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    posted a message on [1.6.4]Tinkers' Mechworks
    Found a weird bug while screwing with Advanced Drawbridges- I extended a set of three of them (each with only 3 blocks) and the game crashed upon extending the third row. (This happened twice, and both times it did seem to properly extend and everything, it just crashed the game.)

    Here's the crash report.
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    posted a message on Tonius's Mods - Simply Jetpacks - NEI Integration - FancyGrass
    Okay, so I just took a quick look at the code for the two mods, and I can back up what pretty much everyone else has said- the code is similar, yes, because they're two items intended for similar purposes.

    That's where the similarities end.

    I personally made note of a couple significant differences between the code just from what I can see right off the bat with JD-GUI. I won't be copying any source here directly out of respect for IC2's license, but I will be naming key differences.

    First off: Starting from the bottom, the energy-handling methods are very different. Granted, part of this is because, well, it uses RF instead of EU. But the big difference I've noted is Simply Jetpacks has a very notable (and somewhat excessive) usage of variables, part of which comes from the customizability of these jetpacks. The functions are also very different- and again, this is apparent immediately just based on quantity. (Most notable is how adding and subtracting energy is handled, part of which is, granted, because the IC2 Electric Jetpack is literally a slightly modified extension of the regular gas-powered Jetpack, whereas the Simply Jetpacks ones are built from the ground up to use RF.)

    Second, the way the thrusting of the Jetpack is handled is rather different. As mentioned, it uses individual variables to determine thrust, speed, etc., whereas IC2's jetpack code has that information hardcoded. It also uses a very different (and probably more reliable) method for tracking keypresses, and also happens to be a lot easier to understand. The core code, namely the useJetpack() function, is also completely different.

    I could bore you with a bunch of Java shenanigans that maybe half of the people reading this will understand, but I think I've made my point. Essentially, the two Jetpacks are about as similar as, say, a pulverizer and a macerator. Their function is more or less the same, and their code is undoubtedly rather similar (I'm not about to go look right now), but they're different enough that you can't say the Pulverizer is a copy of a Macerator.

    tl;dr: "Not everyone who has a built a nice chair owes money to the guy that invented chairs" sums this up pretty nicely, as quoted by DZCreeper. The IC2 devs' claims are, unfortunately (for them), bogus. In fact, to be honest, I fail to see how anyone could've assumed the code was copied, as even someone without coding experience would be able to tell that's not the case.

    Just reinforcing what's already been said, with more clarification as to what exactly's different (which is all the code that would actually matter enough to warrant accusations of plagiarism).

    Also, if I'm to voice my personal opinion on the matter, even if there is code in Simply Jetpacks that's copied from IC2, it's been changed enough there's no solid proof it ever happened, and to add onto that, Simply Jetpacks does Jetpacks a lot better than IC2 does, as stated by several people, including, most notably, Etho. As such, there is really no good reason that the project would have to be shut down.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][Forge]Project: Arcane
    In order for anyone to actually download and play your mod, you will have to supply some information on what it is, preferably with screenshots. Rarely do people just randomly download mods without having a clue what they do.
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    posted a message on Wednesday With Sach: What Is Minecraft, and What About...
    In regards to what Minecraft is (from my perspective anyway), I'd say it's a medium for near-infinite creativity. Unmodded it's rather limited, but add in some mods (or even better, make your own), and it can become a really awesome creative experience.

    Granted, I'm not going to lie. A lot of the reason Minecraft is still really popular is because of the modders. There are some really awesome mods out there, like ThaumCraft or Ars Magica, which manage to extend the game so much without being repetitive.

    But more to the point, with some of these mods (notably ones like Chisel or Tinker's Construct), your ability to be creative skyrockets. With only a few mods and a good imagination (and Creative mode of course), you can make amazing things- and depending on what you're doing, you might not even need mods to do it. (It entirely depends, though.)

    While vanilla is still a bit lacking, I can tell that Mojang are trying to make up for that (albeit slowly), and they definitely seem to be catching up. Just, slowly.
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    posted a message on Backpacks! (by Brad16840)
    Okay, so right now I'm only going on the information you provided, but from what I can tell this mod is going to be really awesome. I'll definitely be installing this one.

    (I'm not even kidding either, pretty much the entire time I was reading the post I was just like "want. WANT")
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    posted a message on More Crafting Recipes Mod
    I only have two major complaints about this mod, as everything else seems pretty reasonable to me. The first complaint is related to balancing, with two particular blocks in mind- bedrock and command blocks. From a player standpoint, the recipes for them may seem awesome, but from a balancing standpoint they're way too easy to craft- command blocks because they can break the game on survival (and as such, 4 crafting benches, 4 diamonds, and a block of redstone don't nearly cut it), and bedrock because it's an unbreakable block that can also break the game, especially with the easy method of creating obsidian. In short, they're both way too cheap to craft (and really command blocks shouldn't be craftable at all, they were never meant for survival), and should probably have their recipes rebalanced. (If I were to put my two cents in, I'd recommend incorporating diamonds into the bedrock recipe, preferably in block form, and make it craft multiple blocks- an ideal amount would be one per block used in the recipe.)

    My other complaint is really more trivial than anything else, and not entirely your fault, but with the crafting recipes for some ore (the metals particularly), if you have a mod such as Thermal Expansion that adds some form of ore doubling mechanic, you can infinitely duplicate iron and gold, as well as in some cases nether quartz. Might be something worth keeping in mind; adding alternate recipes when ore-doubling mods are present might be a viable option. (You can also infinitely duplicate nether quartz with a simple fortune pick and enough netherrack.)

    Other than that, most of these are definitely recipes that should really be in vanilla minecraft, so you get a thumbs-up in that category.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] [Forge] BetterLAN v1.0.6
    Great to see something like this that's up to date (or at least as far as I'm concerned). I need to use Voxel Sniper, but I can't sacrifice the excess CPU to make a bukkit server (that won't even work since I'm using forge mods).

    As a side note, thanks for providing a solution to the spigot issue. It was driving me insane for a bit.
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    posted a message on [April Fools] Minecraft 2.0 is Finally Coming!
    ...this stopped being funny a long time ago. Seriously, if people can't come up with something original and clever for April Fools for once, why is it on the calender?
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    posted a message on [1.6.X] Portal Gun - Reconstructed [v1] - Rewritten... again.
    Hi, I would seriously recommend using something like dropbox to host these files, for two reasons- One, filecopter is anything but reliable, and two, you can very easily update them that way.

    At the very least, you need a mirror. Just giving us a link to an unreliable service is not a good idea, because 1. It gives users a bad impression, and 2. It prevents said users from downloading it, and that's not cool.

    (Oh and by "unreliable" I mean "slow and prone to 503's". The latter because it's thrown that error 3 times in the past five minutes.)

    EDIT: Emphasis on "unreliable". It just told me that the file doesn't exist.
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    posted a message on is there a program where i can put in my seed and get a render of the whole map?
    By seed? No, you won't be able to find one, as terrain varies from generation to generation, despite being the same seed. AMIDST is the next best thing, because as mentioned above it shows biomes, strongholds, villages, etc.
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    posted a message on Risugami's Mods - Updated.
    Quote from Utkumaden

    Why does the modloader show the error screen for 3 secodns I want to read ıt and fınd a cure

    Try using MinecraftError and replicating what caused the error and it should catch it. If it doesn't throw the error while MCError's open (which it's done to me before), then try command line.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] More World Types v2.2 (Now with SMP!)
    Quote from bombonXbombon

    Nice mod...
    the caves was good...challenging if not on peaceful..
    but when i tried superflat+ it spawns high up....and died falling....

    I did notice this as well, but I was lucky enough to hit F before I hit the ground, since I have Zombe installed alongside this mod.

    Speaking of mods, I should note that this one is incompatible with Forge. Install them side-by-side and you can't generate worlds. (I learned that one the hard way, if you can't tell)
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    posted a message on More World Types World Type Ideas
    Nice ideas, I must say. But what'd be really awesome is a world where the iron, gold, and diamond ores are replaced with their respective blocks. And then scattered all over. Floating diamond anyone?...

    ...all joking aside, a PumpkinTopia option would be fantastic. And if we got the Lava Ocean back that'd be even more fantastic.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] InfiCraft - Updated 2013.2.17
    Quote from mDiyo
    Henix_Aurorus: I haven't heard anything about texture packs messing up. Perhaps it's a bad install?

    Doubtful, I tested it by installing on a clean .jar and it still crashed when I attempted to change texture packs. I had to do it manually. :S
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    posted a message on [1.5] The Runic Dust Mod [Mar14]
    I've noticed that when I place decorative dust, it doesn't show up. I don't know if this is on my end or something different, but it'd be nice to know what's going on.
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