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    posted a message on Zoltri Thaumcraft & Witchery [Modded 1.7.10][15+][DISCORD]

    Very good server, first time i am really getting into the Thaumcraft and its a lot of fun to explore.

    Nice people aswell, but be carefull, other factions can be hostile. (duh, thats like the point of the server xD)

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    posted a message on ♻♻♻Ⓡeℂrafted Towny♻♻♻ Open For Play, 1.10.2 (1.8pvp)

    Though i am quite a bit into towny servers and this server sounds like fun.

    The server is full, you only have space for 10 people, i am sorry but thats not quite enough for a towny server.

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    posted a message on PixelWands!! A Harry Potter server!!

    I just checked, it seems to be running on 1.8.8

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    posted a message on [MMORPG] - Simplicity ! (BETA)

    Awesome server.

    Really well worked out i'd say, though it is currently a little basic and the world needs to be expanded.

    But the owner is working on this daily and everything just works so far, i would recommend this server

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    posted a message on Starting new server. What kind of server do people want?

    I gues the best bet would be something completely new, i could think of a few but that would not be as creative ofcourse.

    If you can't think of anything completely new you could try something like an RPG or Civcraft for example.

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    posted a message on [MMORPG] [Alpha Stage] Blocks of Gielinor

    Blocks of Gielinor

    IP: Will be send to testers per pm or on skype



    Heya, thank you for checking out our forum topic.

    We have been working on this server for a while and we finally feel like it is time to release an alpha version of the server.

    The Alpha will be whitelisted and only limited to a max amount of players, we are currently not taking any more alpha players.

    So what is this server all about?

    This server is a Runescape in Minecraft server, meaning we rebuild and remade the game called Runescape, but then in Minecraft.

    If you do not know what runescape is, check it out here:

    We did not make the server exactly like the current version of Runescape but we picked an older version to rebuild, a 2005 - 2007 version of runescape with the old style and old builds and everything.

    So enough about the other game and now more detailed about the server.

    We offer a big world, the city's included currently are:







    Barbarian Village

    Al Kharid

    Tutorial Island

    In these city's or towns you can find NPC's to do quests for, you will find shops to buy better items and you will find ways to train yourself in the skills we offer.

    (We are constantly working on expanding the server so when the alpha starts we might even already have more, but this is what we have currently)

    Skills are things you can do in this server, they level up if you use them enough and at set levels they will unlock new items and things to do.

    The skills we currently have are:




    Constitution (HP)








    (More skills will come soon, but we first want to test these)

    There will not only be PVE but there will also be an option to PVP, currently we are working on the Arena where you will be able to duel other players for fun but also possible to risk your items.

    Besides the arena we will also have a place called The Wilderness, this is an area where you can freely pvp against anyone that is also inside that area, currently it is possible to go to that location but it is not been build or PVP yet.

    Here are some screenshots (You do not see any NPC's on here because we are still working on adding those, but don't worry, they will be there soon)



    Dwarven Mines:

    As a last thing i would like to thank all the people that helped me create this server so far and that have been a great help to me even though some might not even have noticed it:







    You are all awesome!

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    posted a message on [MMORPG] [Alpha Stage] Blocks of Gielinor

    With the help of the current alpha testers we have found quite a few bugs and fixed most of them.

    Also the Cooking skill has been made so it can actually be used, that was a thing that was missing.

    We are still looking for more alpha players ^-^

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    posted a message on [MMORPG] [Alpha Stage] Blocks of Gielinor

    I have just set up our website so it can actually be used.

    You can apply on there aswell, use the menu option: Apply for Tester

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    posted a message on The Guiza Alliance {Light Role Play} {Community} {New Agion Server} {Economy} {Pizza}

    Yaay, thank you, i reached Squire now in the clan.

    Looking forward to more of these.

    Oh btw, game night tonight, looking forward to that aswell :P

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    posted a message on [The Maze Runner] [Scorh Trials coming soon] [Ranks] [Maze] [24/7] [] [Run]

    I really like this server, been playing on it for a few hours now, not that long but the community is nice and the concept aswell.

    Though i do not know the books nor have i seen the movie, so i do not know anything about those.

    What i would suggest is to remove diamond armor from spawn, maybe make it golden or leather you can find around, then make swords more stone and wood you find.

    Maybe remove all chests or maybe keep just 1 for food, like where you need to give a player something directly if you want to help another, that also will help in making the inventory more important.

    The maze for sure is not made in 1 hour, i have been trying to map it and it is very complex, that is pretty awesome.

    But maybe you could make it so you have different styles for the different sectors? I have no idea how that was in the books or movie but i think it would add a little more like.. idk, it would just make it look nicer i gues xD

    What Embron says, there is no mining or building, but i would say that is a good thing, if you would be able to build then like.. only the first few people would build and the rest would just spawn in an already build base and stuff so that would be a bad thing, maybe realistic but less fun.

    Also maybe you could add more special locations in the maze, i know there are some chests and i heared something about a cliff but if you add more special locations it would be another challenge to find those. (Idk if that would be to different from the movie or books)

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