes 100% of the time.
    I have made 20 worlds, all spawning in taiga biomes.
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    posted a message on ~~~MadglueSMP~~~Whitelisted~~~12 Remaining Applications~~~10 Slots~~~1.4.2~~~
    I honestly don't remember the constant relogging one. I don't even know what that means. I really don't know sir.
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    posted a message on ~~~MadglueSMP~~~Whitelisted~~~12 Remaining Applications~~~10 Slots~~~1.4.2~~~
    IGN(required): xvirtuex
    Age(required): 15
    Skills(required): I am skilled at building, and quite a bit of redstone.
    Experience(required): Been playing since Beta 1.2, had fun ever since. Over the past year, I have learned most everything about minecraft.
    Screenshotsof best builds(required): This is not neccessarily my BEST build, but it's pretty good, I guess: here
    Ban History(required): I'll be honest with you, the only time I've been banned is when I was a really new person to servers. I saw this block, and it looked cool. So I dug it, the server automatically banned me. It was a mushroom block.
    150+ Words About me(required): Well, I guess you could call me mature. I tend to mingle with most people, and laugh and just have fun. I like to build, and have good architectual designs. My redstone knowledge is actually pretty decent, but I still lack the ability to make a hidden 3x3 piston door. I have many friends at school, and I really try to be friends with everyone. Sure, I make a few mistakes, but I'm just human, what can you do? The only time I got banned is that one time, but again, It was my first server. I'm not a pest, and I really try to not accept many gifts from people. I don't like to take things without returning the favor. You can call me Andrew, but virt or Himberz is fine. I have a lot of time on my hands, as the football season just ended. Of course, I have more time on the weekends, like any normal person would. I can play 1-2 hours on weekdays, and hours on end on the weekend. I enjoy helping people build, especially with community projects. If the nether hub isnt built already, I have a great, unique design idea for it. I'm just full of ideas for certain builds, but I just hope you accept me. Thanks, Himberz.
    Extra Info: Skype: archi1235533234
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    posted a message on RetroCraft Server [Mindcrack Inspired] [Vanilla] [Survival] [1.4.6] [White-Listed] [Application Needed]
    IGN: xvirtuex

    Age: 15

    How long have you been playing MineCraft: Since Beta 1.2

    Country/Location: USA East Coast

    In your own words, how would you define maturity: I would define maturity as knowing the right thing to do and acting respectful.

    Why would you like to join RetroCraft: I would like to join Retrocraft because I have been looking for a server with little to no lag, a friendly, small community, and just a place to call home. It seems as if all servers have bad problems, some being the owner is not good with applications, or the server has bad latency issues. Hopefully this server is different.

    Pictures of your best build (Not required but suggested): I don't have a picture of my best build, but I have a pretty decent one right here

    Ideas for events or servers: Vechs/CTM Maps, Cube Control

    Have you heard of the Mindcrack server, if yes who is your favorite MindCracker (Won't be penalized for not knowing or for favorite MindCracker): I have heard of the mindcrack server, my favorite mindcracker is probably Etho or Bdubs.

    Skype (Not required but suggested): archi1235533234
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