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    posted a message on ♕✵ - Vulcan SMP - 1.12 Whitelisted Survival Server - Discord - World Starting June 17th - Accepting Applications - ♕✵

    What is your :

        1. Minecraft IGN: Heptane
        2. About Yourself :Just recently got back into playing Minecraft after I heard of the 1.12 update. Been playing Minecraft primarily as a singleplayer game though I would like to get back into the multiplayer aspect. Love doing things with redstone and caving, though this time I'm thinking of being a more building oriented player and a lot less technical since I've found min-maxing the game to be really tiresome as of late. Lamposts are awesome; torchless lighting is the way I like to have my builds.
        3. Age : 20
        4. Timezone (GMT +/-) : -7 (PST)

    What is your experience with the game?

        • Been playing since release 1.4 and have played every version since then on fresh singleplayer worlds. I've done pretty much everything there is to do in the game with respect to mob farms and have built enough nether hubs to make me not want to build any more large hubs.

    What is your favorite part of SMP servers?

        • The fact that its not just you on the server of course. Sure you could play the game in singleplayer as I've done for the past few years but that loses its luster after a while. Actually interacting with others and doing collaborations for certain farms (ie. guardian farm) drastically reduces the time required to build such things is also a huge plus.

    Why do you want to join Vulcan?

        • Honestly it was the first post that I saw on the forums that had a well written post.

    Do you agree with our rules?

        • Yes.

    How Active will you be on our server?

        • I can be on about 4+ times a week for now, though that's because its currently summer and I don't have a need to take any classes. I'll keep you folks posted if I can't be as active as usual of course.

    Can you send some screenshots of your builds? (Not Required)

        • I'll get back to you guys on that as I have them somewhere on my old pc and may or may not be able to retrieve them.

    Do you have any other questions that were not answered in the FAQ?

        • Is there a world border/limitation on exploration?

        • Are there any restrictions on where we can have our "main base"? I'm only asking because I spend a lot of time getting a good seed to make the spawn area my main base in my singleplayer worlds. Also its convenient to live at spawn.

    What is Your Discord ID? :

        • Heptane
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    posted a message on Looking to fill 4 vacant spots on a active , mature realm !
    I would love to join, I'm 18 and have been looking to get back into multi-player Minecraft for a while now.

    I don't like building gigantic builds, but I consider myself an above average builder when it comes to medium to small sized builds, which are my preferred build sizes. I spend more time playing games than I would like to admit, so I believe I would be an active contributor to the server.

    Just out of curiosity, are there any hard set rules that I can see, or is it general dont-be-an-a-hole environment?
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    posted a message on Two endermen???
    If I remember correctly, endermen always spawn in packs of at least 2 in the overworld. I say at least because I'm not sure if they can pack spawn more than 2.
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    posted a message on {1.8}Snapcraft SMP|Whitelisted|Apply Now|
    1.) IGN: Heptane

    2.) Skype: HeptaneC7H16

    3.) Age: 18

    4.) Why do you want to join:

    While there's not much posted about the server, I'll try my best to reason out why I want to join the server. A couple months back I got back into multi-player minecraft as I was getting really bored of my singleplayer world, so I did the logical thing and applied to join a server. Shortly after being accepted me and a couple of the other guys who applied were able to get on and played for about a week, around the time which things started slowing down as is usually the case with most new servers. I had no idea why the server owner never got on, until things got real around that time where I found out that the whole server thing was more or less a "prank" of sorts, in which the server owner decided to get his friends to grief the server and close it down shortly thereafter. I won't be releasing the IGN of the owner nor the server name for confidentiality reasons, but you are welcome to check my history if you do not believe my story. :P Anyways, after all that happened I really did not want to play multi-player again because I couldn't really find a reason to trust most of the servers; I didn't want to waste my time again. So after a long hiatus of restarting my single-player in an attempt to make the game fun again, I decided to be more cautious with the servers that I apply to, which led me here today. This server is vanilla, and most of all is mindcrack-like, which has become standard for most friendly community survival servers these days, and as a result usually attracts people who know the general rules of conduct that make playing on servers more fun and friendly.

    5.) Youtube: Heptane (I don't record, but would like to once I get a better set-up).

    6.) Pictures of builds:

    If I put up everything I felt worthwhile there would be too many pictures, so I weeded out some pics. :P

    7.) What is the name of the server:

    Snapcraft SMP

    Thanks for reading, and btw you have a spelling error in your post. It should be best, not beat but I'm pretty sure that's a typo. :P
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    posted a message on your first build? what was it?
    I joined in 1.4.7 release, my first build being a floating house of wood. I had watched some minecraft videos before getting into the game, so I figured living in the sky would be the safest place to be. Little did I know gravity would kill me more often than not... >.>
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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    Well, at least they were working on the game. Not every update can be like a 1.7. I know we would like it to be that way, but sometimes they just need to make the small additions to the game. The new blocks are great and give me a new way to build certain things and remodel old builds. Plus, slime blocks. C'mon, that's gotta be worth something.
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    posted a message on 24/7 Brand new Server. Mindcrack like SMP
    IGN: Heptane

    Age: 18

    Skype: HeptaneC7H16

    Why do you want to join: I haven't played multi-player minecraft in a while and my singleplayer world is getting a tad bit lonely. ._. Plus I would like to implement some ideas and builds that only work in a multi-player environment (ie. shops). Also vanilla servers are the best, I'm not much of a modded minecraft player (though I used to be).

    Favorite thing to do in minecraft: Redstone projects, build, and cave.

    Youtube: Heptane (I don't record, but would like to once I get a better set-up).

    Experience with smps: I've been playing since release 1.4.7 and since then have played on numerous survival servers, so I know the general rules of conduct plus the more specific ones for this server.
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    posted a message on Trapped in the Nether: In Hardcore Mode
    Nice story. Yeah after I got locked in the nether by some ghasts I always keep a flint and steel on my hotbar. It's good for more than just getting portals lit I find; it helps with fighting non-fireproof mob crowds although it does get inconvenient against zombies but meh. >.>
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    posted a message on What is THE BEST item in Minecraft?
    Ender chests
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    posted a message on Obsidian could do much more!
    End stone says hi.
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    posted a message on So, 14w33a changed the door models and sprites...
    I guess Mojang thought that since the original doors didn't have the 3-d model that the other doors had, they felt like changing them all to match that of the original 2 doors; but then again they may have implemented this change for reasons unknown to us that aren't actively developing the game. Perhaps the the 3-d models were causing performance issues?
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    posted a message on [14w32D] TreeCraft SMP [Whitelist] [100% Vanilla] [24/7]
    IGN: Heptane

    Skype: HeptaneC7H16

    How often can you Skype: Pretty much whenever I'm online.

    Have you ever been banned? List server and reason if so: No

    What do you do with wild spawners?: Make it a tame spawner; no but seriously I just take the coords of it and make a grinder out of it if I need the resources that mob provides.

    Age: 17

    Do you have a youtube?: Yes, but I don't make videos.

    Reason you want to join: Seeing as my schedule is now more flexible since I'm done with HS, I'm thinking of getting back into the multiplayer aspect of minecraft as my singleplayer world is too lonely for me. ;_; This server seems perfect for me since it is running the snapshots and has a border, keeping everyone relatively close to each other (I don't like it when people go out 1000 blocks plus and starting their own little world).

    How long can you play each day: Approx 1-3 hours per day.

    How long have you been playing MC: Since 1.4.7 (so I guess about 2 years-ish now).

    Will you whine about not getting your way: Why would I? Its not like the world revolves around me.

    Will you argue with the decision of a staff member or disrespect them?: Disrespect them? No. But I will argue with their decision if they are in the wrong.

    Will you borrow items without permission?: No, I wouldn't do to others what I don't want done to myself.

    Time Zone/Large City near you: PST/Los Angeles

    Tell us something about you: I like to be near the ocean, both in game and irl.

    On average, how much do you play minecraft and at what time normally?: Usually 1-3 hours per day. Depending on the day, I either get on in the morning (approx. 6am-8am PST) or in the afternoon (approx 3pm-5pm PST), but I usually adjust to the timezones of others since its more fun to play with others.
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    posted a message on OriginationSMP ll Vanilla Whitelisted Survival ll 1.7 ll Looking for active members ll Wanting active Youtubers
    IGN: Heptane
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male, like most gamers.
    Skype: HeptaneC7H16
    Country/Timezone: USA / California (PST), though I will be moving to Washington soon for college.
    What experience do you have with minecraft: Over a year; since release v.1.4.7 and I have been playing minecraft ever since. Its the first and only game so far that has held my attention for over a year, I'm not sure why though.
    What made you apply for my server: The server runs on hard, something that I can never find. >.> After reading the post about the server, I immediately knew that this server has people that I can have a good time with, especially with Skype being a requirement to join since sometimes I find myself wanting to talk to other members rather than use the in-game chat system. These in addition to the fact that the minecraft realms server I was playing on closed so I've been looking for a new server to join that has the same rules and a friendly community. I have plenty of experience with both vanilla and modded servers so I know how to have a good time and will try to keep my builds from inducing lag for others.
    How active can you be: I can play about 2-3 hours on a daily basis, longer on weekends.
    Why should we add you: I can be an active player, especially with college in the horizon since I'll have more flexibility in my schedule. I am also a responsible person, cleaning up after creeper explosions, completely chopping down trees, all the little things that bug people like me. I also do not completely suck at building and always integrate some level of redstone into my builds because personally I find redstone is what makes my builds unique, and love to participate in community events whenever I can, since the essence of a multiplayer server is the fact that there are other people to play the game and interact with. It will take a few days for me to get to know everyone, but once I do you can look forward to me doing pranks and such with others that I have become more comfortable with.
    What do you like doing most in minecraft: Building, redstone, and caving in that order.
    Strengths: Redstone and building.
    What can you contribute to the server/what would you do: Build shops in spawn, create minigames, interact with others, and just have a good time playing the game with other people. There is so much you can do in this game, but only so much you can do in a singleplayer world, which is why on servers I always try to do things that can only be done on with other people. Also if any of you are familiar with Mindcrack, I am a willing participant for the death games and even weekly pvp tournaments at other people's bases that the mindcrackers used to do.
    Youtube & video output: I don't make videos only because my laptop is gets incredibly laggy if I try to record.
    Pictures/videos of your builds: These are all pictures from my singleplayer-survival world.
    Extra info: My favorite food is yogurt, don't ask why.
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    posted a message on [1.7] TurtleSMP // WHITE-LISTED // 100% VANILLA // MINDCRACK LIKE
    In-Game name: Heptane
    Age: 17
    Rate yourself from 1-10, how mature are you?(1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest): 9 only because I'm not certain what would constitute a "10" rating in maturity. Otherwise I can stay calm in most situations and will try to be someone that "keeps the peace" so to speak.
    What makes you want to join this server? This server seems to be really organized and has a lot of active members, something that I can never find when I join a server. I'm looking to participate in a lot of community events once I get my base all sorted out, as well as actually create some of the ideas that I came up with for shops and minigames that I couldn't impliment on my singleplayer world due to the singleplayer nature of it.
    Any special capabilities? I like to do redstone and always integrate some level of redstone into all of my builds. Building afk farms is something that I love to do, as I appreciate the challenge of trying to create the most efficient set-up possible while having a unique and asthetically pleasing build, but its mostly because I like not having to do anything and having a system that is essentially able to run itself properly (unfortunately it seems Mojang doesn't like that but meh >.>).
    Rate yourself:
    • Building: 8/10
    • PVP: 9/10
    • PVE: 10/10
    • Mining: 10/10
    • Farming 10/10
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    posted a message on Minecraft Gets New Developer, Sells to EA
    Freaked out until I realized its most likely an April Fools day joke.
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