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    posted a message on I just began a new game in Hardcore mode.
    My goal is basically to beat the game, going to The End and defeating the Enderdragon.

    I spawned right by a village, and took residence with the Squidwards. My older sister was watching me. She kept yelling at me to attack the Squidwards and burn their houses and such. It was very odd.
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    posted a message on They made a minecraft tie on roblox...
    1. Am I missing something, or am I the only one who notices that Minecraft isn't the only game that uses pixelated hearts as health?

    2. If they ARE implying Minecraft is bad, it's probably a joke. If not, I don't see why they'd say that if Telamon put a huge block of Minecraft TNT in one of his places.
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    posted a message on Share your best results from the Video Game Name Generator.
    Link: http://norefuge.net/vgng/vgng.html

    PLEASE READ: If you find more funny names shortly after posting, please edit your post instead of making an entirely new one.

    The Video Game Name Generator is basically a site that generates a random name with hundreds of words and phrases, mostly from titles of popular games. Some of the results can be really hilarious. Check out the site and share your most funny results. (Don't worry, the site is completely safe. :tongue.gif:) Some of these I am not sharing, however, as they may be considered offensive to some people.

    Michael Jackson's Shopping Story
    Save Yourself from the Dentist Connection
    European Jetpack Throwdown
    In the Lost Kingdom of Vegetarian Scandal
    Mind-Bending Shaving Racer
    Religious Fun from Outer Space
    Michael Jackson's Hair Salon Pinball
    Ye Olde Janitor Empire
    Neon Afro Bastards

    Edit: I got these ones a long time ago.

    Incomprehensible Booty Starring Mickey Mouse
    Luigi's STD 1946
    The Muppets Flatulence Forever
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    posted a message on Minecraft "haters"
    Quote from Monkah_Boy »
    Law #2
    90% of the people who hate on the game, despite not playing it, hate on it's graphics.
    25% of the people who hate on the game, despite not playing it, hate on it's building "lego" gameplay.
    10% of the people who hate on the game, despite not playing it, hate on it's no plotline/interactive movie feel.

    Law #3
    Minecraft is an easy target, because it consists of a wide variety of players, unlike games such as Halo. Some being seven, autistic, or idiots, making a negative reputation on the Minecraft community.

    1. For rule 2, it's 115%?

    2. For rule 3, what the hell does someone being autistic have to do with it?
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