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    This is an android mod... ._.; Im just using the gun textures made from when I ported the gun mod to android... I'm working on new skins for mobs. :)
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    There are iOS and Android ModPE Scripts There are also Plugins for Pocket-Mine MP First of all I am Anbu. :)
    General Info: With each new update I will hopefully update the mods listed on this page! :) I also do plugins and Mod PE Scripts! :D

    [spoiler='CheckList / Todo']1. Herobrines Dimension PE (Done)
    2. New Mod for PE
    3. Reach 500 Subs
    4. Start Releasing my PC Mods

    And Somewhere in there finish Dragon Cube PE[/spoiler]

    Bugs in Scripts:
    Dragon Cube: It links with not being able to sleep, if you try to sleep (After returning to the dimension I think) you'll explode, Ill fix this in the new version,
    NPC: NPC's are invisible, working on this, its not my high priority, sorry ):
    Mo Creatures: Enders dont spawn, fixing it.
    Herobrines DImension: None.

    [spoiler='Herobrines Dimension v1.0']
    Herobrines Dimension: this is the new modpe script Ive been working on. You are teleported to a new dimension, and you get to fight Herobrine and take back all the items hes stolen :o Hope you guys like it!
    I will be making a PC version (Already in the works):

    Download: http://bit.ly/19SE9ho
    Install the mob texture properly!

    [ ] - netherrack
    | - Wooden Door
    [ ] - netherrack

    Thanks to Donald, for letting me use his code, for parts as usual :D

    [spoiler='Dragon Cube PE Early Release']
    This needs Block Launcher Pro!
    Dragon Cube:
    Im Reviving my old Mod Dragon Cube for ModPE Scripts! With new features, you will be able to play the game normally, but when you enter the dragon ball dimension is when the dragon ball mode starts, you will be able to collect dragon balls, and more! :) Use dragonballs, grant your wishes and bring back your items to the normal MCPE dimension to build/use ;)

    Early Version now RELEASED:
    Flying Nimbus, Goku, Krilling, Master Roshi, Small Quest System, Senzu Beans, New Dimension (Kamis House), and Ki Charging (If your current selected item is Ki, you will run faster), Dragon Balls.
    What will be in the Full Version:
    Bigger dimension that isnt limited to Kami's house (This is done, but is buggy with the teleportation so I cant release, i dont want bugs ;) ), the kamehameha, the tournament quest. And Much more mobs+action.

    Download: http://bit.ly/166d25k
    Have Fun!, Plus 1 this post or something for support,
    Will be making a video.

    This uses a type of quest system:
    1.Fight Master Roshi at his house, obtain the set of dragon balls.
    2.Defeat his pupils Goku and Krillin and obtain the Nimbus.

    3. Tournament

    Building Space Pod: Build it then click on the iron door VV Image of what it looks like: White wool, then place an iron door on it, then white wool on the iron door. :D


    [spoiler='Team and Thanks for Dragon Cube PE']


    [spoiler='Rain and Snow Script']
    Download: http://bit.ly/16Xge1C
    Link to cactigods rain thread: http://www.minecraft...-mcpe-rain-mod/

    Rain Script This is Cactigods rain script, thought itd be easier to find both in the one place, for easy acess, it uses his download link etc.
    Download: https://db.tt/ILFPttFN
    [/spoiler][spoiler='Villager ModPE Script *Info*']
    Villager:Villager is a ModPE Script that will allow players to summon villagers into their world.Me and cactigod are coding this together. :P
    Progress So Far:
    -Summoning Villager White Wool [ ] Lapis Block [ ] Lapis Block [ ]
    - Drops Items on death-
    Says Hi when summoned, and Bye when hit a few times.
    - Villager Skin, edited for MCPE
    Picture: [/spoiler]

    [spoiler='ModPe Scripts 0.7.3 - *Mo Creatures (Released IOS and Android)*']
    Mo Creatures: Mo Mobs, is a ModPE Script that allows you (through the use of items) to summon more mobs into the game. There is currently three mobs!.
    Thanks to TheCactiGod for coding pretty much majority of the android version of Mo Creatures.[spoiler='Current Mobs List']Duck: Similar to Chickens, but move a bit faster, passive mobs.
    Ender:They are passive, when attacked will teleport.
    TNTCow: Passive Mobs, that unless attacked will turn hostile and explode.
    [/spoiler][spoiler='Spawn Eggs'
    ]Duck Spawn Egg - (341 Slimeball) -
    Ender Spawn Egg - (345 Compass) -
    TNT Cow Spawn Egg - (351 Dye) -

    Thanks LoopingCreeper for the texture!
    Thanks to djkid4lyfe for fixing the bugs in the code, without him it wouldnt work :P[/spoiler]Download:http://www.mediafire...o_Creatures.zip
    iOS ID is in the .txt file, and the android version is a javascript in the download, also install the textures.or alternatively : https://www.dropbox....mobs android.js (just the .js file)
    Video: Thanks: Thanks to TreeBL, 500ISE. And most especially SmileyGuy, for letting me have permission to use parts of his code:
    Check out his thread here : http://www.minecraft...__hl__+chickens
    and thanks to djkid4lyf for fixing all the bugs etc in my code ^_^ without him it wouldnt work. :) Also thanks to Cactigod for writing like all of the code in the android version of Mo Creatures[/spoiler]

    [spoiler='All Plugins in this Spoiler']
    [spoiler='NPC Plugin Pocket-Mine"NPC's Plugin Released 1.1 + Video" ']Npc Plugin:Originally 500ISE's he has let me take over development for this plugin. Which I am very grateful for :) !Using this plugin, on command (with Pocket Mine MP), players can spawn NPCs in their world.Any problems should be fixed in 1.1Download: http://www.mediafire...aakvq9mr5adbhai
    All Features:- Naming the NPC (See Commands)-
    They can Speak-They Follow you
    - Set whether they can move or not. (See Configuration)
    Upcoming Features:- Using Hook Function to use plugins on local worlds/servers (So without Pocket-Mine MP)*This is first priority*
    - FIxing the movement bugs related to the Y Axis-
    Dropping Items
    -More Interactive
    Commands:/spawnnpc (npc name) (choose player to spawn at).eg. spawnnpc test hexdro (spawns an npc called test at hexdro)
    /rmnpc (npc name)eg. rmnpc test (removes the npc named test)
    Configuration: allstatic: Set the option whether spawned NPC's can move. If this is set to true, it disables movement of the NPC.I cant release the version where they can move up blocks, so they are only limited to X and Z axis movements, since moving on the Y axis, is currently buggy.
    Credit: 500 ISE Original Thread (By 500ISE) : http://www.minecraft...errors-plugins/
    Video: [/spoiler]

    [spoiler='Redstone Plugin for PocketMine *Got asked to Take over the Plugin*']
    Redstone Plugin: Originally created by Wiezz, and bug-fixed by Kevin. I have been messaged to take over the plugin/project, in which I accepted. I will start by creating a new texture for it, then editing more of the code, and adding new features.
    Features List:-Opening Iron Doors -Opening Doors -Activating Redstone Ore -Activating Trap Doors-Pistons-Drops Redstone, if Ore Is Destroyed Upcoming Features:
    Download:This version Isn't open-source, i have changed a bit of the code.
    Texture Downloads:
    RedStone Plugin Showcase:[/spoiler]

    Copyright:Do not distribute these Mods or Plugins as your own, use them only for entartainment purposes, if you wish to use them for other uses please ask or tell me about it first!
    Help?:Id love help on making new textures as well as a scary banner!
    Support me by giving a +1
    Or Sub to my to my Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Hexdro
    And follow on Twitter : https://twitter.com/hexdro_

    If you +1 Check out below ;)
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    posted a message on How come mcpe doesn't have any mods that add content, like in pc.
    There is many limits, such as being able to only "unlock" or "modify" current code (but you can create your own code if you used other methods).

    on IOS there is the normal method using unlock and modify, and another method were you can add code.
    on Android, there is the normal method using unlock and modify and the other method using Launchers such as BlockLauncher and my in alpha (OverLoad working with Junyi).
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    posted a message on Is it possible to do pixelmon mod in mcpe?
    Yes it is possible :) With the new ways of modding for PE (instead of unlocks or altering codes), it should be possible. :) Though would be very difficult...
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    posted a message on (In Progress) Porting Elemental Arrow to Android
    Sorry for the Lack of updates on the mod, I've been having some tests and exams at school lately, a thank you 500 ISE
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    posted a message on (In Progress) Porting Elemental Arrow to Android
    Yeah, i can code, I was modding the PC version of Minecraft, but it took me a bit of time before i got use to coding the android version But I got some homework to do, so i'll continue later. And yeah i've made some basic mods. :P
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    posted a message on (In Progress) Porting Elemental Arrow to Android
    I'm attempting to port the Elemental Arrow, from ios to Android. Please wish me luck xD?

    Currently Coding - TnT Arrow 10% Done
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    So far, the Phone is sounding great! I think i might, just order one! Thank you guys :D
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Pocket Edition Xperia Play
    So does anyone here, use a Xperia Play? And if so is the control scheme any good for mcpe (might buy one). Thanks :D
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    posted a message on [0.5.0]MCPE Gun Mod V0.3.1 *Update by MCthekid*
    I made the Call of Duty Map Nuketown, with all the guns and grenades, currently playing with cousins :D
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    posted a message on [0.5.0]MCPE Gun Mod V0.3.1 *Update by MCthekid*
    Thank you :D
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    posted a message on [0.5.0]MCPE Gun Mod V0.3.1 *Update by MCthekid*
    Anyhope, I can use this mod (Re-texture) on Android?
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