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    Personally I have costochondritis (also know as Tietze's Syndrome), essentially I get chest pains every once in awhile and generally in mimics the type of chest pain you get before a heart attack, which can really frighten me sometimes, it can also be extremely painful and hard to ignore. Generally it doesn't stick around in people but it seems whatever I did to my chest must have been bad, I've had it on and off for 4 years now and there is no treatment, all they can do is give you pain meds for when it's really bad.

    I'm not alone with having it for a long time, a few people who replied to a question I asked a while ago on another forum have had it for their entire life.
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    posted a message on War Z Yay or nay?
    Quote from Jarod4549

    dayz imo is to glitchy, has to many hackers, and there is way to much kill on sight.

    You're talking about DayZ the MOD, not the game, don't ever mix the two.
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    posted a message on Most epic moment in your MC history?
    The first server I joined was rather empty, but the admin kept me entertained (she kept trying to kill me though lol) eventually I setup a base in a mountain and she made an awesome redstone door, anyways another person logged on and she was bored and kept yelling at us to go on an adventure.

    So, we finally said "FINE WILL GO AN A DAMN ADVENTURE!!" it was effing epic though, we were headed to a mob arena which was pretty far away, only a little bit away from spawn the night approached we scrambled to make a quick shelter but all we had by us was sand and no wood xD (yeah we really didn't prepare at all) we built a wall 2 high from sand and sandstone but then creepers happened and all hell broke loose, there was so many mobs in such a little place. The sand walls fell under explosions and we ended up with no protection and no choice but to hit the water and that we did. Eventually we hit land went looking for food, wood ect. my partner set up a quick shelter so we could sleep, but that too came under attack by skeletons, he ended up getting killed but managed to make it back to me rather quick, we slept and continued on our adventure, the last shelter we built was on ice, we were finally within reach of the mob arena, after waiting out the night we walked through snow and hit desert, and over a hill laid the mob arena with a village next to it. We did it, we made it to the arena, it was a long crazy adventure.

    In the end we played the arena a few times, and I guess provided adequate entertainment for the admin. It took 5 in game days to get there, mostly on foot but we did make boats to cross the many oceans, that's also when we learned to hate lilly pads with a passion(you can guess why...)
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    posted a message on I can't swallow pills.
    I can't swallow pills without water and I don't understand how people do it without some sort of fluid....

    Quote from Govna
    Doesn't bother me much, since I'm not that big of a fan of taking medicine. I'd rather just wait it out.

    Same I'm only 19 but I've seen what medicine does and I've researched many pills, only to find modern medicine is almost useless. I've also learned not to trust doctors as much, don't think just because they went to school they're smart in general doctors are ignorant and lazy.
    I went to my doctor once, who has been in the field for years and he's smart but he's ignorant and it's caused me not to trust his opinions anymore, I went in because my ear was clogged the nurses cleaned both ears and I felt much better but then my doctor fills out a prescription for an antibiotic.... When I got home I researched it and found that it had a ridiculous list of side effects all of which could kill you and it was listed as an extremely strong medication, not the first choice you should use considering it was something so simple medicine really wasn't needed my body would take care of it over a short amount of time.

    I think people and doctors need to have more faith in the human body and less in using medication for everything. Also I realize not all doctors are like the ones I've had, but even the good doctors warn about how many bad ones are out there, just be careful and don't always take what your doctor says as right, do your own research and always consult someone else when you get told something serious is wrong with you, or that nothing is wrong with you but you can obviously tell somethings wrong.

    I guess I have one last thing to say, screw my local hospital if you ever get stuck their in need of help you'll probably end up dead, worst...hospital...ever.
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    Quote from Swagbot

    I dislike all the updates, it annoys me that they're not bug fixing and instead adding crappy rushed updates. 1.7.3-1.8.1 were the golden ages and I've been here since alpha, they're rushing updates and not fixing bugs. It's made me only play for like only a few hours every 2 weeks.

    They are fixing bugs/glitches, but when they add new content or change the way things are, it can cause bugs/glitches. Bugs and glitches will be around as long as they change the game, it's just a factor of life.

    Honestly, every game has bugs the ones who have less either don't have that much content or they just made the game and ironed it out, which for Minecraft would suck part of the reason I personally like Minecraft is because they continue to develop the game.
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    posted a message on Laptop gets really hot when playing Minecraft and starts to lag..
    Quote from wterry4
    Alienware laptop?

    No. Alienware sucks now that Dell owns them they sell stuff way overpriced just because they think "Alienware" adds something to a computer, they also tend to lie a lot about the "features" on their PC's. There use to be a day where I saw awesome Alienware PC's in the middle of gaming magazines, but that day has since left.
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    posted a message on What's the best laptop brand to buy?
    Quote from Kamilio

    What exactly is QC? I found this really nice Acer and it seems like Acers have the better prices
    http://www.amazon.co...re v3-571g-9435

    I think QC means quality, and price is not what you need to look at, that is but a small point of interest, just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it's a better choice, the most important factor when buying pretty much anything you're putting a lot of money it to is QUALITY.

    Quality really matters when it comes to the core hardware of a PC.

    Edit: What I mean buy price not being very important, is that look at all brands in your price range and then take a look at in depth reviews and complaints on what you're looking at, sometimes you may find spending just a little more can amount to a much better piece of hardware.

    You just need to really research the product.
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    posted a message on What's the best laptop brand to buy?
    Quote from qwertysam


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    posted a message on okay what is going on.
    The game is being ported so expect glitches, they are attempting to add features to catch up to the PC versions or well get close behind, they are probably prioritizing the new features, fixing game breaking issues right away and waiting to smooth out the rest. So expect bugs they will get worked out along the way, remember every game is unoptimized and bugged the hell out in the beginning.

    Hell some great games are that way now and they have been out for years including a personal favorite Metro 2033! <3

    Crap, I'm sure they'll work out the kinks in the game though and you know not, not fix it....
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    posted a message on Community Creations - The Banner Contest
    Quote from djdevilmonkey

    did he take down the voting.. AGAIN!?


    Kinda makes this being on the front page useless but whatever....
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    posted a message on ♦♠♣♥ VapidFlats ♥♣♠♦ MINING TIERS | WEBAUCTION+ | TOWNS | mcMMO | CASINO [1.3.2] 200 Slots - 24/7 Dedicated ♦♠♣♥ 99%+ Uptime ♥♣♠
    Server is pretty sweet. Lots to do. If you're looking for a place to join this is it.
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    posted a message on ♦♠♣♥ VapidFlats ♥♣♠♦ MINING TIERS | WEBAUCTION+ | TOWNS | mcMMO | CASINO [1.3.2] 200 Slots - 24/7 Dedicated ♦♠♣♥ 99%+ Uptime ♥♣♠
    Your Age: 18
    Why do you want to join?: Just looking for a sever to join maybe have some good times and what not....
    What is your in game name: HellsRage_v2
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Anyone else having issues with "//expand"? It doesn't seem to be working for me I've tried several different ways it tells me the blocks have changed but nothing has happened.

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    posted a message on Lag
    I too am having issues with performance.

    There seems to be a lot of stuttering for me I'll be hovering around 100Fps on far/fancy and when walking just walking it will drop to 70Fps for second and go back up for no reason.

    Edit:The above was never an issue prior to 1.2-1.2.3 on 1.0 and 1.1 the game ran perfectly fine and my usual FPS was also higher.

    I would also like to note using "F3" will have an absolutely ludicrous performance drop I was using Fraps to measure my FPS and decided to hit F3 and went from 100Fps to 60Fps and as long as F3 is open it will stay there.

    My specs.
    Processor: AMD FX-4100 3.6GHz
    Memory: 8GB DDR3
    Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
    Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB

    There is also a FPS drop when in jungles not much for me but maybe a lot for some.
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    posted a message on plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, i really, really need help :(
    Wrong topic. LOLZ
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