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As you walk towards a dark castle, the towers reaching ominously into the clouds, you are confronted by several armed guards, some human, some more monsterous. Suddenly, a voice booms from the castle. "Allow them inside, if they desire. Direct them to my throne room."

The guards keep enough distance for you to breath, but they seem to be watching you. You walk down a couple long hallways, all just lit enough to see effectively, and eventually arrive at a set of towering doors. The two biggest guards, both of whom seem to be cyclops, push open the doors, revealing a huge throne room. A white haired, youthful-looking man is sitting on the throne, sipping a glass of black liquid.

" Heric." The man said. "I assume the reason you are here in my beautifully evil fortress is to hear about me? If so, take a seat, and I'll tell you all about me. Or, perhaps, you are looking to see my collection of powerful and graceful dragons? If that is your desire, they're in the large room directly to the right of you."

"As you may have noticed, this castle is quite extravagent, no? Then again, living for about three millennia does that for a man. I suppose you may be wondering about my age, now? In exact measurement, I am 2,965 years old. Don't look so surprised, though. Thanks to my slight dabbling in the dark arts, I am immortal. You could still kill me, but I'll come back within a few years, good as new. And my skin and bones never aged past 23.

My white hair, though appearing rather fictional to you mortals, is quite normal where I come from. All men have white, black, or a shade of grey hair. The women's hair tends to be more colorful. As you may have guessed by now, I am not a human. I am a Silyan.(In case you wonder, it's pronounced Sil-yahn) I come from one of the different planes of existence on this nexus you humans call earth. Of course, my study of the dark arts got me banished here, and branded a Fallynari.

Now you are probably wondering about my title as Fallynari(Pronounced Fahl-eh-nar-ee). A Fallynari, among my people, is the title of the exiled. The name is usually reserved for treasonous scum, or those who study dark magic. They have a different title for other criminals. Since I do not have a true surname, and I know you foolish humans no nothing of our people, I adapted my affectionate title into my "Surname", Fallynar.

I plan to get my revenge on them someday, I assure you. But first, I must get off this barren waste of an existence. Sadly, though, to open the gate to other existences, it requires the leader of the region, er, you would call them continents, to open the gate. However, you humans apparently have no clue how to open the gateway, and it's made even worse by the fact that every region has way more leaders than it should. Thus, nobody has the power to open the gate. That is why I will dethrone one of your regions, and rise to power. Then I shall make it back to my land, and they shall tremble before me! Then, perhaps I'll come back here, as I'm really starting to admire this land.

Of course, I know how it works, and there will be a hero to stop me before my plan is finished. But defeating such heroes is quite entertaining, and a man can dream. I'll be around for eternity, so I've got a while to try at this, too.

I could tell you more, but I believe that would spoil the story I have contracted someone to write for me. Both of my valiant defeat of the angels back when I was about 17, and of my attempts to conquer this world, and return to see my old home burn. I believe he said it shall be one of your so-called "Video games", and he said the title for my conquest shall be entitled "Moon Festival". Though he's said that'll take place in a different, more fictional realm, where humans have magic, and the sun and moon are god-like beings. Humans with magic, though. That's hilarious. Silyan have magic, like my ability to manipulate water and ice. And I know at least a few other existences with magic, but humans with magic is just ridiculous.

Not that you humans are entirely useless. For one, this concoction you call 'Pepsi' is amazing. Never tasted anything like it."

(Under the radar, though, I'll let you know that the one I contracted is the one who made me up as a fictional character(AKA, the person whose profile you're reading right now). But by pretending to be independent, I seem more powerful.)

As you open the door, the interior turned out to be expansive. The interior was decorated with fanciful designs, and there must've been enough room for at least a few hundred dragons. Heric must've taken a large interest in dragons. The room was only filled with about a dozen or so dragons, though. There's a lot of empty space to fill, that's for sure.

Heric walked up to your side. "I know they're few in numbers, but they're beautiful, aren't they? Oh, and while you are here, feel free to feed the dragons. Simply poke the dragon with your computer rodent, and it shall feed them automatically.

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