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    posted a message on Elemental Realms [MMORPG] [1.12] [Quests] [Dungeons]

    Today we finally finished the last bits for the mining profession. (Though we might need to balance this in the future)

    Instead of the normal way you would find ores, in the world you can find nodes of ores which you can mine that will regen after some time.

    When mining these ores your pickaxe will get experience and levels, which eventually leads to a better and faster pickaxe.

    These ores can then be sold to our merchants for a special type of currency, scraps.

    You can find more info on how this all is going to work in our discord:

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    posted a message on Elemental Realms [MMORPG] [1.12] [Quests] [Dungeons]

    A small update:

    We are nearing the Alpha release (No set date yet) and we are working hard to get there as soon as we can.

    This weekend a few more side quests got added in the Tier 1 and Tier 2 areas.
    Besides that, more different types of mobs have been added to these same areas, for the quest but also to bring these parts of the world more to life.

    You can now find not only our Bandits, but also Goblins, Orcs, Scorpions and some mysterious moving blocks in the main world.
    With this we also added a few more armor sets to make sure every single item you get is unique.

    For more info and details on the alpha release, you can join our discord:

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    posted a message on Elemental Realms [MMORPG] [1.12] [Quests] [Dungeons]

    Currently we are a very small team creating this very large and complicated project and well.. we need help and for that reason we are looking for people to join our team, become a part of creating this project.
    As of right now we only need Builders, though more positions will ofcourse open in the future.

    If you would like to become a part of our team, please fill in the following application and send it to me (Herieman) in a PM on discord:

    Application form [Builder]:
    What is your In-game name?:
    How old are you?:
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
    How much building experience do you have?:
    Can you show us some of your past work?:
    Why do you want to join our team?:(gewijzigd)

    If you have any questions about this application or about the questions themselves, please let us know aswell, we'll gladly help you out

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    posted a message on Elemental Realms [MMORPG] [1.12] [Quests] [Dungeons]

    Welcome to the Elemental realms!
    For the past few months we have been working on creating a wonderful RPG minecraft server for you.
    And currently we are nearing the Alpha release of our server.

    For this we would like to invite you to join us in our first Alpha test.
    Currently the exact date for the alpha release is unknown, however, we are planning to open our doors in the first or second week of March.

    For more information you can join our discord:

    :ISWORD: Prologue:

    On an island far away from your home town, Elemental Realms, a great evil has been spreading the past few months.
    Noone has yet found its origins, but slowly the land and the people have been corrupted by this.

    Bandits have popped up all over the islands, Orcs have been spotted closeby, many creatures have been spotted crawling around in the desert.
    Only a few towns have been spared this corruption because of the strong wizards that live in these towns, but even they are now struggling to keep the corruption back!

    You, are an adventurer, just returning from your last adventure you directly decide to sail to this island, smelling the treasure and sweet sweet adventure!
    As soon as you reach the island, your sword crumbles in your hands!
    An unseen force surrounds the island, protecting it from anyone that might be able to stop the corruption.

    But there is no turning back now.. it is time for adventure!

    :Frame: Preview Images:

    One of the many houses that you will be able to rent to store your loot in or just hang out:

    One of the mobs we have created for the server which wanders around the main portion of the Tier 1 area:

    And ofcourse there are shops, or in this case, this shop owner will even give you some quests:

    :YFlower: A few things that might be interesting to know that will be in the server:
    - Custom World - An epic adventure needs an epic world to explore, so for that reason we have created an entire map, which we are constantly building and improving on to make sure you have the most epic experience possible.
    - Quests - Yes we also have quest system that actually tells you a story, this is a work in progress so currently we do not have a lot of quests yet, but expect quite a few as we add new ones every update.
    - "Custom Mobs" - I put this between "" because this is not really like a completely new mob, but more like the one you can see in the image above, mobs that have gotten a little rework to just look better and that have an improved AI.
    - "Custom Items" - With these "Custom mobs" we ofcourse needed items to be able to fight against these monsters. For that reason we have changed the stats on common items like Swords or Axes to add RPG like stats to them so every item will be unique. Which also hopefully should boost trading.
    - Dungeons - This is something we are still working on that might not be in the first Alpha release, this is due to us wanting to have this as a main thing in the server and thus it should be perfected ofcourse. This is however something we want to release not long after our Alpha release.
    - Party system - What good is an MMORPG server without a good Party System? So we have added a functionality to set up temporarely parties for dungeons for example or just with your friends. These can share XP and drops from monsters with automated systems.
    - Guilds - When parties just don't quite cut it, you might want to switch to becoming a complete guild. Guilds offer boosts to members of the guild (outside combat), guilds can also claim a guild hall with has some benefits like easyer access to certain places or items, but not too OP because it has to stay fair ofcourse.
    - Trading - Because trading in minecraft can be a risky thing, having to drop the items on the floor and then hope the player actually drops you the correct item and does not just run off with both items for example, we have added a trading system. Using the command /trade [name] you can open a Gui in which you can place items like in most MMORPG games which then both sides have to select agree and that is how you can trade here.
    - Professions - These are still a work in progress, but will also be an important part of the server as these will allow you to gather items that you can use to trade for example or food and potions that will help you on your adventures.

    - No downloads - We are trying hard to make the server look as good as wel can and accessable for everyone, for that reason we require no downloads or mods or mod packs in any shape or form to play (You are allowed to use minimap and optifine though).

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    posted a message on ♛ Project Reality MC™♛ - #1 Economy Treshold - Your life, how you want it - Jobs - Casino - RANKS! - Roleplay Aspect... And more

    I just applied on the discord for becoming a player.

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    posted a message on SavageRealms - [RPG] [Quest] [Bosses] [Towny] [PVP] [Economy] [Events]
    • Your "IGN" (In Game Name): Herieman
    • Age: 24
    • Have you voted for Savage Realms at all 3 sites mentioned below?: Nope, same as everyone here said before, i would not vote for a server i do not know if i enjoy enough to vote for.
    • Any questions/concerns/comments? I remember a server called SavageRealms from before, is this a remake of that server or is this a completely new server?
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    posted a message on ForgeStorm - Hiring builders for an RPG/Minigame server

    Hello everyone,
    I would like to start by introducing myself, my name is Herieman and i am the Project Leader of a large server project.
    This project is called ForgeStorm, a server with a mixture of MMORPG and Minigames in minecraft, you might have heared about this server or seen something about it on here in fact.

    So far our developers have been working hard coding everything from a custom lobby plugin to new and creative minigames and ofcourse the RPG setup like the mobs and our special crafting system.
    However, to complete this project, we need you!

    Though the plugins all look fine, without any maps a minigame is just a plugin on a flat surface, and thats no fun!
    So we are looking for builders.

    Curious about what we have to offer?
    Please fill in the application form down here and send it to me in PM or post it on this topic.
    After this i will invite you on our testing server where you can try out what we got so far and meet our team so you can get more of a feeling of what you will be working with.

    Minecraft Username:
    Age (We are not looking for a specific age, however it is nice to know who we are working with):
    Previous experience:
    What do you expect from the server?:
    Are you able to work in a team? (This also is not a hard requirements):
    Have you used Trello in the past? (We use this to keep track of the projects' progress):

    Contact information:
    Skype: Herieman (please let me know your from MC Forums when adding me)
    Steam: Herieman
    Discord: Herieman#0372

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    posted a message on MCGodsofTime | "RPG-Styled Vanilla Survival" | Whitelisted | SMP | 1.12

    IGN: Herieman

    Age: 23

    What made you decide to apply?: This server seems interesting, i am always quite interested in RPG elements in games in general but to mix it in with a fairly regular minecraft server, that sounds like something i would love to experience.

    What are you expecting from this server?: Well ofcourse i am expecting to play vanilla, i hope a nice community will build around this server and besides that i am gonna let myself be suprised.

    What can I expect from you as a player on the server?: Well i would very likely be an active player if i enjoy the server, i gues besides that, it will depend on what options i'd have in the server.

    How active would you be if chosen?: Well i am able to play every day about 2 - 3 hours, in the weekends that is a little more, leaning to about 6 hours, most of those hours i spend behind my pc anyways.

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    posted a message on Zoltri Thaumcraft & Witchery [Modded 1.7.10][15+][DISCORD]

    Very good server, first time i am really getting into the Thaumcraft and its a lot of fun to explore.

    Nice people aswell, but be carefull, other factions can be hostile. (duh, thats like the point of the server xD)

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    posted a message on - ☁ Dreamshire ☁ - Survival | Towny | McMMO | Dungeons | Active Community | Dedicated Staff | No Lag! | 1.11.2

    Hello, Herieman here, would like to become a citizen rank ^-^

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    posted a message on Towns At War

    This sounds pretty nice and stuff.

    But you should maybe add an IP to the topic

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    posted a message on Miner Region [Economy] Released 24-09-2016


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    posted a message on Miner Region [Economy] Released 24-09-2016

    We are back online, update post like the message above thisone will come soon, just letting everyone know!

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    posted a message on Miner Region [Economy] Released 24-09-2016

    So we have been posting some news the past few days on our own forums (, but we did not post that here yet.

    Because of that this news is 1 day old but here you go:

    Also, because we would rather not double post, this is what is going on in the server right now (News of today):

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    posted a message on Miner Region [Economy] Released 24-09-2016


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