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    I'm looking for a nice zombie survival server with a city map and tekkit. Anyone know of good ones?
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    posted a message on AFTERMATH Tekkit Survival Server. Nations, War, and More.

    Aftermath was a nations-survival server started by Griskard, who, about a month before his death, passed the server down to Typical_Name. He has tried to fulfill his/our dream of maintaining an active, somewhat realistic political simulator. The server is relatively new to Tekkit, and is running on a fresh new world.

    General Mod Info

    In general, we try to maintain a fun and challenging environment on the server. To this end, we have entirely removed Equivalent Exchange, as it is so imbalanced and overpowered that attempting to fix it is likely more trouble than it is worth. EnderStorage and the server side of Not Enough Items have also been removed (To avoid the bug allowing players to spawn items).

    Other mods are mostly untouched, with a few notable exceptions, such as nano sabers, quantum armour, and nuclear bombs being disabled. Additionally, we plan to have nuclear reactors be greylisted in the future (think of it as applying for a construction permit).

    The above information is subject to change as I discover new exploits and problems (or fixes for said exploits and problems).

    The Nations System

    The gameplay of Aftermath revolves around the ability of players to set up their own political entities. To make the system fair to both new players and veterans, there are various levels of settlements that players can create:
    Hamlets are small plots with an area of 32x32 blocks. They require at least two people to create, and cannot attack nor be attacked in an act of warfare. Additionally, hamlets cannot maintain fiefs.
    Towns are larger than hamlets, encompassing an area of 64x64 blocks and requiring at least three people to create. Like hamlets, towns are immune to warfare. Notably, unlike hamlets, towns are able to divide their land into fiefs.
    Manors are the same size as towns, but only require one person to create. Manors are notable because they are the only settlement in which the citizenship is allowed to overlap with the citizenship of other settlements. This allows them to act as outposts for cities and nations. Additionally, they are able to maintain fiefs. They are able to participate in warfare (voluntarily or not), but are not able to go on the offensive unless aligned with an entity that is (a city or a nation). Additionally, a confederation of at least three manors is treated as a nation for game mechanics.
    Cities maintain a sizable area of 96x96 blocks, and require three people to create. Like towns, cities can divide land into fiefs, but unlike towns and hamlets, cities are able to participate in wars (voluntarily or not). (Note that the population requirement on cities is relatively new, so you may run across cities that still have less than the stated requirement.)
    Nations are large areas of the countryside (256x256) that overlap with smaller settlements, uniting them under one political banner. A nation requires four people to start. Newly purchased nations come with a city inside them and have all of the abilities a city does.
    Fiefs are small (16x16) plots of land that only exist within larger settlements. Their purpose is to allocate private plots to players instead of trusting everyone within the larger area to honor each other's property.

    These are the prices of each settlement tier; upkeep occurs every two weeks:
    Fief - 500 * x^2, with x being the current amount of fiefs within the larger area (if more than one larger area is involved, such as a city within a nation, use the larger number). Upkeep of 350 per two weeks.
    Hamlets - 3000, upkeep of 500
    Towns - 10,000, upkeep of 1,250
    Manors - 20,000, upkeep of 3,000
    Cities - 50,000, upkeep of 5,000
    Nations - 100,000, upkeep of 10,000

    Everything within the nations system is done with the simple, reliable Worldguard plugin. To purchase territory, simply let an admin know (such as by a message on the forums or ingame) and he will create the area for you manually. You can either mark out the exact area that you want or simply indicate to the admin which block you want to be the center of the area, and he will create the area around that.

    The world is still relatively new, so not a lot has been built yet, but here are some screenshots of what exists so far:

    0.) Attempt to maintain an acceptable level of decency and common sense at all times.
    a.) This is interpreted broadly at the admin's discretion. It encompasses spam, racism, anti-gay bigotry, stupidity in general, and more.

    1.) I really shouldn't need to say this, but exploiting glitches and hacking are also against the rules (obsidian generators are ok).

    2.) You may not make shop chests for the sole purpose of protecting your items. Shop chests must only be used for shopping, and should only be made within towns.

    3.) Pvp (and griefing) is allowed, but it is subject to Rule Zero and Rule One. This means that you shall not attempt to circumvent pvp restrictions such as pvplogger, worldguard, etc.

    4.) If I give you powers to help you with a special task (ie, if I give you creative mode to build something for me), these powers are NOT to be used to give you an advantage in your regular gameplay. Again, this should be pretty obvious, but it needed stating anyway.

    For your greylist applications, enter in the following information:
    Your In-game Name
    (When you register on our forums, please make your username there the same as this.)
    What you like to do on Minecraft (pvping, building, socializing, slaughtering monsters, etc)
    Which number has a larger positive value, -1500 or 1000?
    [Optional] An essay of any length on your favorite historical figure

    This thread will be updated as more features are added and clarified.

    REMEMBER: This server is tekkit, which requires the Tekkit launcher. It is very simple to use and requires you to do nothing but download 1 thing.
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    posted a message on The Carbon Empire
    Hi, I'm jbg101. Just wanted to know what happened to you and Carbon? none of your members seem to get on the server anymore
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    posted a message on AFTERMATH - Politics, Economics, Minecraft! [Extra Hard Mode!] [3.1.2] [Spoutcraft] [Nations] [iConomy]
    Join the server, it's pretty great!
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    posted a message on [Tekkit Server] AdvancedCraft | 20 Slots | PvP | iConomy | Mature | No Griefing | White-list
    IGN: jbg101
    Ban Record (Have you ever been banned before, and if so, under what circumstances?):No
    Age: 15
    About yourself: I've been playing tekkit for a while, and im pretty good at it by now.
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    A map rollback
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    IGN: jbg101
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Maturity Level (1-10): 7
    Experience with Tekkit: pretty good at every thing but railcraft
    Company Partner if you have one: dont have one
    Anything else you want us to know: can't think of anything.
    and also, i like the color red
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    posted a message on Looking for Small, private tekkit server
    I'm looking for a small private tekkit server that wont be constantly bombarded with griefers.
    My IGN is jbg101
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    posted a message on | A Server Without A Name | Tekkit | PvP | Factions | Great Staff
    can i be whitelisted? ign:jbg101
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    posted a message on New Tekkit Server Idea
    Ok, i've had this idea for a new tekkit server. It's an RPG server with nations. The 2 main nations are a magical nation that focuses on EE, and a Technological nation that focuses on Industrialcraft and Buildcraft. Each nation has restrictions on what items they cant use. The magic nation cant use dark matter armor, redmatter armor, or gem armor and the technical nation cant use nano and quantum armor. Both nations cant use items that are related to the other side to an extent. For example the magic nation cant use industrilacraft machines and the Technological nation cant use philosopher's stones and other magical items. However both nations can use other items that act as a "grey" area. Items like in Balkon's weapon mod are fair play for both nations along with the additional chests mod and Railcraft.

    Now, both nations would have cities with specific jobs. Such as one city mines and produces refined iron for the rest of the technical nation, or a city collects all the garbage of the others and converts it into useful items for the magical nation. You get the idea. There would also be an economy.

    Anyway, both nations are at war. Each nation would gather an army, and begin manufacturing weapons, food, and other supplies. Each nation will have a Capital which will be the starting place of the nation. Both Capitals will be very far away from each other so the nations can expand without war too early. The nations will expand until they meet each other, and then the war will begin. It is the nation's job to fortify their cities and conquer the enemy cities. Once/if a side wins, the server will be reset and the process started over.

    So, what do you guys think? Is it a good idea for a server? Any other ideas or contributions you would like to add?
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    posted a message on Looking for a small Tekkit group
    I'm pretty good at almost every aspect of tekkit, except railcraft. I can't host a server but i'll be more than happy to help you and anyone else who joins you.
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    posted a message on *New* Tekkit server
    why am i not whitelisted? i applied on the first page.
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    posted a message on *New* Tekkit server
    Age: 15
    IGN: jbg101
    banned: no
    why join?: i need a good tekkit server
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    posted a message on New tekkit server up! Come join!
    i logged off with tons of stuff, andysolo nukes and lavas where i logged off and i lost everything. **** this server, dont join it.
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    posted a message on New small tekkit server
    Ign: jbg101
    age: 15
    I usually build IC2 machines with large underground complexes to house them. But i generally have a partner to help.
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