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    This server offers everything. It has always been the server I have been looking for and have found, I knew from the day I joined I would love my experience on here and I have! It has everything you can think of!! From Tokens even to Amazing Custom Enchants!! This server is definantly one I will be staying on for a long time. As well as all these amazing custom features to the server it also has an AMAZING community. There is barely any anger within the community and everyone is so nice!

    Username: HazePvPMC
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    Hi Haze here and I am making a review of this hosting company.

    I really do enjoy this hosting company, they're nice, they're support system is amazing and the server qualities are amazing!! The best thing about their amazing services is the fact that they are CHEAP!! I would definantly refer this hosting company to ANYONE who needs an affordable, good quality hosting company.

    10/10 !

    - HazePvPMC
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    Name: Charles Cullen

    In Game Name(IGN): HazePvPMC

    Skype Name: honiko1999

    Any Recording Software?: Yes I do happen to have a recording software as I just started doing YouTube videos!! I use Camtasia, and I have the full version, including Photoshop, Camtasia Studio and more!!

    Possible Avalibility times?: I am pretty much avaliable ALL the time, if you ever need me just send me a message on skype.

    Links To screenshots of builds: As I may not be new to building I have only taken screenshots of the builds that people didn't mind going public so here is a list of a few builds I've done so far with different viewing points of them.

    (I actually added them to this reply so I didn't give any links :P)

    Age: I am currently 15 but I really don't see why the age matters, I mean even if you are 13 and a good builder, why does that matter?

    Anything Else We Should Know?: I am a very experienced, cheap (depending on the builds), detailed builder. I am currently working on re-building my ranks for my server because my builders are Terrible!! (that's why they were demoted :P) so I'm currently under white-list.
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    Quote from JamieisawsomeMC

    Nice application, very thought out :)
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    Quote from SlimFatKid

    Lol you will never get it when do a quick/bad application like this.
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    In game name: HazePvPMC :steve_csi:

    In game Rank: D (Almost E)

    Any Donation Ranks? Not yet, although I'm thinking about it :)

    Age: 15

    Timezone: GMT+8 (In Perth, Australia)

    What do you think you can do to improve asylum Prison:
    Well there isn't much to improve in Asylum Prison, although I could help out maintain the server at a good level chat wise. I could also help with the occasional hacker using Speed-mine or Force Field. But I could also help building or editing/configuring your plugins, and maybe even suggesting some things here and there.
    Why should we pick you over somebody else:

    I should be picked over other people because I am more mature, responsible and I love to help out servers. Infact I use to own a server and I'm currently working on a new one. But mainly because I like to help maintain servers and make them a better place.

    I like to play soccer outside and inside of school. I'm on from about 3:30PM-8PM on Tuesday and randomly throughout the weekend. I also work at a Raceway.

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