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    IGN: (in game name)Hermione14332
    EXPERIENCE: (mod, admin, owner, etc) I'm on the selection board to be admin... I am creating my own server
    THINGS BUILT: (Hogwarts, castle, arena)Ive built castles before and arenas but i find it it interesting to try Hogwarts. I also want to be an engineer or architcht when I grow up
    HOW MUCH YOU KNOW ABOUT HARY POTTER: (read all books, watched all movies, went to harry potter world in Disney)ive read all the books at least 14 times each seen al the movies at least twice and been to Harry potter world + I made my own test for every book and my friends all failed but I had known all the stuff
    WHY SHOULD YOU GET THE JOB: (talented, know the entire map of hogwarts)i absolutely love harry potter and I love to build therefore i would really enjoy spending time on the project. I have also played minecraft for about 2 months now and i know how to design a good thing or two
    CLASSROOM: (Charms, potions, etc) doesn't matter I'll take what you give me.
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