About Me
Hey there. I'm an old user on the Minecraft Forums. You can call me HellsTheNetha, or you can call me Kon.

I started playing Minecraft early 2011 when a friend introduced me to it at his house. I remember the day I asked my dad for it, and I told him it was only $20. I remember my sister saying "oh, yeah! I've heard of that game too."

My first house was in a ravine, it had a nice aura to it. It was a playful room, library-like almost, with a fireplace... later that day it burned down. I think you can take a guess as to how.

The version I played on for the first time was beta 1.7.3.

I enjoy writing, typing, and I'm probably the most grammatical and mature[ish] 20/yo you'll ever meet.

I'm not a party kind of guy.

I hang out in my house and rarely invite or go meet friends.

I live in my room, essentially.

Likewise, I don't go outside often.

Nice to meet you.


Future Major: Aeronautics (it used to be computer engineering)

Future Minor: Computer Science (again, used to be computer programming)

Future Career: I'd love to eventually become an Aerial Firefighter.

My Interests: Computers, Gaming, Archery, Swimming, Guns, Minecraft, Modded Minecraft, Programming, Writing occasionally... as well as plenty of other things.

Location In my room.

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Minecraft konichiwah89 Xbox Who needs XBOX? PSN Who needs PSN? Steam konichiwah90 (Konii) Twitch konichiwah89 Nintendo Nintendo? pfff x') Discord konii#2000 PMC lol PMC???

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