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    posted a message on how can i make my map famous ?
    Quote from firass»

    I didn't say I want to become a world-famous map maker.

    Fair point. OK. So,

    Can you name any famous parkour maps?

    I can't, and I think if anyone could, I could. There was some drop thing, I guess... that's about it.

    I disagree with one of the above comments about it needing to have awesome builds (Herb's mansion) because probably the most famous of all is Skyblock, which has almost nothing.

    You cannot become famous by wishing to be famous.

    The opinions of your maps will mostly be about gameplay. For me, it's 'just another parkour thing' and I am bored with those.
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    posted a message on What does your storage looks like?
    Quote from Syn74»

    it started burning all of a sudden.

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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    These are some screenshots of various things I've come across recently

    Did you find any cobble?
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    posted a message on New SkyBlock 5.0 Minecraft 1.13 Map (2018)

    For the love of Santa, please use a normal font.

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    posted a message on how can i make my map famous ?
    Quote from firass»

    i'm bad at writing descriptions ;(

    I'm bad at cooking. How can I become a world-famous chef?
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    posted a message on Oh Boy (Help)

    OP, what MauveCloud0is saying is,please post the TEXT of your error,not pictures. So we can search it.

    Preferably post it on a pastebin or in a spoiler, but whatever.

    And sure, maybe it's Thaumcraft; makes sense. But the good old removing-half-the-mods technique always works; I mean, if it works with 0 mods and does not work with 100, then you just have to try with 50, 25, 12, 6, find out which is breaking it. Doesn't actually take very long to do that.

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    posted a message on The weirdest village you've encountered as of yet?
    Quote from GBlackburn»

    I was looking for a browncoat in my world and looked at the village generation.

    So I thought, what is the most absurd village you've seen?

    Please show me some pictures.

    One had just one house, and one villager.

    Another had only nitwits, but approx 12 of them.

    I do not have pics.

    I've seen lots of weirdness with massive cobble hills on village houses, like farms up a mountain and drops into ravines. Here is one of those;

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    posted a message on World Boarder issues?

    Im thinking about buying a nintendo switch, mainly to play Minecraft. I found out that the world boarder is 3000x3000 max, from playing the PC version since Early alpha, i feel like a set boarder would be a limitation to the experience of minecraft, you cant explore for hours, look for new places to settle, you are actually limited.

    Anyone who plays Minecraft on the PS4/Xbox or version which has a world boarder, do you feel that it limits the experience?

    God yeah.

    Not just the borders, just,..everything; mods, skins, 10,000 servers, not having to pay microtransactions, and the console interface being pants.

    It's over 9000 times better on a PC. Not the silly 'windows 10 edition' which they are now calling 'Minecraft', but the real thing, which they are now calling 'Minecraft: Java Edition".

    Comparing Minecraft on a console to java Minecraft is like comparing "Mario kart" to "Grand Theft Auto 5".

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    posted a message on$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information
    Quote from Babu120»

    But that's is the funny part, in every single other game or site I have no problem, only on minecraft

    What do you get from this?
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    posted a message on MultiMC client error
    Quote from MauveCloud0»

    Um, no. It's not a "way off release". Java 9 released on September 21st, and 9.0.1 is out already - see if you don't believe me.

    I am sorry; I'm not often wrong, but I was there.

    I honestly thought it hadn't been released. I'm surprised it has been, because it sems extremely buggy, but so be it.

    My Minecraft advice remains: use Java 8.

    But sincere thanks for correcting me.

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    posted a message on An important message from rabidgoodra27

    Not wishing to put a dampener on anyone's festive spirit, but there is a story here that many may not know. Kirsty was killed in 2000; diving in Mexico, she pushed her Son out of the path of a speedboat owned by a millionaire. An employee of the owner said he was driving, and got a small nominal fine, but there are eye-witnesses that say he wasn't driving the boat. In 2005, the Pogues re-released the above track to raise money for a 'justice for Kirsty' campaign. Another part of the tale: Kirsty's most successful single was "A New England" - written by Billy Bragg. She thought it was too short so he wrote an extra verse for her; since her death, Bragg adds the verse.
    Kirsty was a brilliant singer/songwriter who died far too young, saving her Son's life. Here she is performing the Bragg track;

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    posted a message on Oh Boy (Help)
    Quote from Fatsisthebest»

    Hello! I need a bit of help here. I have a couple mods installed, but I have no idea which one, if any, is causing this error. Here's the log:

    Remove all mods.

    Like, rename the mods directory or something.

    Q1. Does Minecraft work with no mods?

    Q2. Did you check for incompatible software? (or do that now... and report back)

    Q3. If Santa has to travel 510,000,000km on Christmas Eve, and that he has 32 hours to do it, how fast does he go?
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    posted a message on Can we discuss the abandoned mineshafts?
    Quote from Giapet321»

    Honestly, the mineshafts give me chills

    They make me happy. Because early-game they mean string, mid-game they mean melon seeds, and at any time they mean books and gapples.
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    posted a message on Minecraft cms error in java
    Quote from gnumberone1»

    Thank you and I tried but I got a message like below.

    The driver being installed is not validated for this computer.
    Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer

    setup will exit

    How can I do? thank you~

    Yeah, that happens sometimes :-(

    Don't despair.

    You can get around that by manually installing the driver. (WARNING: This may cause unexpected explosions, global warming, and trees that bear sheep as fruit)

    Non-joking response... back up anything super-important (but you already did, surely...) then do this;

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    posted a message on MC Forge crashes with no explanation
    Quote from 1973tr6»

    I have a "launcher_log.txt" file in my .minecraft folder, but it might be too big to post here (1.2 MB and no line feeds). Let me know if you want to look at it and how I can send it to you. There are also a "launcher_profiles.json" file and a "usercache.json" file in my .minecraft folder. What's are those for?


    You just posted logs from 5 Dec and 7 Dec, that is not helpful or relevant. I only care about what is happening now.

    What happens when you try to run Minecraft? I mean, literally, what is on the screen?

    If you turn on the logging options - as I explained before - it may show log pages. If not, it will give an error message.

    Errors from early December are irrelevant to us.
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