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    It's easy to get very large amounts of iron by mining on the proper level.

    (And insane amounts of copper, seriously, who uses that much copper?)

    And, if one prefers to stick to caving, you can dig around when you find ore veins, they now have rare-ish conglomerations of ore veins (I forget what they're called and the Wiki is down) each vein only has 3-5 ores but if you dig around one you might find another, and another, and another, ad nauseam.

    I find the easiest way to handle them is to leave all the ore until I've discovered them all.

    Also, digging up to the top and working down can let you avoid having to build up to get at the upper veins.

    They're easy to miss if you just mine the visible ores, whether caving or digging shafts, since there are 3 or so blocks of stone between each.


    Oh, they are called "Veins" and what I was calling "Veins" are "Blobs"

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    posted a message on Bread Barbershop

    A what, resource pack, now?

    But seriously, this forum has a section for resource packs, even a sub section for works in progress in case you want suggestions.


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    posted a message on Which Mouse you mostly use for Playing Game?

    I used to be a diehard Logitech fan but I've switched to a Razor Basilisk mouse since it lets me increase the resistance of the scroll wheel.

    I've used the middle mouse button for moving forward since before they had a scroll function, and lately I've had lots of trouble with it slipping and switching my held-item, so the Basilisk is the only mouse I've found that works for me.

    I use a Steelseries Mouse Pad since it felt nice, was nice and big and didn't cost all that much.

    It seems to last well, the place I rest my wrist has started wearing thin so I rotated it. I really should get around to washing it, otherwise I expect it to last another year.

    I think I need a mouse pad since my desktop is uneven and has the paint wearing off.

    Your mileage may vary but I'd suggest trying out a cheap pad and if you think it feels nicer, look into trying a bigger/nicer one.

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    posted a message on Problem with hopper system

    Any chance that hopper #2 is powered?

    How are the rails powered and do they remain powered all the time?

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    posted a message on Anyone else got this splash?

    According to the Wiki, splashes are random, and there are about 400 of them, so 1 in 400 or 1/4% of the time.

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    posted a message on Not-Aging Mobs

    I believe this can be done using commands or a NBT editor, apparently setting the Age: tag to a very large negative number makes it take a very long time for the mob to grow up.

    /summon cow X Y Z {Age:-100000} for instance (on reddit I saw a suggestion of -2 billion, which was supposed to make aging take a couple of years real time.)

    An NBT editor would let you set the time to age for an existing baby, if that seems less cheaty.
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    posted a message on Creeper v.s. enderman WHO DO YOU LIKE BETTER

    I think endermen are cooler.

    (Though I do have a hard time ignoring my dislike of creepers as they are.)

    (I really enjoyed Dan Bull's Creeper Rap, his Enderman song wasn't quite as interesting.)

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    posted a message on Why does it produce the sound

    What sound?

    When you walk on them?

    Walking on them sounds the same to me as walking on blocks of wood, I'm not really sure how different walking on stone sounds except that it's quieter.

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    posted a message on Cave with torches in it already?

    Any chance that you had an old world with the same name that got deleted at some point?

    Apparently Minecraft isn't very good at checking that deleted worlds are completely deleted before closing down (unless that has changed in recent versions?)

    I'd go up and check if there are any other signs of chunks left over from an earlier world like mismatched chunks, or even buildings or something.

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    posted a message on Is nether actually inside over world?

    Obviously the concept is of the Nether being below/inside the Overworld but if you study them they are both flat, not round.

    Also I'm pretty sure the Nether is just as large as the Overworld, meaning that outside the center of the Nether the 8:1 ration is no longer valid.

    (The Wiki claims that if you enter a portal in the Nether where X and/or Z is greater than ±3,749,984 then the resulting position in the Overworld is rounded down to + or - 29,999,872.)

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    posted a message on Problem with Item Filter - 1.16.5


    It copying it from the screenshot works for me, it feeds the ingots through until there are 41 left and then stops.

    What does/doesn't it do for you?

    Have you tried it in all three sorters?

    Do you have any mods or anything?

    I'd suggest uploading your world so we can test it ourselves.

    (Not that I'm any expert myself.)

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    posted a message on Is nether actually inside over world?

    No, they are stored in separate folders!

    And viewed from ingame, there's no way to get from one to the other except through portals, commands or respawning and there's nowhere in the Overworld for the Nether (or End) to be.

    Even in Survival mode without cheats there are ways to get through the bedrock floors/ceilings that one could otherwise imagine separating the dimensions.

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    posted a message on help my mending isnt working
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    My advise is equip all damaged tools to the hotbar, kill enemies with a weapon that isn't badly damaged, then back away, leave the XP orbs on the ground until switching to a tool that needs to be repaired, then collect the XP orbs.

    Tools that are not in your hand will not repair

    But you have two hands, unless you're playing an old version.

    Can't you just put what you want repaired in your offhand?

    And switch when it's fully repaired.

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    posted a message on Is there a way to make shulker farms in 1.16?

    You could try resetting the End, just delete the folder, though you'd have to kill the dragon again. (multiple times if you want several gateways).

    Or just delete the chunks with the End cities, then they should be regenerated without affecting the dragon or central island.

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