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Hello everyone, My name is Hilore!

My name is Hilore, Owner of "SavageLand PvP"

SavageLand PvP is a popular PvP server using all the new plugins and rewards to optimize your minecraft playing experience. We have an average of 42 people on at all times, and currently have four worlds to choose from.

I spend most of my time in the support section of the forums, as I am an experienced developer. I'm also in the servers and off topic, as I can always go for a little fun.

Have any plugin/server administration problem? Feel free to ask, although I dislike PM's only due to the fact that they do not help the whole community, so try to ask in a place where others may benefit from it as well. I spend many hours a day on the forums, so I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I specialize is website administration as well as PermissionsEX. I'm also here for any minecraft/server advice if you need it!

I both developed and built my server by myself, learning a lot on the job, and have spent a nice deal of time helping others to do the same. I also use my Youtube channel to share my learning experiences.

Also, a bit about myself. I am currently at UC Berkeley (Far away from my home, Texas) where I am double majoring in Psychology and Business Administration. I like to study the behavior of people, and see how I can use that to make a profit :)


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Server Administration Specialist
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