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    posted a message on Troika SMP


    IGN (In Game Name)- PierceDaQueen (I do plan on changing it soon)


    Skype (Message it if you don't want to put in on the forums)- Yea Ill message it too you :D

    Previous Experience with SMP's/Minecraft- I was in an SMP server for a bit with some friends but it was shut down. Ive been staff on many servers with mostly friends and I do plan on starting my own server in the following week.

    Why you want to join- I'm really interested by your spin on the average SMP server and turning it into something different. Plus i'm a very competitive person so it sounds like my cup of tea ;)

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    posted a message on New server! NEEDING ALL STAFF!!


    Which are you applying for?: Admin!

    Age: 13

    Skype: HeyItzPierce

    Teamspeak: No but I can get it if its important.

    Experience: I have been an admin, mod, lore writer and builder on servers before.

    Strictness: 7/10

    How are you going to help the server?: I will help by enforcing rules with no exceptions, keeping the server clean from hackers, and be there to answer any questions players have :)

    What is a Admin/Mod Supposed to do?: Im my opinion, they are supposed to be the "teachers" of the server, if you will xD making sure rules are being followed, and punishing those who don't follow them. And also helping players who have questions.

    Hope you consider me!

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    posted a message on | EnragedPvP | Needs Staff! | Factions | Apply Now! |

    Hey! My name is Pierce! :D

    Helper Application:

    Age: 13

    IGN: HeyItzPierce

    Timezone:EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

    Skype: HeyItzPierce

    Skills:Building, and moderating/creating and establishing rules! I also like catching (and trolling) hackers ;)

    Past Experience: Ive been an admin on a few servers and built for several ones. Ive also done lore writing for a server before.

    Strengths and Weaknesses: My strengths are pretty much the stuff I put for skills. My weaknesses are coding and plugin stuff XD i'm good at WorldEdit though.

    Other Info: I do have school in about a week, so I will have less time, but I will still be on a couple hours a day and a lot on weekends.

    Your server seems awesome and I hope to be a part of the team! :D

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    posted a message on [PotatoPvP] [Factions] [Need Beta Testers/Staff]

    Hey, Im Pierce!

    Im applying for admin :3

    Im about 6-7/10 strict. I like to have fun, though!

    I have a bit of experience with plug ins. Not much though, don't count on me for that xD Im very familiar with WorldEdit.

    I am a potato in every single way. Right down to the delicious core.

    How was my day? One word: Boring.

    Skype: HeyItzPierce

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    posted a message on LastCallPVP<<<Staff Positions Available>>>

    Name: Pierce
    In-Game Name: HeyItzPierce
    Age: 13
    Past Exp: Admin x1, Builder x2, Mod x2
    Ban History: None
    Position Applying For: Mod
    Why Should I Choose You: Im a very experienced and active player and I love helping out people :D
    What Can You Do For Our Server: I can help out players and I can also help out on some building :D

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    posted a message on SMP - PLAYERS NEEDED

    Hai, my name's Pierce!

    My IGN is HeyItzPierce (im so lame)

    Im 13 <3

    Im a chill, fun person and loves to be around people who are the same. I love doing mild pranks, so be prepared ;)

    Im starting school again on about a week, so I will be on mostly at night/in the evening/ late afternoon.

    Hope I get to join :D

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    posted a message on free 16gb minecraft server: anyone want to host a server

    Darn xD I really wanted that server. I was sleeping, and got there too late :(

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    posted a message on Need a server host!

    Im making a SMP server, and I need a person who will create the server for me, you can even be part of the community if you want :3 We will do UHC seasons, special events like Olympics, etc.... It will be a fun time! But we need a awesome person to make it all happen. Please message me if you are interested, I'd REALLY appreciate it :D

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    posted a message on Server | Building Team | Free Minecraft Server | Plugins | FOR FREE

    I would LOVE one, I would like to make a fun server full of my little mini-game ideas :3 Hope im not too late replying! Message me if I can have it :D

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    posted a message on free 16gb minecraft server: anyone want to host a server

    You don't have to make him share a server if he doesn't want to xD I can wait for the next available one :D

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    posted a message on Need people for an SMP server!

    Hai, Its Pierce :D

    So I like SMP servers. If your reading this, you probably do too. So heres what I wanna do:

    I wanna make my own, Just so I can personalize stuff more, and I like being in charge of stuff xD

    The server will be called “Golem Town” and we need a total of 15-20 players.

    Please read to the end of the thread if you would like to apply. Thanks :D


    Please understand the rules of the server before applying;


    No griefing or stealing from other players WHATSOEVER.

    Pranking is ALLOWED. Just no destroying stuff and you have to clean it up.

    No killing people out of the blue unless it’s okay with the other person.

    Be respectful.

    Your allowed to swear, just in moderation, please.

    No hacked clients.

    No creative mode, only survival. However, if you are killed by a player or you are killed by a glitch/bug, you may spawn back in your items. However, you must have proof of what you died from and what you had.

    Just be a good person, let people have fun.


    Please also understand the requirements for the server:


    You must be 13 or older.

    You must have one form of communication. This includes Skype, phone number, email, etc. You HAVE to be active on whatever communication you give me. Skype is preferred. I will NOT be video calling anyone, though.

    You must have access to teamspeak.

    You do NOT have to be a youtuber. Youtubers are allowed, though :D


    Roles: Here's the jobs and responsibilities available on the server. Of course, you can be a member of the community if you want, as well.


    Server Setup Manager: This is easily the most important job on the server. You create the server and run it to make sure everything goes smoothly. Updates, server back ups-thats your responsibility. If we eventually make money from ANYTHING- You get the biggest cut, which is a huge plus :) You will be making a majority of the decisions with me.

    Spawn Builder: Pretty self explanatory- You build spawn. Find a good seed with a lot of biomes, and build a spawn according to my instruction. UPDATE: Spawn Builder has been taken.

    Player: You're just part of the community :)

    Youtuber: Just like a player, only you make videos on the server.

    Now that you get the basics, you can apply here:


    Thanks so much!


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    posted a message on free 16gb minecraft server: anyone want to host a server

    Hey mate :D Ive been wanting to host a minecraft server, ill run it for you :D I have some ideas.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Vanilla SMP Server [Whitelisted] [Application] [MINDCRACK LIKE SERVER] [1.7.9]

    Hey, Im Pierce!

    Age~ 13

    Gender~ Female

    IGN~ Im changing it to "HeyItzPierce" In exactly 5 days :3 My old one was stupid xD

    Skype~ I currently don't have a Skype, solely on the basis of my dislike of video calls. I can do chat and Teamspeak, if you want. If its REALLY important I can make a Skype, I just respectfully refuse to video chat :/

    I SUCK at redstone xD Im a good builder though, and I love to do it :D

    I LOVE doing group events like UHC and ABBA caving :D So yes!

    I currently dont make videos, but I really want to within the next few months :3 But in the meantime, im happy to be in other peoples videos!

    Ill be nice to people who are nice to me :D

    I love pranks, Im no wuss xD Prank away!

    Thanks for considering :D feel free to message me!

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    posted a message on Haio! Looking for peeps for a server :D

    Hey, Its Pierce!

    So I've been looking to start a server for a LONG TIME. And I finally wanna do it. One problem, though:

    Coding... Not exactly my forte.

    Im looking for some fun, trustworthy staff willing to help me give this server a shot. I have crafted (lol get it) an application form for people who can help. If your hired, you get admin, bragging rights, and of course, a sum of the money ;) (Because we can sell ranks)

    If your wondering what kinda server, it will be something like MC gamer. I wanna focus on the survival games mini game a lot, and add a few games I have created myself. I also want to implement a survival multiplayer kinda thing into the server, because I personally think SMP is a lot of fun, and I think visitors of the server will like the twist I want to put on it.

    Anyways, message me or email me at [email protected] if your interested in applying. We need coders, people who are good at redstone, and lots of other stuff. I will send you the application. Thank you so much, ~Pierce

    UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who applied. Please continue to inquire about applying, as I will still be replying. However, the server will not begin to be worked on (other then the spawn design) until October-November. This is because I still need lots more staff, need to find a server host, and other boring stuff that requires time and money. And because I want to make the server as great as possible, I need to be patient to make a fast, quality server for people to enjoy. Thanks for understanding!


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