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Hello. I am HeartofDragons. I've also been called Heart, HoD, Heart-Dragon, and probably some other nicknames I can't remember of the top of my head (you can shorten my name, too, if you like). If my name wasn't enough of a hint, I love dragons!

Lessee... technically I'm an adult but I still think of myself and everyone around my age as a kid. I like to laugh and (try) to make others laugh, usually with dumb jokes and puns. I have 3 pet rats (Rujii, Izzy, and Cheyanne) and they are silly and cute and I love them!

I think I probably can come across as sarcastic or rude sometimes, and if I do, I most likely don't mean to be (I never mean to be rude, sarcastic sometimes). So I apologize if I've offended anyone.

I'm planning on taking some classes on Java so I can maybe do some coding for mods, 'cause I think it would be fun.


Dragons, Rats, Jokes, Puns, Fire, Drawing Dragons, Minecraft, Reading, Games, Making stupid jokes/puns, playing pranks, taking things literally, grinning/laughing, playing games.... basically finding things to entertain myself if I'm not having fun with other people. You'll see me type laughing faces (XD) a lot. I also like trying to help people.

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