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    Pretty sure this place doesnt even get moderated anymore tbh

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    Quote from DLJohn»

    I bet you could make a Google search for it. There are several sites doing just that. Personally, I like Minecraft Forums as it provides probably the best way to discuss mods. But the activity in this forum section isn't currently peaking.

    Minecraft Forums, atleast the MCPE section has been going downhill for the past 2 years or so, it's definitely no where near it's peak anymore. It used to be great, especially when it was consistently moderated, but that's kind of stopped now. And due to no moderation people have been posting so much junk.

    mcpedl.com is a really good "market place" for MCPE Addons and any MCPE content in general. :) It's the most used too, @_tomcc (one of the MCPE Devs) even tweeted about mcpedl.com, telling people it's a great place to nab addons.

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    Hey guys! I swear it's been forever since I've posted on here, I'm well known for making the PokecubePE mod using ModPE Script. The PokecubePE mod has long since been discontinued, however since the release of 0.16 and MCPE 0.16 Addons, I have created the first Pokemon Addon!

    Version 1 of Pokecube doesn't feature custom mob models, however the next update will along with more catchable Pokemon, I'm still learning how to use MCPE Addons well! :)

    Mobs Drop Pokeballs! Kill a mob, and they will drop pokeballs.

    Download Version 1:

    Click here to download!

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Unzip the PokeAddon v1.zip file.
    2. Move the [Behaviour] PokeAddon folder to the behaviour folder for Minecraft PE/W10.
    3. Move the [Texture] PokeAddon folder to the resources folder for Minecraft PE/W10.
    4. When creating a world, select the PokeAddon Behaviour and Resource/Texture Pack.


    1. Over 15 Pokemon!
    2. 5 Catchable Pokemon
    3. Pokemon Battles
    4. Custom Pokemon Themed Texture Pack

    Upcoming Features:

    1. More Catchable Pokemon
    2. Custom Mob Models


    Please leave a like + subscribe on the video!

    Images are attached at the bottom.

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    Pokecube PE v5: I have started back up development for this again! Um. Where to start.
    Hopefully it'll be out soon?

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    posted a message on Pokecube PE v5 By Hexdro [0.13.1]

    Okay uh. Where to start.

    I'm going to be asking the person I passed on the development of Pokecube PE to, the rights back. o:
    And hopefully start Pokecube PE v5.

    Just edited the main post, hoping for a release soon - though I wont be making any promises. ^-^
    Hoping for a new years release. or just after. :)

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    SmoothCube. My newest mod, it will work on any version of MCPE (in reason). Using the water fluid render trick i've changed about 15 or so "natural blocks". It looks pretty cool.

    I am aware there has been other mods like this; But they either:

    1. Didn't have as many blocks implemented as I did or...

    2. Were buggy (eg: blocks didnt break).

    Download Link - v1:


    Current Bugs - v1:

    Blocks don't drop the correct blocks. (Stone drops stone instead of cobblestone.) - This will be fixed in a few days.

    If you place a torch, it changes the block below it to a mushroom block.



    Will upload one soon. If you want to create your own video go ahead, just link to this MC Forum Thread and my youtube channel/twitter account. :)

    Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/hexdro_

    Youtube Account: https://www.youtube.com/user/hexdro

    PS: Please don't mention Pokecube PE on this thread. I WILL be updating it soon. I have been flooded with school work and exams. Any rude comments will be ignored. Contrary to belief modders have personal and social lives.

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    As I said in the OP, If Redstone isn't out when 0.12.x is released I will try along with MrARM to continue it.

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    posted a message on Pokecube PE v5 By Hexdro [0.13.1]

    Oh, changes happening to Pokecube PE. I'll list them all. Some of you may be happy about it, some of you may be extremely mad. I'm taking a much more realistic route with Pokecube to have it more "minecraft-like" for version 5.

    -there's 4 pokeballs, normal, great, ultra, master.

    -to craft a pokeball you need to gather apricorns and use buttons.

    -pokemons follow you now, you can have upto 6 pokemon.

    -if a pokemon dies it dies forever (so it's more like a wolf).

    -HP Bar on top of pokemon.

    -Pokemon evolution is based on friendship, not "levels".

    -took out levels (Since there is none in the pokemon anime).

    -Pokemon battling is real-time like wolves, they will defend you against zombies, etc.

    -GUI for selecting pokemon.

    -You don't start with a starter pokemon, instead your given a Masterball to catch what YOU want.

    -Fossil system, fossils may drop out of ores, when you mine them. Tapping on the fossil will spawn a random level 1 fossil pokemon.

    -Eggs may drop on the floor from time to time in the wild. Hatching one will spawn a random level 1 pokemon.


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    posted a message on Pokecube PE v5 By Hexdro [0.13.1]
    Quote from rendel1319»

    Um......Hexdro, why I see a nurse joy and prof.Oak png in mob folder?.......how to make them spawn?❔❓?😀😁😂

    They were used in an old version of Pokecube. :P

    Anyways, I'm working on the update as we speak. I've slightly changed the crafting of pokeballs to be more like "Pixelmon" in a sense, however it is simple. You find apricorn trees, break them for apricorns and an apricorn+button = pokeball.

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