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    Quote from Rainbow_Girl»

    I'm not trying to blame you, I'm trying to say what I think.

    Am I the only one who thinks we've let this drag on a bit too long?

    No, no you're not, Rainbow_Girl. You are certainly not the only one who wants to stop dragging this out.

    I decided to stay out of this before. But what point exactly are you trying to make here? You ask for help, and when it's offered, you go into a self-pitying rant and shut out everyone's advice. When they try to provide advice that you asked for on how to improve your roleplay, you refuse to think about it and instead accuse them of insulting you. Then you come back to the people you seemingly think are bullying you, asking to join their thing while at the same time providing(At best) a terrible joke. All of this has been dropped by the other people, perfectly willing to continue their discussion, and brought back up into the light by you. Than you go and ask if you're the only one who thinks it should be dropped. If you're looking for advice, please take the advice you're given, and at least think about it a little before deciding that it won't help you. If you're looking to join the group, please try to be courteous. Jokes are nice and all, but some things just aren't funny, and sometimes you really should be serious. And if you're looking to vent because you feel terrible about yourself, the internet is probably the single worst place to do that. Period. Especially on a public forum.

    Also, I am assuming the best, that you really did mean that youtube comments thing as a joke. I know it's possible. I've offended people with what I meant as a joke before, and it's probably not the last time. Just please do remember that jokes really don't translate well in written form.
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    To put it simply, I've been given almost nothing to discuss and judge. But I will say what I can about what we have been given.

    For one, Mojang has very little right to herobrine. They have given their own little part to the conspiracy by "Removing Herobrine" each patch, But the creation of herobrine is not their doing. This is entirely a community creation. For them to put Herobrine in the game would be no different than putting a SkyDoesMinecraft mob into the game that mods your game, swears at you, and ruthlessly hunts nearby squids.

    For another, what terror would he provide that isn't already experienced? His fear effect was solely due to the fact that what he was supposed to do just doesn't happen in Minecraft, and has no good explanation.(Well, I've also heard part of it to be a "conspiracy" that wasn't even in Minecraft, but rather the forums and Mojang.) If it was actually in Minecraft, the lack of explanation is gone. It'd just be "Oh, it's herobrine."

    Lastly, what's the point? Is there anything we'd get for beating Herobrine, or surviving his attacks? Anything for finding or exploring the various things he does to your world? Minecraft is the sort of game where there is almost nothing you can do that doesn't pay off in some way. Farming gives food, mining gives ore, crafting gives items, hunting give materials. Killing the ender dragon nets you tons of EXP, and killing the wither gets you a nether star that you need for a beacon. So what would the point of Herobrine be?

    With the information I've been provided, I cannot support this.

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    I'll explain the basics as well as I can, but much of roleplaying comes from observing and participating. First, let me point out, it's generally better to participate in, at the very least, one or two roleplays before you create one yourself. Doesn't have to have been here(If you came from another forum where you roleplayed, etc.), but it'll be clear whether or not you've been in one.

    Let's start with the very basics. Role(a part or character)Playing(Should be obvious). Roleplaying is the art(or game) of taking the role of a character in a story written by and alongside other people doing the same. As a player, you start by creating a character. This character is your character, and you write out his/her actions in the world of the RP you joined. If you frequent the forum games, you may have already participated in an extremely casual version of an RP without knowing it.

    The best way to learn how to roleplay is to join one. Observe the other roleplayers and how they structure their posts. Post as your own character. If the other roleplayers offer you advice, listen. And don't be afraid to ask for advice, either.

    I hope I've provided enough for you to join a roleplay and start learning. If you need more advice, I would recommend either

    • PMing me. I'm an experienced roleplayer, and I've participated in a good deal of roleplays, both on the casual and experienced level. I'm willing to answer any questions about roleplaying you might have.
    • The General Roleplaying Discussion and Information Thread, which is always at the top of the Roleplaying forum thread list, is the best place to ask these questions, as many roleplayers are more than happy to answer any questions you have there.
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    Quote from Miyu»

    Well, OP characters arn't allowed. There will be applications, so it won't be that difficult. But, what do you mean by number two?

    To be fair, though, most anime characters are either OP, uninteresting, or dead by the end of the series.

    Perhaps characters should just be...not as OP within the walls of the academy?

    I probably will not be joining this roleplay. But I wish you the best of luck with your roleplay.

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    ((Alright, sorry for the delay. I was having slight internet problems.))

    "I am no one's mentor." Henry responded to the athletic girl who was seated near the fire. He walked towards the chairs near the fireplace, and took a seat in an unoccupied armchair. The slight chill he felt up till then went away as he neared the warming fire. "I can only assume, based on your question, that you are one of the contestants as well." He glanced once more at the girl, before watching the dancing flames in the fireplace before him. "I suspect the other man is also a contestant, but I have no evidence to support this."
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    ((I must say, this roleplay interests me. It's still open, correct. If so, here's my form. Forgive me for any mistakes I might make. I would spoiler it to save space on the thread, but I can't get the spoiler to work, so...))



    NAME:Henry Brenton


    Appearance and personal info:Henry stands at a height of 5'8''. His hair is an unnatural white, length being moderate, neither short nor long. Pale skin, dark blue eyes. Henry is 19 years old. He is somewhat skinny, but not unhealthily so. His choice of outfit is a thin, dark blue long shirt and black pants, with black shoes. His utility device takes the form of a bulky, black watch on his left arm. Just to make it clear, Henry is a human.

    Backstory:To start with what needs to be established, we must start with The Essence. The Essence is an innate elemental power present in all life forms. An innate and specific elemental guidance within the organism, gently guiding it's growth. Each lifeform possesses one element (Such as fire or water), and everything from their genetics, to personality, to just about anything about them is gently steered towards this element. It rarely matters because Elves are one of the few organisms affected enough by the Essence to notice or manipulate the element they possess, creating pseudo-magical effects. The Lunaris corporation, an elven company that produced mechanical implants, decided to attempt to remedy this.

    While there are other methods for humans or others to use magic, they could not harness the Essence. Lunaris set to remedy this, by producing a set of implants designed to augment the effect of the Essence in humans, so that humans could take advantage of their own essence. They took young volunteers, none older then 13, and gave them the implants. Henry, at the age of 11 at this time, was one of the test volunteers. Naturally, they assured anyone involved that their was little chance of any ill effects. Unsurprisingly, they were wrong.

    To start, as expected, there were some rather delayed physical and mental reactions, each candidate reacting based on their own element. Henry, for example, was water element. His personality became calmer and more patient, his hair color changed from blond to white, and his eyes changed from a green to a dark blue. These changes gradually set in over a three-week testing period. However, the problem occured shortly after the second week. Most of the candidates failed to receive significant changes, mostly only in appearance. Beyond that, an oversight in the implant caused the death of about a dozen of the candidates, all of which were aligned with fire. Many others, from all elements, wound up with mental problems, probably relating to the excessively higher amount of essence exposure. Lunaris corporation quickly shut down the tests, but the resulting financial problems set them back enough that a better-working prototype is not likely to ever release publicly.

    As for Henry's joining the games...Kidnapping? Volunteer? Blackmail? Suicide by game? He doesn't remember, so I don't really think it matters. All Henry remembers of the backstory I just listed is the basics of how Essence works, as he was one of the candidates of the Lunaris tests that actually showed magical power.

    LEVEL: 1 (0/10 EXP)

    STR:7(Essence amplification affected his physical strength negatively, but slightly.)
    DEX:11(His unnaturally calm approach allows for expert levels of precision in most any situation.)
    NIM:5(He all but lacks a sense of urgency by this point, resulting in slower reactions overall.)
    PER:10(Unlike with his nimbleness, his patience and calmness benefit him here, allowing him to better assess situations and surroundings.)
    WIS:10(Similarly, his essence gives him a level head, allowing him to clearly think things through, and, as should be obvious, better ability to harness magic)




    NAME:Conjure water

    CATEGORY: Device/One-shot


    COST:2P per liter of water conjured.

    DESCRIPTION:This allows Henry to "Create" water from whatever moisture is in the air. Creating one liter of water can be done fast enough to take another action, but more than one liter will require a turn's worth of time. Up to three liters can be produced in one turn during battle, but outside of combat, up to five liters can be produced in one turn.


    NAME:Control water

    CATEGORY: Device/Passive


    COST:0P(free), Concentration.(Explained)

    DESCRIPTION:This is his ability that allows him to magically move water. As long as he has his utility device on, he can move any water or ice conjured by him or found naturally present in the environment through the air at reasonable speed, as well as melt/freeze it. It requires such a low amount of power from his device that it is irrelevant, especially with a rechargeing battery. This is a core ability, and is more to explain how his other abilities work. As he needs to concentrate on his essence channeling, He suffers a perception penalty for a turn whenever he ends a turn still controlling water. He cannot use this ability inside of combat, except as a free action to power another ability.


    NAME:Ice spear

    CATEGORY: Device/One-shot


    COST:8P, 1 liter of water.

    DESCRIPTION:This allows him to fire forward a shard of frozen water at speeds of roughly 45mph. Applies any ranged hit rolls. If it hits, it deals damage, Half of it ice, half of it physical/pierce. Increased chance of critical, and causes additional bleeding damage if it criticals. Applies concentration penalty of controlling water.


    NAME:Ice shield

    CATEGORY: Device/Activated


    COST:8P to activate, 5P to keep active on subsequent turns, 3 or more liters of water to activate.

    DESCRIPTION:Creates a plate of ice in front of him which can be magically repositioned to attempt to block incoming attacks. More resilient to ranged attacks, less effective against fire-based damage. Invokes concentration penalty while active. The more water used to build the shield, the bigger and stronger the shield.


    NAME: Miniscan

    CATEGORY: Device Oneshot

    TYPE: Oddball

    COST: 2P

    DESCRIPTION: Provides a brief description of an object within line of sight.


    -Utility Device


    -Lunaris brand Manadrive mark 6 battery(+80 MPP, +1P/T. +4P/T instead if near a natural(Unconjured) body of water)(If unacceptable, replace with Rechargable Battery MKI)


    ((Please inform me of any difficulties, questions, problems, or other things regarding my form if there is a problem with it.(And I expect there will at least be questions.))
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    Quote from Appamada
    Is it the fact that it's illegal and breaking the law is wrong, or is the fact that it's illegal mean it's wrong?

    The first. I know enough to know that it would be false to say that 100% of all things illegal are wrong. However, unless you're stating open rebellion, in which case I'd have to hear your story first, than it comes down to this; that you are still intruding upon the laws set down by the government gracious enough to let you live in their country. Just like you wouldn't blatantly disregard any rules your friend set while you were a guest in his house. If you didn't want to follow the rules, you'd leave. In the same way, you are disregarding the guest rules for your country, rather than leaving to a country than doesn't enforce such.

    Quote from Unyobro
    Lol @ calling Netflix piracy. The part about piracy stealing potential profits is a bit misleading. The pirate probably wasn't gonna buy the product anyway.

    Pirate steals (for this example we say Nintendo) Nintendo's game. 1 game stolen.
    Pirate copies game and sells and/or freely distributes as many as people want. Thousands of stolen games.
    Pirate is probably stealing and distributing several of Nintendo's other games at the same time. possibly millions of stolen games.
    Assuming that each game goes for 20$ on the market, that's $20 million dollars stolen from Nintendo. I don't care who you're talking about, that's not chump change. It's also millions of people who are playing years of hard work without the permission granted from buying the game. People who wouldn't buy the game, shouldn't have the game. If it's not worth buying, It's not worth stealing.

    As for pirating the game to try it out...Well, it's still illegal, but if you're actually planning to buy the game and/or delete the game once you've made your judgment, I guess there's no harm done. I still don't like it, though.

    Quote from SVGK
    It's the equivalent of someone taking a book, using a photocopier and selling the photocopied books, it doesn't deprive anyone else of their own copy, but you are pretty much stealing and handing out the goods. And you don't make any effort, you didn't have to write the book yourself, heck, you didn't even pay any money to buy paper to print the books contents on, you just grabbed some free paper they had on display at some store, yet because of you handing out free copies of this book, the writer now has lost his money he spent on actually purchasing paper, the time he spent writing the book was a waste, all because people felt entitled to his book as a human birthright, and now they are harassing him to write another book for them, of course, he blew all his money on the first, and didn't make back the losses.

    I love this example. Thanks, SVGK.
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    I provide two viewpoints here. As a Moderator, (though in this case, this is still the opinion of I, and not necessarily the opinions of any other staff member and/or the Minecraft Forums themselves) I couldn't care less whether my opinion says it's right or wrong; It's still illegal, and thus, it is wrong. If you truly believe piracy is OK, than you should next ask yourselves if breaking the law is OK. If it's OK to go to jail, or to have to pay twenty-times the games cost in fines just because you wanted it free.

    As a member of the forums, I still say it's wrong, but for different reasons. I've heard something about piracy before, that it's copying, and not theft. This is a fallacy. You are Copying [Company's] product, but Stealing [Company's] money. These companies are putting in the (Often months, if not years, of) hard work to produce these games for your entertainment pleasure, and all they ask in exchange is money to keep their workers paid and continue to produce more games for you to enjoy. It is not just illegal, but extremely disrespectful to every employee in said company, as well as the company itself.

    Quote from Caesia

    I think that pirating movies and big AAA games are ok. Smaller indies need the money to pay rent while larger corporations don't.

    Let's pretend for a second that everyone believed like you do. Everyone buys from small indie developers, but pirates from big companies. What would happen, is the small guys, being bought from, become rich, and the big guys, having all their profits stolen, become bankrupt and lose their business. Than, the new big guys, who used to be small, than go bankrupt. As does any successor who tries to enter the media business. It'd even kill the pirating "business", as there'd be no more new media to pirate.

    The only reason I see for piracy to even be considered a good idea is that some people fail to see it's effects yet, as it's currently fairly small-scale. But if everyone starts doing it, the effects will be catastrophic.

    Quote from KingRey

    Isn't Netflix legal tho? I thought they distributed by the book.

    I don't work for NetFlix, so I don't know for fact. However, I am almost certain that they purchase the rights to play these shows and movies.
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    In my own opinion, his videos are funny. I'll admit, I mostly watch the mod showcases he does, but the minigames I've seen were entertaining, at least.

    On the other hand, and I've discussed this quite a lot, The fanbase is almost universally agreed to be horrid at best. I am a Skydoesminecraft fan, but I do not consider myself part of his fanbase for that very reason. It'd reflect badly on me. I have actually asked quite a few people about it, and many people who claim to hate Skydoesminecraft, if you ask them, I've seen many who will say that "The worst problem is the fanbase". In my opinion, one shouldn't hate good men and good productions for their bad fanbase.

    Although, I do recognize that not everyone would enjoy the randomness, chaos, and anything else one might enjoy about Skydoesminecraft's videos. That was just my opinion.
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    There were dozens of good ones. I'd have to say my favorite was Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. I still call it one of the best Sonic games of all time.

    Close seconds, though,
    Super Smash Bros. Melee.
    Pikmin(The first.)
    Sonic Riders.
    Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.
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