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    posted a message on [MOD IDEA] Earthbound Mod/PK mod

    THIS needs to be a thing!

    I would love a lot to use PK in Minecraft...

    Also there should be PK Beam, but you can't learn it if you learned PK Rockin'.

    There should be Three User Options, like:

    PK Users: Learns PK by leveling up and can use Mirror via Mu Training. Uses Melee.

    Gadget Users: Can use Bottle Rockets and can repair Broken Items to use it. Also they can Spy to know an Enemy's type and weakness. Uses Guns.

    Weapon Users: Can use Strong Melee weapons that other Users can't.

    Also there should be a Party system (4 players max.) if a party member uses PK Teleport, all the Party teleports too.

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    posted a message on [1.11-1.12.2] Super Mario Brothers v0.0.3.0

    Awesome, thanks for updating the plugin!

    In the Features to Implement and Add you forgot the jumping sound from the original mod.

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