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    posted a message on Minecraft graphics update and BT
    Quote from Lcdsoundfan»

    Well, no hurry there. I'm happy to be able to play console edition. At this moment bedrock edition is a total mess. With all the bugs it's no better than a beta. It's a shame that they released it this way on XBox One.

    Personally speaking, I'd love it if they continued to mess up Bedrock, because it means Java is more likely to stay at the forefront.

    Bedrock is closed-source, monetized, very hard (and possibly illegal) to modify, forces you to use THEIR servers (authorised by Mickey$oft), forces their coinage system for skins and 'add-ons' (which are a pathetic shade on mods); it leans toward a community of people playing mini-games, making Minecraft 'just another game'. They expect people to adopt THEIR hardware, and buy minecraft on each of THEIR platforms (Windows 10, xbones, and forwards)

    The original Minecraft (sadly now renamed "Java edition") is an incredible, unique community of friendly people, intrinsically involved with this "Minecraft" indie project from indev through to being the 2nd best-selling game of all time - with thousands of free servers, mods, maps, skins and anything else imaginable. Buy once, play forever, on any java capable device.

    Bedrock is destroying that community.

    IHMO, YMMV, etc.

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    posted a message on I messed up my minecraft and this is the result.
    Quote from Equitrox»

    Hello, I had messed up my minecraft in a obvious way. After that, this is what the result came out, I will appreciate it if you told me the solution, thanks!

    F3+B (to show/hide hitboxes)

    To find out more, F3+Q

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    posted a message on How to find out on what servers i have ranks?
    Quote from FamouZInferno»

    Basically my ign is shkrt and I haven't played minecraft for a while and dont know all the ranks i had on different servers. Does anyone here know how i can see what ranks on what servers i have?

    There is no centralized system that shows that information.

    There are some websites that try to record which servers players use, so see e.g.

    You can also try googling your IGN, minecraft&nfpr=1

    (Unfortunately, with that name, you will also get hits from many people who cannot type 'shirt')

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    posted a message on Slime spawns, but can't see them...FIXED!
    Quote from TheWesson»

    Entities are not rendered outside the "tracking range", which is different than chunk render distance.

    Different kinds of entities could have a different tracking range.

    Thanks; I realise a better answer is, "it's complicated". I just wanted to say that vid settings can affect it; so can server settings, mods, and probably the price of tea in Azerbaijan.
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    posted a message on Best Sugar Cane auto farm for productivity?
    Quote from lukahna»

    No need to get fancy with BUDs or observer-based designs that break the plants immediately. A good old row of pistons on an Etho clock

    I totally agree.

    Personally, I often make it even simpler than that - I use a daylight sensor to fire it once per day.

    At the very start of a new world, I plant a couple of long rows of about 64, and harvest them by hand - to get enough for my first level 30 enchanter. On any convenient terrain, such as a straight-ish coastline, or just a long trench in desert. And I just harvest them by hand once or twice. That is, unless I get books from a village or two, in which case I might not bother at all.

    After that, a few stacks per day is surely more than anyone ever needs, for ... well, what? A bit of paper for maps, and rockets... maybe bookshelves but I tend to remove a stronghold library full of those. And they're not a good villager trade, compared to easier crops (carrot/tater using bonemeal or farmers).

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    posted a message on Adjacent Nether Fortresses?!
    Quote from mrobaer»

    Has this ever happened to anyone before, adjacent fortresses? I didn't think it was possible....

    Yeah, it happens. It's not common, but it's not that rare.

    It's worth knowing that fortresses generally form along the same x-axis, so if you find one, and head due North (or South), you're more likely to find another. Conversely, if you can't find one, head East or West until you do - because if you just go N/S, you might not find one for a very long time.

    Sometimes, they intersect, creating one larger fortress. This can also result in two blaze-spawners within activation range, which is quite nice. It can also be really good for expanding part of the fortress to make large, open areas for wither skells to spawn in.
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    posted a message on -=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-SPELLBOUND // STAFF MANAGER //URGENT//-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-

    3) you need to improve your grammar. Your missing several full stops.

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    posted a message on I can't start modded server 1.12
    Quote from lorisdj02»

    Help me, I can't start this modded server... thanks... This is the crash report:

    Try without malisiscore/doors.
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    posted a message on need help finding out what this error is for the mod pack 1.7.10. PS the mod pack is realy called 1.7.10
    Quote from Speeedsteer»

    The error log says:

    Chisel: Errors like "[FML]: Unable to lookup ..." are NOT the cause of this crash. You can safely ignore these errors. And update forge while you're at it.

    That message isn't the reason I'm suggesting trying without Chisel; it's because the actual error seems to relate to chisel.

    Anyway, it's worth a try for the 2 mins it'll take.
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    posted a message on Adding custom background music in 1.12.1

    I am a very passionate musician, and I would like to be able to play my own music in minecraft via resource pack.
    I already know how to do this in versions 1.7.10 - 1.10.2, with Json files. The Problem is, when I move UP a version (like 1.11 - 1.12.2), These custom background tracks do not play anymore, and will always fall back to the regular minecraft music.
    In saying that, I DO NOT intend to replace any original minecraft music. I only want to add my own. I have made sure that all of my files have been named in lowercase letters, and that my Json file has no syntax errors. The only thing that I can think of is that the actual structure of resource packs has changed again since 1.11, and that the structure I am using no longer exists.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I do intend on distributing my music pack, provided that nobody will steal the music. (because all the music is my work, and would like proper recognition for creating it.)
    Thank you for reading this.

    Resource packs are version specific, and you'll likely need to remake it for 1.12, and almost certainly for 1.13 (because that promises a lot of technical changes).

    Unfortunately for you, that is the way things are, and will probably apply to future versions as well.

    There's help about how to make resource packs here.

    I would encourage you to consider the "Creative Commons" licencing, which allows you to publish your music while retaining the rights - in particular, "CC By SA" means a licence where people can copy your music, for any purpose, as long as they say where it came from and include the same conditions on future copies.
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