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    Quote from Tefzors»
    What is love?

    Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more.
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    Quote from MissCryptic

    Basically I'm a giraffe.

    You're either extremely photogenic, or just know how to take good pictures; or both.

    You're making everyone look bad. =P
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    Quote from doomfan64

    Might be starting up a new server if it's easy enough to do, since the old one seems to have been given up by Gatling.

    It has been repurposed for another community since basically none of us were active anymore. It's still in operation, and we're welcome to play on it if we want to, from what he said to me a week or so ago when I asked for Xervion.
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    Quote from CreATiveHippo

    And what if there was an old lady?

    Am I the only one who thinks scottish girls all look the same?

    Yes. You are.
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    This is all in good fun, of course, but I feel obligated to mention that (in the U.S. at least) it's illegal to threaten to kill someone. So, with that somewhat totalitarian law in mind; it would be unwise to actually say "I'd kill Mr. Tewilliger!", or the president, ex president, etc.... especially ex presidents or the president.
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    Quote from RunesGuy

    Nah. It'd look weird for a 15 y/o to have a beard anyway. Maybe in 5-ish years and I see that I'm not able to grow one.

    I dunno, man. At 16 I had a full beard, now it's just, unmanageable. I do agree that his is super scraggly right now, but he'll grow into it.
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    Quote from CreepersNemisis

    Is it true? Go to the getatisfactions and tell me it's not true. I hope I typed it wrong three times in a row. (By the way it looks like Doomfan has been inquiring about the server.)

    "Has been retired, contact the company directly, blah blah blah"? Yeah, that's what I get now too.

    I sent him a message about it.
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    Whoever smelt it dealt it - Socrates.

    Whoever denied it supplied it - Plato

    He who articulated it particulated it - Aristotle

    And the student becomes the master. But the servant waits, whilst the master baits.
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    Quote from EvilCreeper10

    So why are you recommending a company with no quality control?

    Obviously I didn't know they had an issue with quality control, and checking reviews, nearly no one had complained about it. However, fm87 said he has a fair amount of experience with them and has seen more problems than most others; so that means he's either full of it, or they have an issue with quality control. I assumed the latter.
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    Quote from fm87

    Fanboys? Do you even know how to use that word, because in this context it makes no sense. Exactly what was I being a fan of? Anything but Apevia cases? That makes no sense.

    The case is garbage, let me break it down in terms you can understand, because I've dealt with this case (and many apevia cases due to my job) many times before and my girlfriend currently owns the exact one you linked:
    • The sheet metal is ABSURDLY thin (you can bend it as if it were posterboard)
    • The sheet metal is made of poor quality aluminum that will bend and warp just from ambient temperatures going above 70F, and in general the metal is just poor, poor, poor dirty quality
    • The sheet metal has very sharp rough-cut edges
    • The plastic is of low quality and brittle
    • There are no dust filters at all, even though many cases from them say they are equipped
    • The front panel buttons and connectors are of low quality and barely last a year
    • The front LCD barely works, and usually dies within a few months
    • The mounts for drives and 5.25" devices are rough and not aligned properly, many of them are also warped
    • The front casing's holes for all the drive bays is not aligned properly at all, in some cases as off as 1/2"
    • Horrible, HORRIBLE cheap bottom of the barrel paint
    • Paint job has no finish (just a polish that you can rub off with your fingers), thus, after a while of use it is faded, chipped, brittle, and flaking off
    • Front panel USB wires are prone to catching fire due to shorts, as the internal wires are not properly insulated and are oftentimes crossed
    • The front panel power buttons and LED connectors has quality control issues, many of them putting two ground to one wire and two + for two different items on another (HDD LED and power on button on the same header for instance)
    • Almost nothing for cable management
    • What there is of cable management is garbage, the areas behind the other side panel that are normally reserved for cables have baffling barriers in the way that don't allow you to make use of the space
    • That said, the side panel doesn't even fit right anyway if you manage to thread any cables back there
    • The side window plastic is brittle, shatters if you look at it wrong, and is fitted incorrectly
    • The side window, due to being fitted incorrectly, will warp the side panel and will likely cause it to crack if the ambient temperature increases or decreases any slightly significant amount (eg: seasonal transitions)
    • The screws and standoffs that come with the cases are of horrible quality, strip easily, and are not properly molded
    • The mounts for all screws and standoffs are not correctly drilled, causing screws to catch or simply not go in at all
    • The ATX mounts are not correct, some are as far off alignment as 2"
    • On that note, it does not even have ATX standoffs on the right side for standard ATX sized mobos (why???) and on some cases half the holes are not even drilled through the motherboard tray
    • The PCI brackets are not aligned properly with most motherboards
    • The rear panel is not aligned properly with most motherboards
    • The PSU mounts and screw holes are not aligned properly with most PSUs
    • The fans are garbage, and move less air than you would believe is possible for, well, a fan
    • The fan's molex connectors are also garbage, the plastic is brittle, they fall apart and the wires come out of the housing easily
    • The LEDs and motors in the fans get hot enough to melt the actual fan and housing's plastic, this has been a problem with apevia fans since forever and has never been fixed, it seems
    • The front panel, LCD and fans have similar issues to the front USB in that they tend to cause shorts, oftentimes bad enough to kill the entire machine, if not at least the PSU
    • The SATA dock on this perticular drive is garbage, it does not fit right nor does it seem to work properly
    • The internal cables in general are very short and cannot reach the connectors for quite a lot of mobos
    • The big side fan is so brittle it might as well be made of tissue paper
    • The case is HORRIBLY overpriced for what you get, equivalent cases go for about $20, and they want you to pay $70 for this piece of crap
    • The big side fan, when it works, is INCREDIBLY loud for seemingly no reason, as it is not pushing much air
    • In addition, the big side fan CANNOT be used with most normal sized graphics cards, as it touches them and gets in the way, assuming you can close the side panel
    • Also due to the fan, most aftermarket CPU coolers will not fit
    Shall I go on, or are you going to shove some spoonfed claim down everyone's throats that your case is "good because i say its good" like most of the other angsty users of this forum?

    Nah, man. You made a lot of good points. Some of them I agree with, like there being an absurdly small amount of space behind the motherboard, might as well not have had the cutout in the first place and left room for a better aftermarket cooler. The fan fit with an Asus GTX760, though, but I imagine a bigger one would be an issue. Fan plugs are kind of junky. Paint on mine seems pretty solid, didn't get black rubbed off anywhere. Fit my ATX fine, but what I'm gathering (because I don't think you're exaggerating) is the quality control is horrendous and I just got lucky.

    Other than the cutout being way too tight, junky fan plugs, everything seems fine thus far; for me. But I can understand where you're coming from, and apparently you have more experience with Apevia. Again, I suppose they just have a complete lack of quality control.

    EDIT: I did get both sides back on just fine, but it took a little finesse.
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    Quote from EvilCreeper10

    "Sturdy construction" Ha, no.

    We don't recommend Corsairs really besides the 300R and 500R, more or less everything else doesn't really work for "mainstream" builds.

    So what case would you recommend for him in his price range then?

    Seemed reasonably sturdy to me, never felt like it was going to bend. The only thing I didn't like was the GPU covers were breakaway, instead of an old school unscrew and remove sort of deal.
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    Quote from fm87

    Pfftt *snicker* hahahahahaha!

    Recommending Apevia cases.

    Can no longer take seriously.

    Disregard this person, OP, they have no experience in this area.


    Fanboys, what ya gonna do?

    The case works fine, sturdy construction, plenty of airflow. Oh, I'm sorry, it's not a Corsair, forgive me oh god of the fanboys.
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    Quote from grn_dog_72

    that's true, i do have a case, but it only supports micro atx. I also want a new motherboard, full atx size, hence the need for a new case

    my case also isn't the best for ventilation right now. my ram gets above 70 C sometimes and i want the top fan, which is positioned right above the ram, to draw heat away from it

    As to why it's here and not other places, I didn't really think about that part much, but it's too late now and don't think the mods would like a repost

    +1 to your reputation for actually taking the time to provide input. i thank you.

    If cooling is your main concern, and you're not interested in water cooling because like me you think "water + computer = bad", then this case: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16811144275
    Is fantastic... Okay, it was a horrendous pun.

    It comes in other flavors as well. I ordered a red one, should be showing up some time today; I can let you know how it performs in a few days. There are complaints about the flimsy metal used in the one you were looking at, and this one is steel.
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    Quote from Honenoko

    You shouldn't be trying to find a job under 16 anyways...

    I don't see why not. And you don't know his financial situation. Maybe he has a single parent that's struggling, maybe his parents are just struggling in general and he wants to pitch in on top of having his own expendable income, maybe he just wants his own money and, like most people, doesn't get an allowance or just get to ask his parents for whatever he wants and get it. Don't be a judgy Jason about this, given we don't know his situation.

    Quote from SlamDrag

    And what should I do? Waste my life playing video games? Yeah no. I'd rather be making money. I have soooo much free time. It's ridiculous. Might as well do something useful.

    Indeed. I was working at 14, it's not like it's unheard of. I won't advise you to do anything illegal, but, I will say I did a lot of under the table work at your age along with my legit part-time work. It is possible to find a job at your age, although the economy is kind of rough right now so I'll give you that.

    If you really want a job you need to go to small businesses, IE privately owned restaurants not franchises, and apply to be a dishwasher or a busboy. You're not going to get hired at a franchise, forget about fast food chains and such, privately owned restaurants and or privately owned landscaping companies are your best bet. Don't call, just go in and ask if they could use someone to help with the jobs I mentioned; if it's a landscaping company then try to ask the owner/boss face to face if he needs a laborer, but I suppose worst case scenario you call and it's still better than not trying. You have a better shot asking someone in person as opposed to over the phone.
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    posted a message on This is Minecraft, not Datecraft
    I'm failing to see why it would bother you what other people do with their own time playing a game they paid for. But hey, that's just me.
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