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    Sort of a bump, but mostly so I can highlight some things.
    Firstly, I haven't done any of the features I'd hoped to do on this map due to personal business, and my machine being generally screwed. But, it partially works and after some trial and error I can kinda get MC running. Which has let me fix up some challenges involving ladders, thanks to 1.1's collision box changes.

    Hopefully when I can afford a new computer, I'll be able to make some of the environment changes I wanted, but for now, all I can do is try to amend issues people report.

    Something I did start on though before having problems, was starting on structures for a new adventure map, which may/may not be a continuation from this one. it really depends if you find the extra part to the ending.

    Lastly; there is one problem that may occur, and it means I have to reveal a spoiler. After a certain battle, which you then teleport out from, you may spawn out in the open of a village. If this happen, please head straight down to the waterfront, and enter the big wooden building. This is where you are meant to re-appear at.
    For extra reference: At the start of the game, your co-ordiants are, x -254. , y 110. , z 371. (and you'll be in a small room with one bed)

    So here's the new link so you don't have to scroll back up if you feel like it, and best of luck to those who give this a try. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them. I may not exactly implement them in this, but I did mention a possible continuation in which they could. ;P


    Notice: Only ever download this map from this topic page, or if I post it on my website at studiowisp.com . Anywhere else, and its been ripped off, and could possible be a virus. So if you find them, please report them and notify me! Thank you.
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    I can't say I have much to say on the this since I don't have any info about the matter; but it has bought to wondering about if it were possible to alter the text for a specific MC World alone instead. Which I'm sure someone will point out isn't going to happen without a mod). But, if you catch my meaning here, its that people who end Adventure maps with defeating the Enderdragon would be able to have dialogue unique to that world.
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    I quite like the idea of this. Though being a non-peaceful mode player, I'm not fussed about needing a spinning wheel to make even more string than my overstocked supplies already are, but if there was an additional use like your combining string with redstone to make circuits that can run along walls, then I wouldn't mind making use of what would otherwise just be a bit of decoration.
    That said, I wouldn't mind some further uses for string, like making woolen clothing. Sure, it'd be a quarter as durable as Leather, but at least you 'could' dye it.

    Quote from GrammieFi

    I had a thought for another use for redstone wire last night: (or a really weird dream - lol) Glyphs on the walls of our structures, holding enchantments. I was mostly thinking of warding spells, but I'm sure the clever people on Mojang could think of a number of other useful enchantments. Adding glowstone wire as well could be interesting. Perhaps other items could be used in them as well. It might be an interesting use of lapis lazuli. I was kind of disappointed to find that the only thing this gem was good for was making decorations. It seems like kind of a waste. Lapis wire, perhaps?

    Also, strongly agreeance about Lapis. Still feel jibbed there's only a couple of uses.
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    Quote from gurufox

    Yea, i got stuck on the cobble stairs in the nether, there was no way to cross the gap at the top and the skellies kept shooting me into lava

    Thanks for giving the map a go and responding. But that section isn't difficult to bypass. In many cases, me and the other testers found they either fell off and died, or barely paid attention. It's a risky bit to get past, but they're not impossible. Previously, there were creepers in the hall located up above it. Now THAT was dangerous. There's enough time to bypass, take the items from the gravel hidden in one of the towers, and still be able to cross to the left and take the sword from another hidden chest, provided you don't miss the jump and fall in the lava. As specified in the topic header, this map is designed for MC 1.0.0. All jumps are possible with a well timed sprint.

    If you are trying to report the Lava pit that prevents you from crossing the Lava in the Netherbrick hallway, and the Gravel footpath has not worked, despite revision on this challenge, then let me know if this is the area you mean, and it'll become a priority to amend it. I had issues after the updates with gravel falling and being destroyed instead of filling up and making a path before, and I added two extra layers of Gravel that falls to fix this, and it worked on the machines it was tested on, so far.
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    Nice quiz. :3

    Managed to get 31 days! Does it go higher?

    Nevermind, saw earlier posts. Maybe I should switch to Diamond Armour and an Obsidian house? :tongue.gif:
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    Heads up notice: The only change between this and the release in 1.0, is making it possible to complete some challenges. I'd hoped to do more, but my computer remains to be completely stuffed. In the future though, I'll be able to return to this world and make more changes in the environment.
    What I have been able to do though before my computer screwed itself, is make a start on structures and terrain for what may or may not be a continuation from the story this one has.
    So moving on, if there are any errors in the map, drop me a message, and I'll look into them when it is again possible.

    Halls of the Damned is an Adventure map I began working on back in Alpha 1.2.0 and have been working (fairly) slowly on it, sometimes due to waiting for a new feature. It is now (to the best of my opinion) ready to be played with the exception of any tweaks that I may have missed and perhaps some more decals to make the environments more immersive
    The world is designed to follow a story which becomes a bit more clear as you progress. I may yet refine some of the notes left to make things fit in better.

    Not that notable, but I put in Juke Boxes with a disk I thought was suitable in some locations.
    Backstory (eventually to be done as a short animatic)
    You are no-one special. Just an ordinary person living out in your home, being at peace with your hobbies and lifestyle.
    But one night a fiendish nightmare troubles your mind. Visions of fire, monsters and dark confined spaces assault your dreams, ending with the sight of a dark void that seems to beckon for you to come. There is a flash of light, a terrible rawr and bright glowing eyes, then suddenly you awake in a cold sweat.
    Your head is pounding and your memory is amiss.
    You soon realise that you are not in your home.
    An eerie, inhuman voice echoes in your mind.
    �Welcome to your new home.�
    Some Challenges
    • Maze Navigation
    • Combat
    • Door Puzzels
    • Parkour
    • Gold Hunt - (71 Ingots can be found throughout the world and are extensively hidden)
    Global Rules for the map can also be reviewed in the word document provided.
    No breaking any materials, unless there is a note specifying it. At the start ONLY gravel can be broken.
    No tampering with the maps circuits unless a note specifies.
    Tempting it may seem, don't steal arrows from the dispensers. :tongue.gif:
    Screenshots (note the screenshots have glitching in them, this is due to my machine having technical issues)

    To assure your download is safe, please ONLY ever download from this link on this site, or, the download links on my website.
    Download size is 23mb (approx)


    If you have any comments or suggestion, please don't hesitate to post them up, or to e-mail me directly at [email protected]
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    Quote from Hanno25 »
    I bump to honor the series that was once called Oblivion Lost, now S.TA.L.K.E.R., in hopes of the original poster making these skins in 32x32.

    32x32 version would be awesome :biggrin.gif:

    And thanks for making these skins :happy.gif:
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