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    Hello Zylok, this is my application: the short answer part requested, is in the middle of the application.

    My Application:

    I would be active on the forums and would post any downtime info or server "behind the scenes" action so all players can keep up to date so they can have a good, fun time.

    I like to have a fun time with good communities that are nice, patient and aren't breaking rules or cussing to other players for no reason.

    I know what this server's potential is and I want to help it reach that potential in these ways:

    Having all the players I think it should have which is at lease 200. I could help find plugins to prevent lag when you have that many players, and I could make sure people (and myself) are following the rules and not cheating/hacking.

    If I found a hacker I would kick, temp-ban, or even ban the player until further notice. I would ban the IP address so they couldn't come on with their other account (if they have one).

    If someone else found a hacker (not staff) I would tell then not to just spam: I found a hacker ban them ban them!!!!! Omg ban them!!!! I would tell them to post a Ban Request on the forums so it can reviewed by staff.

    I am very, very, very organized and I like to have things precise and on time and not like 3 days late. The latest I have been for something is 2 hours do to traffic. And I am very good at communicating. I like to make sure that mostly everything is well organized and planned out.

    I can work with most plugins an am pretty good at World Edit and know mostly all commands.

    I could get "YouTuber" rank application set up (I forget if you have one and I will check) but back to to the YouTube thing: I could make it so that there are two ranks of Youtubers: YouTuber and YouTuber+. The requirements would be the same except for amount of subs.

    Short answer questions:

    Ign: Mr_Tiger_Shark

    Name: Marko

    Rank you are applying for: Website Developer/Forums Worker and/or Manager.

    Why are you applying: like above I am applying because I want to help the server (read the top please)

    Skype: Yes I have skype, my skype being Moose101112.

    How much time can you play on the server each day?: I can play 1-3 hours per-day and in total of 10 hours per-week (this May change a lot as I mostly play like 12-14 per week) I have this limit if time because I play a lot of sports, but it being summer I will probually play more.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I have been playing Minecradt since 2011.

    Do you have experience at any of these roles/ranks?: Yes I have been on many servers that have ASKED me to be staff as they recognize me from Admin on Hypixel (I resigned so someone else could have the rank) also Admin on ItsJerryAndHarry, I have also been these ranks on servers that have closed and that have started losing players, so I leave so that I can gain Staff positions on other servers. (Need more info? Contact me! Skype- Moose101112, E-Mail- [email protected])

    Why do deserve this role more than anyone else?: I deserve it because I have experience on bigger servers teaching me to know how to do your job well, fast, and proper. If you look at the top of my app you can see I explain what I do in a lot of situations and I Know to practice and even if these situations never come up, I know you should practice just in case.

    If I got this role, I would rate myself: 8.9/10 on my first time one the server (as I will still be getting used to things).

    Thanks for reading that short little part of the Application.



    I could probually get you a Build-Team that your Builders could be part of if they wanted.

    I could also organize a Skype group chat for: Builders (we would be included), Staff, and just one for you me and the other owner. This would be extremely useful because then everyone has a way to contact each other and the Build-Team could contact each other while not being on the server.

    My attitude: My persosonal attitude is calm, patient, happy and I always make sure (even if I'm in a bad mood) that it seems like I'm in a good mood! If someone "claims" that they have found a hacker and have posted it on the forums and we are letting a Helper try and deal with it (so that they can practice) I will be very patient through the process as I know that it might be hard for the Helper to figure out what happened and what should happen to the player.

    I have been testing out 1.8 and I am excited to say that there is something really good to help servers and I will tell you when you get back to me. (It's about cheaters)

    I personally think that there should be a rank that is Helper+ so that it's like driving: you start with you L then you improve to your N. If you agree it would be a nice touch to add to the server. I think this server has a lot of personality or originality compared to other servers

    I can go longer, if needed just contact me at my E-Mail - [email protected] or my skype - Moose101112.

    And just remember, if your want a great program for forums then use something like XenForo, as it would be easy for me to work with. ;)

    Thanks for: Reading my entire application and co-operating throughout reading/concentrating on what I have don't correct/in-correct.

    Thanks, ~Tiger
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