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    posted a message on If you had to die in minecraft, how would you die?

    Death by Squid.

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    posted a message on Affordable, Clean, and Original Minecraft Intros! [Price Ranges from $7-$15] [No Scams] [Professional]

    Remember other intros are available!

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    posted a message on Encore - [Recruiting!] [PvP Clan] [Join Now] [Factions]

    IGN: LeftClickMe
    Skype name if you have: Hexcit
    Age: 13
    Previous PvP experience? (Servers, clans etc.) Well, I have been in numerous slay factions on countless servers. I play Kohi often and have been playing Minecraft for about 4 years now. I would consider myself better than average but I do need work(Especially my clickspeed).
    Have you ever used a hacked client? I'll be honest, in the middle of my time playing Minecraft I got into a hacking phase, no I am not proud of it but it happened. The truth is, if you're a person like me who finds the practice and striving fun, then hacking just gets boring in an instant. I guess playing legit is more fun. I can guarantee that I do not use any sort of hack anymore(Unless its getting a program for free).
    If you were ever caught using a hacked client, what would you do to keep yourself from getting banned? Not much you can do... I guess I would use a VPN if it was an IP ban or just use an alt or something. I don't see how this would happen now though.
    Anything else to add? I really would like to join a clan that I can trust and have fun with. It can be difficult to find the right person to join your faction even with applications. Even finding a good faction to join can be hard too. I hope I've made a good choice here.
    ***Optional*** Do you have any sort of proof of your pvp skills? i.e. Youtube channel.
    Thank you for applying! A clan supervisor will go over your application shortly. Unfortunately, no. I bet if we 1v1 I could show you, though.

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    posted a message on Blackwater Military || Private Training Server || PvP Clan || Military Ranks ||
    Enlistment Application
    Timezone: US EST
    Division applying for: Scout
    Main skillset: I'm decent at raiding. I have an overall good experience in factions. I can supply and enchant very well. For PvP, I'm good with a speed pot and swords.
    Are you obedient?: Why wouldn't I be? I can def follow orders, I love to help out. So I think I'm obedient.
    Past experience: I've played on countless servers since 1.8 (Not the update coming up). Mostly factions. So yeah, I have a lot of experience with Minecraft and factions. Only problem is I am loosing it with the new stuff. I mean, I know how to make potions and most of the crafting recipes, just not the best with the recent redstone updates.
    Are you currently in a clan?: An RP clan, not sure if that matters.
    Skype: fireclaw75
    Steam (Not required): I have it, barely use it, though.
    Do you have a Microphone? Yeah, a headset similar to the Turtle Beach X12
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    posted a message on ~+THE ROMAN EMPIRE / PvP / Ancient Building / Light Roleplay / 7 Years Active +~
    IGN: Um_BongoBongo
    Age: 12
    What time zone are you in: US Eastern
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: 2 and a half years.

    Have you read the rules: Fides Clavem
    Name any clans you've been in: I have been in Destopian Mercenaries but I quit.
    Does the ancient Roman Empire interest you: Yes, it does. I am looking for a clan that has nice members. Hopefully this clan meets my expectations.

    How active are you throughout the week: I play almost every day.
    Do you promise to wear a Roman-themed skin at all times: Yes, if I get in.
    What do you think we expect from you: A mature, nice and experienced mc and real life person.
    What do you expect from us: I'd like you to be a good clan that has nice members. Not saying we won't have arguments, that will happen. I just want to not hold too much of a grudge and work it out.
    Do you understand you have to check this thread regularly for updates: Yes, I understand.
    Do you understand you must install Teamspeak: Yeah.

    Do you have a mic? (a mic is required to join this clan): You mean built inside or an actual mic? I have both.
    Do you promise to obey your superiors: Yes, I promise.
    Anything else you want to add: Naw.
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