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    Hello! So, I am the owner of a server and I made a faction base with Factions and Massive core, and unfortunately, I went /spawn with forgetting to set a faction home... I was wondering if there was any way I can find it again, it's an underground base by the way, about the level of bedrock. Here are some plugins I have for you guys asking. Bessentials Group Manager, WorldEdit, CombatLog, Mobstacker, CreateYourOwnMenus Essentials, Essentials Chat, Essentials Spawn, Factions, Kitadder, Massivecore, MobStacker, playervaults, RandomPackage, Silk Spawners, Vault, World Guard, World Edit. I used worldedit on a lot of the base if that is effective at all. I am also willing to go into the server files! Thanks, have a good day.

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