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    I don't get it. If you're a traitor, wouldn't killing other traitors be a good strategy? It would keep anyone near you off your back. But I guess then the traitors would be one step closer to losing...

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    Here are some pictures of some thing's I've made. The first is a parkour I designed where you have to dash through multiple gates in an underground sewer system. It relies on speed, but also persision.

    The second image shows many different command block circuit's around my friend's (FlameVapour's) Minecraft realm where we started creating a parkour map.

    The third picture attached shows a minigame I created called Fire Spleef and all the commands to go with it in a single player world.

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    Name: Herox75

    Age: 15

    Applying For: Builder or any other available spot.

    Skype: I used to.

    Teamspeak: No

    Discord: Yes (Herox75#0085)

    Vent: No

    Mic: No

    Time Zone: MDT

    Plugin Knowledge: A tiny bit of MC Edit

    Follow chain of command, respect superiors and take constructive criticism: Definately!

    Experience: I have created my own Discord servers, and am a fairly talented builder.

    Server Time: 45mns to 2hrs 30mns.

    Ever been banned?: Never

    Application: I could build a nice parkour and arena around spawn.

    More Info: I'm fairly good with command blocks, also with building things like parkours and battle arenas (that's why I'm applying).

    I understand that you don't need any more builders, but I just want to help with the basics around spawn. I like to build things for the fun of the players.

    WHY YOU SHOULD PICK ME: I have stated many of the reasons already. I'm a nice person, and I'm not too pushy or strict. I'm a fairly good builder, I'm good with commands, and I have a lot of creativity. I can also be funny at times :) .

    Who are you?: I obviously like Minecraft, along with other video games. I'm creative, and I'm always designing something or coming up with an idea in my head (I forget about most of the ideas once they're replaced with new ones). I like hiking and biking, and also food.

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