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    posted a message on ***Youtuber Server*** 1.8 - World Border - Whitelist Only - Mindcrack Like
    I am uploading a "Mic Test" Video as I post this. I will try to record using the mic as much as it is needed, when I can.
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    posted a message on ***Youtuber Server*** 1.8 - World Border - Whitelist Only - Mindcrack Like
    Ok, I can see where you're coming from, but I have refreshed this page 4 times a day fro 1 week and that's what you say <_<
    "we dont want people who cant record" As you can see from my videos, I can in fact record and, as it so happens to be as of yesterday, I have bought a new headset with a mic that works. I choose not to use it in videos, for the viewer's sake :)
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    posted a message on ***Youtuber Server*** 1.8 - World Border - Whitelist Only - Mindcrack Like
    Your Minecraft Username: xXHaxfracroarXx
    Age: 14
    Country/Timezone: Aus, WA
    Skype Name (if you don't want to make it public you can PM it to me): PM You
    Why are you interested in joining this server? I would like to play Minecraft with people from the same region as me, as my server hosts people all over the world (This makes it rare that we all get on at the same time). I would also like to meet more people and have a break from my own server :D +Get some more varying content on my channel.
    Strengths (redstone, building, etc): I'm very good at redstone and I am a decent builder :3
    Do you play regularly on other servers/Will this be your primary server? I have a Whitelist FTB Server I own, and play on. This will most likely be secondary.
    Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself? I'm random? Oh, I love helping people out with whatever they're doing, even if I have NO idea what I'M doing :DD
    Whats you youtube channel or twitch channel? , I've only just started to post videos. Might not be much. Oh, I have a mic, although whenever I plug it in, it just produces this harsh screeching noise. I've got to fix that. :)
    My Uploading schedule is
    Monday & Tuesday : MC Tutorial
    Wednesday : Top 10
    Thursday : Pokemon Showcase
    Friday : Pokemon Battle
    Saturday : MC Tutorial (Will swap to Server Play)
    Sunday : Top 10

    I was thinking of recording on the server during the week then uploading one video every Saturday.
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    I am creating a Whitelist CrackPack server that has the same rules that Mindcrackers use.

    • 2 teams, one focusing on magic and one on tech.
    • 2 'Team Biomes' where you can build as a team.
    • 1 'Wastland Biome' - neutral terrain.
    • No griefing is allowed. Griefing will result in ban. No one likes a griefer.
    • No Raiding is allowed. Raiding wont result in ban, just make sure that you do it for a few laughs! :DD
    • PvP is allowed, but no excessive combat is allowed. Try to keep it to 1 PvP/day.
    • If someone calls 'Truce', then that person can no longer be PvP'd, and is free to collect their things.
    • No breaking another persons grave.
    If you wish to join, please apply here :

    Spots Left : 12
    Current Members:
    1. Myself (team magic)
    2. Xydium (team technology)
    3. Just_Mitch (team technology)
    4. SoloPanda (team magic)
    5. henrywelch (team magic)
    6. diegoroberts99 (team technology)
    7. MiloIsYumYum
    8. shotzforkill
    I hope to see you on! (I won't be creating the server until we have 14+ people whitelisted and we can all start at the same time!)
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    posted a message on Auramcraft mod for Minecraft 1.7.2
    This is a magic based mod, which I know, has been done before.
    This mod is always being worked on and is updated constantly. It also has a few aspects from other mods
    such as Blood Magic, Tinker's Construct and Thaumcraft.

    When you start a new world, you will be given a Book of Aura, which will have updated pages when you
    complete certain rituals such as mining a Gemstone Ore, which randomly generate in the world.
    You will also come across some uncommon Aura Flowers that contain an Aura.

    There are 29 different Auras at the moment, 5 of them being base Auras.
    These Auras are:

    Tier 1 : Fire Water Earth Air Auram

    Tier 2 : Ice Light Life Death Metal Cloud Silica

    Tier 3 : Spirit Vacuum Weather Holy Energy Gem

    Tier 4 : Magic Beast Crop

    Tier 5 : Knowledge Harvest

    Tier 6 : Human Tech Greed

    Tier 7 : Golem Tool Scare

    To receive the higher tier auras, you must combine them in a multi block structure that has yet to be decided a name for. You can then drain these Auras with Wands and an Aura Crystal, which is the most basic form of magic tool that you can get. You craft an Aura crystal with a diamond in center, glass in the adjacent and gold ingots in the corners. The Aura Crystal can only hold 25 of the 5 base Auras though.

    "Well, how do you craft Wands?" Put it simply; you can't 'craft' them. You can craft the parts of the Wand : Cap, Core and Cloth. Each having a different effect on the Wands capabilities.


    Iron = +1 Potency (50 Units of Aura)
    Gold = +4 Potency (100 Units of Aura)
    Diamond = +16 Potency (400 Units of Aura)
    Emerald = +50 Potency (1250 Units of Aura)
    Magic = +100 Potency (2400 Units of Aura)
    Infused Magic = +140 Potency (3500 Units of Aura)

    Stick = Tier 1 Storage
    Diamond = Tier 1, 2, 3 Storage
    Aumwood = Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Storage
    Infused = Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Storage

    Magic = +3 Speed
    Infused = +7 Speed

    There is a Dev Wiki on the GitHub repository if you would like to know more.

    The mod is also Open Source so you can check the code out.
    If anyone posts "This is exactly like thaumcraft!", then I'll have you know this :
    We are not copying or using any of Azanor's work to create this mod.
    Additionally, 'Misc Peripherals and Open Peripherals, both similar mods, but different.' -Mcat12

    The wondrous people working on this mod are the following (Credits)

    - HaxfracroarX (Textures & Wiki)
    - Mcat12 (Coder)
    - Xydium (Coder)
    - MiloIsYumYum (Modeling)
    - SoraRaion (Soon-to-be Coder)

    And a huge THANKYOU! to all that leave support, feedback and constructive criticism!

    - HaxfracroarX
    aka Mystick Milotic
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    posted a message on Auramcraft - CODER NEEDED! (1.7.2)
    Auramcraft (will be) a complex magic based mod.
    There are 28 Auras that are in plan, each put into Tiers :

    Base Auras (Tier 1)
    Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Auram.

    Tier 2
    Ice, Light, Life, Death, Metal and Cloud.

    Tier 3
    Spirit, Vacumm, Weather, Holy, Energy and Gem.

    Tier 4
    Magic, Beast and Crop.

    Tier 5
    Knowledge and Harvest.

    Tier 6
    Human, Tech and Greed.

    Tier 7
    Golem, Tool and Scare.
    You can fuse these Auras by creating Infusion Constructs.
    Eg : Water + Auram = Ice.

    You can drain these Auras with an Aura Crystal, which you will
    be able to upgrade into a wand when you reach higher Tiers.
    Only higher Tier wands will be able to drain certain Tiers of
    To start, you will need to create your first Infusion Table. I have
    not yet come up with a recipe. You can place the Aura Crystal
    into a slot in the Infusion Table when it is necessary to craft a
    certain item. Different Tier tables will accept higher Tiers of
    You then need to mine Gemstones, which can be infused
    with a basic Aura to create a shard.
    eg : Gemstone + 5 Fire = Fire shard.

    After this step is complete, you will need to upgrade your
    Altar to higher Tiers to obtain higher tech things such
    as Golems and Metal transmutation.


    -HaxfracroarX aka. Mystick Milotic
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    posted a message on FTB Launcher won't launch, MC client gets stuck at Mojang screen and eventually crashes.
    Same here :/

    Have no idea how to fix but re-downloading or running as admin dont work.

    Happens for every modpack for me as well :'(
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    posted a message on PokeTile Mod! [1.6.4, 0.0.4]
    + - Gen 1 & 2 Character clothes Proving a little more trouble than I presumed
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    posted a message on PokeTile Mod! [1.6.4, 0.0.4]
    + - Desert Tree (Bottom, Top)
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    posted a message on PokeTile Mod! [1.6.4, 0.0.4]
    Sure :D

    Id love that :)
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    posted a message on PokeTile Mod! [1.6.4, 0.0.4]
    POKETILE MOD 0.0.4

    What PokeTile mod offers :
    - A Wider variety of blocks to use for making your pixelmon maps.
    - Aesthetic pleasure for all pixelmon fans.
    - Alot more customization.
    - And much, much more!

    + = Done and in current release
    + = In current release but buggy
    + = Working on and will be in next release
    + = Thinking about (May be in next release)
    + = Considering (90% Not in the next release)
    - = Removed feature (May bring it back in the future)

    + - Tree blocks (Top, Middle, Bottom)
    + - Bridge blocks
    + - Grass, Stone, and Grass-Stone combos
    + - Ledge blocks (Grass)
    + - Short and Tall grass
    + - Desert tree blocks (Top, Bottom)
    + - More signs
    + - City pavement tiles
    + - Trainer armour (Gen 1 & 2)
    + - More cave blocks
    + - Lake Water


    Ok! That's it for now.
    hope that you consider downloading it and that you may help somehow :D

    (Download)Mediafire : tried fixing it, but to no prevail
    if this has broken any copywrite shindigs, then please PM me and I will remove the violating content :)

    Due to Mediafire not uploading, I have resorted to using MegaUpload : http://www.megafileu...v0-0-4-zip.html

    Check out this awesome-sauce video Jbyoda had posted! :
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    posted a message on [WIP] Wool Sword Restarted Mod [1.6.4]
    Hrmmm.. Interesting...
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    posted a message on ExtraBlocks Mod! ~ ALPHA TESTING! (v1.0)
    Your welcome to leave feedback below! :-)
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    posted a message on [COMING SOON] EvilMinecraft 2
    Wait... o.o

    Evil minecraft?
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