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    Vescraft is a true Survival MMORPG Minecraft server created by the Minecraft YouTuber Vesec. Ever played an MMORPG and wonder what it’ll look like in Minecraft? Say no more! Features include custom-tailored dungeons to explore, an entirely custom storyline, unique gears you can level up, gain skills and abilities, exclusive content, and more!

    Watch our server trailer here!

    • Unique Items •

    With our custom-developed plugins, you get to experience using armors and weapons that will increase your Magic Damage, Critical Chance, Mana Regen, and many more! Every weapon has their own unique ability! Plus, you get to add custom gems and dusts to boost your ever-expanding power!

    • Abilities and Attributes •

    Similar to an actual RPG, you can level up your abilities and attributes! Using attribute points you gain from professions and leveling up, you can increase your strength, dexterity, and intelligence! Fight your way through the ranks and be the greatest fighter out there!

    • Quests and Storyline •

    If you'd like to experience more of an RPG-type adventure, you can follow the storyline! The storyline will take you on a journey like never before, with quests through dungeons, fight custom bosses, gain new abilities and skills, and many other custom-coded features!

    • PvE and PvP •

    Once you've established yourself through claims and the storyline, you are able to fight other players and mobs with your newly acquired gear, skills, and abilities! If you manage to kill other players and mobs with good loot, you'll be even stronger than before. Head into the PvP arenas and establish yourself as the king!

    • Land Claims •

    Are you looking for a more survival-based experience? No worries, the entire storyline is optional! If you’d like something that gravitates towards survival Minecraft but still keeps all the RPG aspects, you can find yourself a spot for your base, claim it, and do whatever you want!

    • Guilds •

    Want to play with your friends and form your own clan from the ground up? Now you can create your own exclusive guild! Invite your friends and establish your guild as the strongest guild in Vescraft!

    • More to Come! •

    We have so many more features we can’t mention one by one such as Soul Shop, Bank, and Tinkerer! We have scheduled content updates and events!, so don't miss out and join now!

    Fun Fact: Vescraft is community based orientated and Youtuber-owned. Interested in joining a community with youtubers and streamers? Maybe you’ll catch yourself in a video or stream! We hope you consider joining our ever-growing community and support our youtubers and streamers!

    What are you waiting for? Level up your character, master your gears, and be a part of our community as we go through this adventure together!

    IP: play.vescraft.com

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    Vouch. Purely an amazing server to work with.

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