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    Quote from Draco_Rogue

    Heeelllooo CTM Community!

    I've been recently planning the second installment to my 'Mini Adventures' series in my thread. I'm doing this to make up for the inactivity on my thread that has been going for quite some time now (Though I'm still working on Legends of Argonia), so here's something to get you excited. The basic plans I've got so far are:

    - Siege, a difficult 3 wool CTM
    - Choose a class to play as!
    - This gives you a starting kit and then you are free to do as you please!
    - I'm planning straight on action from the start, but resource gathering (such as potion materials, wood etc) is mixed in also.

    I've showcased one of the 4 classes available below though poorly made, the Ember Knight!

    Edit: I have noticed that error with the leggings screenshot, but I'm too lazy to fix it. Boohoo. :P

    So are the classes going to get unique things as the game progresses or will it just be a starting kit? IE: A class can only trade for an item of its own class or one available for any class.
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    Quote from Hybran

    I'm not sure you know what sarcasm is.

    Yes, I just googled it.
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    Quote from cameron274

    That response doesn't even make sense in context to the question...

    You can never back out from a discussion? o_0

    Why was that in white? Seriously. The test world thing was really to support a previous post, not really the point of my strategy post. But if there were more people like you who told me what's going on/wrong instead, then this thread would be much better. Thank you.
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    Quote from cameron274

    It is a knight, you uncultured swine.

    D: It's horse in my country. My bad.
    Quote from Hybran

    Community question time!

    What do you think is the best way to back out of a discussion?

    Obviously if you started something or misunderstood someone don't apologize, because according to Chiefwiggy every time you apologize you will just be saying an excuse. Any non-rude ways to end a discussion are highly uneffective, so be really rude and interrupt it without recognizing that you have made a mistake by saying:
    "Community question time!

    What do you think is the best way to back out of a discussion?"

    Hope it helps.
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    Quote from taschneide

    He's Hybran. He's always like this. We've learned to look past the antagonism; I suggest you do the same. Don't take anything he says TOO personally. There's generally subtext to what he's saying, and unless you're careful, you'll miss it. Just a friendly warning.

    Since he is clearly missing my point, why should I find his?
    It's a reply to someone else, who replied to a post that was caused by my post. The main point of the post wasn't the labeling problem, which has been talked about millions of times before according to: everybody. The point of the post was to talk to Virthue about strategy, not to insult any genre, person, or start a massive war.

    I really really hope people are misunderstanding me, if not, I am such a fail at expressing my points and should improve.

    Quote from link982

    My Lord, Shutup haxor. And hybran, you dun good man, you dun good

    This thread:
    Guy talks to someone.
    5 people tell guy to shut up.
    Clearly the best place to discuss things.

    Quote from TheBMajor

    @Haxor You know, everytime I see you here, you seem to be starting up arguments. This is what ive seen, dont judge pls. And pls stop with the hostilities. We dont need it.

    Edit: Got ninja'd (if thats the correct use of the term :P ) by hybran

    Hostilities my butt, I was talking to somebody else and Hybran just comes randomly to incorrectly interrupt me without understanding my point, thinking its something else, and telling me to stop something that hasn't started. It's a whole different thing.
    Quote from Hybran

    I speak for a lot of people here when I say we've had enough drama about this subject that we should drop it.

    Now, stop.

    I was talking to someone else, not trying to start a discussion. I was talking about what makes something strategic, not to bash on CTM maps, a genre that I like, or to talk about the labeling that has apparently discussed been discussed a bunch of times before AND I apologized for before.
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    Quote from Hybran

    What I got from that wall of text:

    1. We all use cryboxes and elevated platforms.
    2. CTM maps require no strategy.
    3. Vechs is the ultimate one and only definer of CTM definitions (which makes this argument pointless unless you're some sort of disciple or something)
    4. 2 neat games define all of the genres they are in.

    In conclusion, stop.

    What's your problem? Seriously, I won't even use excuses to cover my late post. You keep babysitting me every time I post something even if it's not directed to you, I thought this thread was supposed to be a discussion thread or something, but right after people talk about the genre labeling and such. You don't bash em, you reply to me.

    To 1:
    Yea, how's that good?
    To 2:
    Did you even read Virthue's post? He basically implied that not breaking blocks removes strategy, and I replied to that specific part of the post in the first part. The second part is about how he defines CTM's.
    To 3:
    I don't even play super hostile that much, I have only completed 3 of SH maps in one run, never replayed them TBH. I just watched his test world video and I heard something fishy, that's why I am here.
    To 4:
    Oh look, I forgot to list my source of experience of all the tactical RPGS, real time strategy games, puzzle games, stealth games, board games etc.. That I have played! People will think I don't know ­ about tactical games so I will just put chess, MOTN, and Gunpoint to cover myah! Obviously not. I could give you my whole repertoire of strategy games but I won't, don't pick on the lack of hundreds of examples.

    And I would never say a genre doesn't have strategy potential. As long as it has a strategic balance between options and limitations, it's strategic.

    Quote from Aimoskeeto

    Since when? o_o

    Look at his test world video.
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    Quote from qmagnet

    I think actually it's about moving forward right when you land. I tried to exploit it when I did the Code. But I guess it's a Mojang bug yes.

    I enjoy just about every LP I see on it so I'm happy you made it. But how on earth did you "survive" the cactus?

    I saw all the dis-encouragement that you felt from your many posts. So I think I should throw this out here:

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    Quote from chiefwiggy

    Don't apologize or make excuses dude

    I actually tried to be humorous but I tripped, fell down the stairs into the basement with grues sucking my blood, but a wizard appeared and saved me only to make me his enslave my mind to write that post.

    I never make excuses.

    Quote from Vithrue00


    On the first part:

    Being able to do everything you want to do is bad for strategy. Adventure maps that don't allow you to break blocks should require more strategy than any map where you can do anything you want. But they are being executed poorly, most adventure maps are just a slashing fest with no strategy, but that's where you guys misjudge a whole genre. When you have only one option to solve something, it turns into a puzzle game. When there's many options it turns into a tactical game. When you are allowed to box yourself in and attack a bosses' feets, it turns into what you like, not really strategy, just sandbox. There needs to be a balance between liberty and linearity. When combined they will make a fine strategy game.

    Most CTM's right now are like a game of chess where any piece can defeat another piece by just being next to them. Chess has different attack conditions for each piece. You can use the pawn to attack diagonally front, you can use the horse to attack in a T pattern, you can use the tower to attack directly front, etc... But even with these attack limitations, you have multiple pieces and space to work with, giving you a fine strategy game.

    Let's apply it in Minecraft:
    Wall of text incoming.

    Most adventure maps tend to make combat very straight forward, only two options, hit or shoot with no strategy. Let's start with your limitations: You have mining fatigue 5 and no blocks, there's a slow mob with weakness IV and negative jumpboos that splashes potions only on the ground level, but you provide an environment with elevated ground. Of course you could just jump and hit, but you will fall to the potion, if the potion isn't that much of a trouble, the puzzlemaker could always make it more punishing.

    You can go to that elevated ground or shoot him, however you will soon notice he has high knockback resistance and some sort projectile protection (Not really noticeable, but the map maker can do it possible for the player to notice, like how Orange did with colored armor in ED3). You can go to the elevated ground, but that's just in range from a sniper, you could snipe him to death, but you notice that he is on a pressure plate connected to a cage's gate that's full of angry monkeys. If you did kill him, the monkeys with really high jump boost and speed will prevent you from staying in the elevated ground.

    Let's take compare the limitations to chess. You are either the king or the queen, you can attack and move to all directions like the king, or you can shoot a long distance and teleport to all directions like the queen. Let's say that you don't have Enderpearls, and the queen is disabled because of the ProjProt and KnockRes. The slow mob will be a pawn, he will move directly towards you but he can only attack to the ground and can't melee you. The sniper will be the tower, since it will only attack when you are in range of the elevated ground, it will only attack a certain direction with range. The monkeys will be the horses (Not the mob, the chess piece), they have a better than average range simulated by the speed and they can jump blocks, similar how horses can jump other pieces. Let's say the monkeys are melee skeletons, so they circle around to simulate their tricky T movement pattern.

    That's your limitations, now let's look at your options. Let's say there's a chandeliers on top, you can shoot them to make them fall. Unfortunately they are in the range of another tower. However you can use it to give you as a pawn obstruction, so you can pillar dance on it like in any roguelike game. Now that you have thinking time, you can develop your strategy. You see that the pressure plates below the towers are wooden, and realize that any drop or arrow will trigger them. But you aren't in an angle where you can activate the pressure plate. You see dispensers vertically parallel to the pressure plates, with a wooden button. But you see that it is also wired up to a less intimidating cage of horses. Then you see a ladder next to a button that could take you to the tower's sniping spots. Then you see a really easy scramble square puzzle (Those 3x3 square grids that you have to match to make an image) made with buttons wired up to a gate that could potentially cover the cage if dropped down.

    In conclusion, you have 5 options:
    +You could activate the dispensers and combat the weaker horses, shoot the towers, go into elevated ground, and kill the pawn.
    +You could shoot the ladder, take shots, drop items into the tower's presure plate, kill the tower, go to elevated ground and kill the pawn.
    +You could use the chandelier for thinking time, finish the puzzle, kill the tower, got to elevated ground and kill the pawn.
    +You could test your luck/skill and take on the pawn if you have noticed his attack patterns to skillfully kill him.
    +You could kill the tower, and test your luck/skill and take on the monkeys, if you know their attack patterns to skillfully kill them, then kill the pawn.

    Now, you may be asking why did I just type this wall of text, well first let's do this without limitations. You don't have mining fatigue and you have blocks. You make yourself an elevated ground not in range of the skelleton and kill both the pawn and the skellie. You make a crybox and kill da feetz. Strategy...

    If you don't get my point, what I mean is that strategy comes from a mixture of limitations and options, sandbox comes from options, and puzzles from limitations.

    Look at stealth games like mark of the ninja. Stealth should always be a different take on puzzle games. You are giving limited options, these are the environment and your equipment. But you also have your limitations, if you want an undetected run, you will require to think some strategy. But are most stealth games labeled as puzzle games? No, only Gunpoint, because the developers want to make it known what stealth is supposed to be. So if this is applied to a CTM with mining fatigue, it still has the depth and structure of a CTM map, and frankly, it can make combat more interesting if used on different situations. Just like Mark of the Ninja, the developers don't label it as a puzzle game, so your CTM won't be labeled as a puzzle game unless you want it to, like Gunpoint.

    On the second part:

    I think most of you are misunderstanding my reason for that post. Vechs is making a map with mining fatigue 5, and labeling as CTM, and I said the freedom part of the CTM conditions is now obsolete. And thanks to everyone that explained that uCTM thing, they seem like my way to go.
    Quote from Zjarr

    Community Question:
    When should the player reach the victory monument? Or does it really matter? The monument has always been a hub and a home for the player on their adventure (important early game, decreases travel time) and also a vital part to completing the map (obviously, but the vm in the end game goal). In recent maps we've had the monument at I1 and up to I3 (can't think of any I4 or I5, might be derpin').

    UT3 - After I1
    IM - After I3
    TGP - I1

    So what do you think? And when will you be putting the monument in your next map?

    Right from the get-go. After introduction cinematic.
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    Quote from Hybran

    No, it wouldn't be. Still as much drama then as it is now.

    I apologize. I just scrolled 6 pages and 4 people are using the word drama, with Qmagnet saying multiple times how he is gonna stop map making, a guy gets "attacked" because of his unfair review. This is more interesting than my country's hundreds of crime news, 5/5, made me cry, would buy.
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    Quote from Hybran

    I can't describe how much idiocy is in this post.

    Stop causing drama, or attempting to. It's not helping anyone, and you can believe what you want.

    If I posted 30 pages ago it would be alright, right? I already apologized about that in the post, I am not trying to help anybody, geez. I am just posting questions because I want to post questions. I am not as much as a stalker as I used to be when I didn't have an account, I don't know what's been going on, I don't even know if anybody mentioned this before. Someone has probably done it, but as I said, I am just posting questions because I want to post questions. Understood?
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    I know this happened like 30 pages ago, but I missed it (Sup guys?) I am just gonna throw it out there that since Vechs is using mining fatigue 5 in a CTM, it means that the "unlike adventure maps, freedom is w/e.. blah blah myah myah" quote is obsolete. So I guess I can now get control without a bunch of elitists being disgusted at the lack of freedom. I am more into strategy, and when you are allowed to do everything, thinking outside the box isn't necessary.

    So I guess that CTM now means anything were getting all the achievements is the goal. So in theory, an adventure map where you need silly generic achievements like clear before 2 min, get all the "insert generic deus ex machina object name here" to get to the final boss, is a CTM. So Sanic da hedgehog is a CTM! So is Zelda! So is Fire Emblem! etc... You get my point. When the maker of the genre decides to change the rules to this does it mean that CTM isn't a genre anymore, but a design structure?

    Obviously Vechs can't decide for all of us. But what does it mean? Is there another subgenre or something? Scrolling down I heard about this uCTM thing... And Vechs is not going to label his new project as a uCTM. Seriously, this labeling is worse than "Roguelike"!

    Again sorry for bringing up a 30 pages ago thing, when somebody finds something interesting to them they just type it. And I have been reclusive for 5 months, right?

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    Hey Sniper, I have been reclusive for quite a while due to personal reasons you probably don't care about. I restarted my area because I improved a lot from the hiatus so everything I built before it looked kinda terrible. This time I am not working in order. But plans have changed for my map designing, I am going a more progressive route, so no, the space area won't be a we-all-burn-like anymore. (Same layout, but some different planning. Even though more time has passed, I get more and more ambitious. Why? So that I can work on other ambitious things faster than normal, I gotta train my hopes. This stuff happens everytime I have to compose/learn music over a deadline, I get ambitious and go slow. But with this hiatus reset, I will be speeding up quite a bit.

    Here's the story/layout:
    Gray wool: (Generic bad team name) Armada > MAGNET/POLAR city.

    The Armada:
    After watching a lot of Extra credits, I came up with interesting things for my areas, but I won't explain what those things are because I am going to Chicago in 30 minutes (Typing as fast as I can).

    You press the button for my area, you are in a generic transition tunnel. Suddenly, a ship lands in a skylight. You go investigate, and a mysterious person comes out asking you for help, his armada is being attacked by another one. You accept and go with him. He takes you to a space carrier where you will get some space-esque stuff. As soon as you step out to the enemies armada, the carrier is destroyed, no coming back (for now). So you run thru ship thru ships slaying space soldiers and aliens, destroying robots, turrets and exploding ships at really high speeds (There's speed and jump boosters to give you a fast paced journey). The mothership is defense heavy, so you sneak in from below. (There will be ships that contain Iron blocks).

    As you progress inside the mothership you go into the lab below the main board and see a sleeping spaceworm (Think of it as a really disgusting purple Dune sandsworm). You ignore it and go up to the main board, there you see the commander, the guy who asked for help at his side, and all the remaining wool. It resulted to be a plan to get kill you and steal all your wool so they can complete their monument. So after he threatens you the spaceworm digs up thru the ship and devours the commander, the guy who asked for help starts to kneel and plead for mercy (He is an alien biologist).

    Then you proceed to fight the spaceworm. While you are fighting it, the biologist sneaks around and activates an autodestruction sequence. He attempts to gather all the wool at the commander's room, but half the mothership tears apart and he only manages to get the Cyan and Gray wools. As you defeat the spaceworm, you notice the Gray wool on the ground and a capsule flying out of the armada, you grab the wool. You see another person, trying to escape, he notices you and tells you to follow him. You try to get to the capsules but they tear away just as you reach them. The person, ashamed, starts murmuring some words. Suddenly, a shield appears around you and you fly at the speed of light to another planet.

    The person says he can't keep it up for too long and that there's someone he knows who could help you in his quest. You arrive to the boss fight area/transition, MAGNET City (The spaceworm is just a stronger animated mech).

    MAGNET City / POLAR City, Viper fight/Cobra fight
    This fight is inspired by many old-school games.

    You arrive in a futuristic city, you can see 5 plates of land and a bright sphere connected by a magnetic field in the distant space. You see your friend unconscious on the ground and a sign that says "MAGNET - To bring the world back together!" You are asked to leave anything you can use to build in an ender chest (Would break the fight to trap the boss, I am strictly against it. Bosses are supposed to own their areas after all). Once you are ready a person (me) comes down from a skyscraper to challenge you.

    The fight is composed of many phases to let you get used to boss fight combat (I have decided that I will add boss fights on any map I make). Viper will unintentionally give you hints to the combat thru his mocking. His combat is based on speed and poison. I made this by using teleportation, scoreboard dummies, stacked entities, and lead.

    There's 5 phases:

    1. You fight in the streets. He won't get damage, he will hint this by telling you that he can dodge anything you throw at him. After a certain time, he will go to either phase 2 or 3.

    2. You climb a building and fight on top. In this phase, he will slow down and start using poison, here you can get some damage for the sole purpose of entering phase 4, if you don't get enough damage on him in this phase it will take you back to phase 1.

    3. He will challenge you to a race, you will run thru the road, there will be holes that are connected by some sort of magnetic field (invisible charged creepers), these holes are to ensure car-only usage. But since your planet's gravity is higher than MAGNET's you can jump right over. To win the race you will have to take shortcuts and take speed boosters. Viper will occasionally splash poison as you get near him. You will then travel to a point of interest where there's 3 tunnels, you enter one and you will see animated F-zero-like cars from the end of the 2 tunnels.

    After that you will see a portal, if Viper gets thru first, you will be teleported back to phase 1. If you get in first, you will get teleported to the City's main point of interest, you will revolve around this huge tower, and if you get to the top first, you can get to phase 4. If you don't, he will throw you off the tower to another portal that takes you to phase 1. Also, if you fall off the road, fail at skydiving to the portal, or get crashed by a car, you will die.

    4. This is what I call the quick time event phase, if you meet certain requirements you will enter it. If you from phase 2, you will freerun to the top of a building (Don't worry, it's easy sprint parkour). Once on top, you will enter the quicktime event. From phase 3, this will happen on top of the City's main point of interest (let's call it the tower). You will be given slowness IV, and the enemy will approach you at a certain pattern using stacked entities, or lead (Haven't fully tested the control on lead yet). You will have to hit him before he hits you, if you hit him Viper will fall off the tower. Once you get 3 hits thru quick time event phases, you will proceed to phase 5.

    5. This is the special attack phase, here he will spam a bunch of poison and damage potions at the ground and run around aimlessly. What you have to do, is get on top of a barrel, crate, car, or building and attack him mid-air, he will hint this by saying "It's my job to protect Earth and bring it together". Once you hit him, you will have defeated him.

    Once defeated, Viper praises you for a good fight and he will give you a scroll of poison as a reward. Your friend wakes up, and Viper notices him and greets him. They know each other, so Viper offers you help. They take the wool to a lab and get a ship for you that has a radar for the remaining wools. Your friend offers to accompany you. Viper says he has something to take care off at POLAR city (optional end-game area where you will fight Cobra, to get here you are gonna need to get a ticket to take a train ride to the other side of the plate).

    Intersection IV:
    The turning point, time to explore the universe.
    The ship will become your intersection, here all the friends that came with you will trade stuff. There will be 5 planets to go: Depending on which one will be the area transition, it will be the biggest, 'cause intersections 5 and 6 will be on the same planet, unless mirrorwolf decides to copy me. The areas are MAGNET City's plate (It's a destroyed planet after all), the starting planet (intersection 3 and below, you can't go back to the Armada), Arrakis (Cyan blue, based off Dune), and the remaining 2 planets will be up to the creators.

    Cyan wool: Planet Arrakis

    I wanted to finish this mini story of mine with a conclusion to the biologist. This area is directly from Dune, so I won't explain what it looks like (You should know). This area is more like other CTM maps when compared to the space odyssey, but it's still a little bit progressive, just not as much.

    This area has no undead enemies other than important characters (boss, and friends). The enemy mobs will be sandtrouts. (Custom silverfish). Everything else will be a showcase of my animation abilities, there will be sandtrout (Coming out of spawners/queens). 3 kinds of sandworm (Dune, Star wars, Tremors), and sandworm queens.

    The boss will be the biologist, You will fight him on top of a Sandworm queen (There will be an illusion to make it seem like it's moving). He has done experiments on himself, he now has the abilities of a sandworm and is recognized by them as one.

    1. Straight combat phase, he won't dodge or do any of that stuff. He will spawn silverfish and ocassionally do some magic
    2. After a defeat on top of the Sandworm, he will fall into the sand. Misguided, the Sandworm queen will dig down, you brace the sandworm and end up unconcious. You wake up in a mineshaft by the biologist yelling "YOUR WOOL IS MINE!". His powers will be the same as phase 1, but the enviroment is tougher. There will be traps and more sandtrout.
    3. After deafeat in the mineshaft, you will snatch his wool. And he whispers to you: "You will never get out... Alive" In his dying breath.
    Then he starts trembling and screaming really loud, his head explodes and a sandworm appears, you will have to get out from the tunnel that the queen made ASAP or he will eat you...
    4. Suddenly, if you survived, you see a person, he throws a bunch of water at the sandworm kills him, helps you escape, and blows up the
    tunnel with explosives. He will go with you to the ship.

    That's it, now a bunch of CTM elitists are gonna eat me and yell "BAWSSES? STORY? DIS IZNT AN ADVENTUR MEP" Well, you can still break and place block in the actual area, they are called bosses for a reason, and it still has the CTM structure, and it's also the first time I make something to the public. That's my plan, and that's what I want it to be, nothing wrong with it being different as any theme is allowed, so I assume that any themed mechanics/narratives are also allowed (Not rules, forced mechanics).

    So I was 1:30 hours late, god I am such a slow typer. Well I will return next week, and I don't know if I can build my areas in the hotel.

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    Quote from SniperGoth

    Sure, but the future doesn't look promising.
    Sniper, I have been absent from the forums for a long time due to personal reasons. But, at the end of the month I will be free to do anything you need me to do (summer break). I just looked at my inbox to check messages from contacts who I am enrolled in personal projects with, and I see this. I had no idea it would be like this since there wasn't a deadline for it and I get enrolled in as many things as I can, so I will setup a deadline for 5 areas (to speed things up just in case). Do you think you can stand it til' June 8? The reason for my slow progress is due to not having a deadline and getting enrolled into too many things (I am just gonna throw it out there and say it's a bunch of music performances and tests, cause that's what it is). If you are ending this, next time only leave spots for already-made-areas only, and do it on summer, too. Well, now that my busy streak is almost over, I am able to return to work if you need/want me to. It's been a while since I play Minecraft but I am sure I can remember all those ideas I had back then with time. Just telling you, I really wanted this to be a thing back when I first started and I checked the posts via E-mail.
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    Quote from WaterTipper

    How does this look?

    A work of art.
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